EndSARS: Reps Deputy Speaker calls for ceasefire

Idris Wase

Moses Mark

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Ahmed Idris Wase, has appealed to the Nigerian youth to be calm over the #EndSARS protests and not to take laws into their hands.

In a statement issued on Sunday by his Chief Press Secretary, Umar Mohammed Puma, Wase urged the youth, paticularly in Plateau state to give peace a chance, saying the federal and state governments as well as the National Assembly will do everything within its powers to ensure that their demands in the protests are met.

"I want to appeal for calm and urge our citizens to continue to uphold the peaceful profile of our dear state by not taking laws into their hands. Let us not be tempted to attack public properties and facilities which will take us many years of sacrifice and struggles to build,” he said.

“The federal, state government and the National Assembly are doing all that need to be done to ensure justice for the victims of police brutality. Let us therefore cooperate with relevant government agencies who are working day and night to ensure our safety.

"I believe that the Nigerian police force has taken note of our agitations. Let us not take our anger against reckless few on the entire state and the country at large. Let us not destroy our collective heritage while trying to right the wrong of other. Two wrongs don't make right.”

Breaking News: Looters break into former Speaker Dogara's house in Jos

Yakubu Dogara

There are reports of an ongoing attack on Ex Nigerian House of Reps Speaker Yakubu Dogara's house in Jos, the capital of Plateau State.

Sources at the scene say the house located near Jos University Teaching Hospital was broken into by looters at about 9am, Nigerian time.

"They broke into the house, attacked everyone including Dogara's brother and are currently moving anything they see," said a source at the scene.

The invaders are said to be moving tricycles, furnitures, electronics and other valuables out of the house.

Police sirens could be heard in the background during the conversation with our source but the situation seems to be beyond control.

Further details later

"Porous investigation" crashes suit on 2-year disappearance of Plateau College students

Hindatu Sirajo accused of kidnapping Steve Rowland Ronku and Darlington Davou in 2018

A Federal High Court in Jos, on Monday freed a suspect, Mrs. Hindatu Sirajo, held for the disappearance of Plateau College students, Mr. Darlington Davou and Mr. Steve Rowland Ronku since March 2018.

The students of Plateau State College of Health Technology, Zawang, Jos are thought to be abducted sometimes between March 12th and 17th, 2018 when they were conspicuously missing from school during examinations.

The case reported to B Division of the Plateau State Police Command was believed to have been abandoned, forcing parents of the missing kids to engage the now dissolved Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Bukuru.

See Plateau college students kidnapped in March still missing

Mr. Davou was reported to have called his mother on April 3rd, 2018 using an unknown MTN line.

He was said to have hurriedly uttered in a trembling voice, “mama don’t cry” three times in Berom language before going off the phone after a brief disturbance that suggesting the phone was snatched from him.

Relatives say they called the line back but heard a different male voice which warned that it was a wrong line before the phone went off.

The Police Special Anti Robbery Squad in Jos reportedly tracked the phone line to Mrs. Hindatu Sirajo in Sokoto, Northwestern Nigeria.

A female voice had reportedly warned family members calling Mr. Davou’s phone line in Hausa language, that they should stop disturbing.

Mrs. Hindatu, the prime suspect was traced and arrested after families of the missing kids facilitated the transportation of Police agents from Jos to Sokoto but was soon released by the B Division Police authorities in Jos.

An independent cyber investigation sponsored by families of the missing students to obtain call logs for the phone number used by missing Davou to reach his mother, adding to persistent pressure from families reawoke the case in 2019.

However, only records submitted by the students’ families were relied upon to hurry the case to court.

After trial with the accused on detention at the Jos Correctional Service Centre, presiding Judge, Justice Dorcas Agishi dismissed the suit for lack of sufficient evidence.

Passing her judgment at the Federal High Court 1, Jos, the Judge pointed to “loopholes” in the arguments of the government prosecutors, saying, “the needful has not been done properly”.

According to her, to prove a kidnap case, prosecutors needed to have established that the victims were seen taken away without their consent and without any lawful excuse, which they failed.

“The evidence provided on this matter is very scanty to enable the court take a reasonable decision in favour of the prosecution,” said Justice Agishi.

The Judge opined that the disappearance of the students was “sad” as it causes “emotional trauma”, but insisted that investigation on the case was “very porous”.

Mrs. Agishi hoped that the affected families find proper “justice” on the matter.

Defense council, Barr. Nantok Dashuwar of G.S Pwul (SAN) and Co. said the judgment was victory for justice.

The prosecution council, Barr. Gideon Zi, of the Plateau State Ministry of Justice said there was no likelihood of an appeal.

Some family members however say they will seek proper council on the possibility of an appeal, through private prosecutors.

Group wants Police section deleted from Nigeria's Constitution

A Nigerian elites group, Plateau Our Heritege wants section 214(1) of the country's 1999 Constitution deleted.

The section reads; "There shall be a Police force for Nigeria, which shall be known as the Nigeria Police Force and subject to the provisions of this section, no other Police Force shall be established for the federation or any part thereof."

In a press statement issues by its Chairman, Mr. Alex Kwapnoe and Convener, Ayuba Dangwong, on Friday, POH asked that the entire constitution be rewritten "to ensure or insert compulsory compliance".

"We must be ruthless with criminals and even civil breaches in our laws - tort law inclusive," said the group.

It specifically called for the prosecution of "criminals" masquerading as "EndSARS" protesters to build public confidence in the movements.

Three herdsmen arrested for killing Plateau Crowned Prince, others

Three people have been arrested for the murder of Plateau Crowned Prince, Mr. Chungyang Mwadkon and five others in Wereng village of Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State, last week Monday, October 5, 2020.

Management Committee Chairman of Riyom LGA, Mr. Mafeng Gwalson, said, Wednesday, that the three, all herders, arrested following a tipoff have confessed to the murders.

Gwalson at the funeral of the six in Wereng village said others involved in the crime listed by the arrested suspects are currently being tracked for onward prosecution.

“We will make sure that justice is done on these murders. The people who did this are not unknown Gunmen and they will never go free this time,” he said.

The attack according to the LG boss was foretold with names of the plotters supplied to securities before it was executed.

Securities he said were placed in flashpoint areas to safeguard the vulnerable villagers but the attackers stroke Wereng which was thought to be safe.

Member representing Riyom constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Timothy Dantong called for thorough investigation and follow-up on the arrests to check compromise.

“We have had similar arrests in the past but the suspects were released in the middle of investigations and they returned and continued terrorising communities,” he said.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, Plateau State, Rev. Fr. Polycarp Lubo at the funeral demanded that anyone, including locals found to have collaborated in the murder of the Prince and his subjects should be hunted and punished as well.

“We cannot be crying against attackers while people from among us are leaking security information to outsiders,” he said.

Prince Mwadkon had just undergone screening and was awaiting coronation when he was killed, two days after the Senator, Plateau Northern Senatorial Zone, Istifanus Gyang alarmed that herdsmen had listed traditional rulers in the State for assassination.

At the funeral of the District Head of Foron in Barkin Ladi LGA, killed on September 21, 2020, Gyang called securities to investigate every intelligence provided through social or conventional news media rather than interrogate the sources.

The Senator was however condemned as inviting violence by an unidentified civil society group.

Fulani herder converts to Christianity, goes missing after visiting home in Plateau

A new Fulani Christian convert, Mr. Alkassim Adams has gone missing days after visiting his family house in Rankum, a Plateau native village allegedly annexed by herders through force and renamed to "Mahanga".
Adams, 40, went home for the first time in months, for a reported burial of his father on Monday, October 5, 2020, along with two of his friends and fellow Muslim Fulani converts but never returned.
Local sources say the three were abducted by and threatened with death to renounce their new Christian faith.
All three resisted and the two friends of Adams were shot right before him, it was gathered.
Adams, a student of COCIN Bible School Zaria, Kaduna State however remained in captivity, likely under a grace period, being a native.
His lines were only reachable for the first two days, and Police have yet to trace his whereabouts nearly two weeks later.
Before going out of reach, Adams told his Pastor in Abuja from where he was sponsored to the theological school to pray for him.
Officials of the theological school however say they have not heard from him since he took permission to visit home for his father's funeral.
Adams was once lynched, narrowly escaping death when he visited home in the early days of his conversion, a source said.
He was advised against coming home due to the experience but he insisted, clearly out of love and concern for family.
Adams will be the second Fulani herder from Mahanga to be killed, if confirmed, for renouncing his Islamic faith.
A young herder was said to have been abducted and killed in the same location about five years ago for accepting Christianity.

“We remain Assemblies of God,” new Northern Assembly clarifies

Rev. Yakubu Pam (right) and other officials of new Assembly of God Northern Nigeria at the Church's official launch in Jos

Newly registered Assembly of God Northern Nigeria, is not a new Church identical to Assemblies of God Nigeria, but a part of it, Officials have said.

The Church, its leader, Rev. Yakubu Pam said on Sunday, emerged to sustain the spiritual growth of members, previously interrupted by prolonged conflicts in Assemblies of God.

“We struggled for years in Assemblies of God with Police and Lawyers consuming our resources frequently.

“But we decided that enough is enough. If they cannot settle there (at headquarters), we will liberate our people.

“We still remain Assemblies of God. Those who want to continue in slavery should continue.

“And because we don’t want to be illegal people, we first and foremost registered with Corporate Affairs Commission,” said Pam at the declaration of the Jos zone of the Northern Nigerian Assembly.

Lawyers of Assemblies of God Church had last August written to the CAC to withdraw the certificate of registration issued for the new Assembly of God Northern Nigeria.

The CAC purportedly replied with a copy of a letter addressed to the Incorporated Trustees of Assembly of God Northern Nigeria to change the name of the Church which is “identical” to Assemblies of God Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Company and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) 2004 (as amended) in section 30(1) forbids the registration of an organization under a name identical with that by which a company in existence is previously registered, or nearly resembling it to be likely to “deceive”.

The purported CAC letter with reference number COM/GCE/QU/VOL.1/2020/286 dated August 27, 2020, signed by Registrar-General of CAC, Mr. Suleiman Mamman gave six weeks to change the name but Rev. Pam at the launch of the Jos zonal headquarters of the Church said he was not aware of it.

“We have our certificate of incorporation and none of us has seen that letter they are talking about,” he said.

His Secretary, Rev. Morvel James and legal adviser who was simply identified as Barr. Agama also claimed no knowledge of the letter.

Officials of Assemblies of God Church on Friday wrote Police, State Security Services and other security agencies warning against “forceful” use of their property for the new Northern Assembly.

However, Rev. Pam who is the Executive Secretary, Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Welfare Board said “nobody gave us money from Enugu (headquarters) to buy land. All our properties were bought by us but everybody who is in Northern Nigeria, regardless of their tribe or origin is part of us.”

Federal securities, including recepients of the petition by Assemblies of God Nigeria were at the launch of the Jos AGNN zone held at Assemblies of God Nigeria Hwolshe, Jos.

The petition and others before, though dismissed by Officials as mere rantings might however be tendered in evidence against the new Assembly of God Northern Nigeria in a suit likely to be filed within weeks.