With the way some security personnel behave in this country, if the professional ones among them don't rise to counter the bad image of theirs being portrayed, civil war fit happen oo and na among them e go be.
In 2012, I remember STF personnel in Jos north torturing a young man to death for driving in a wrong lane.
Same year, my cousin was tortured by Policemen from the Anglo Division in Jos for using a cellphone near them during a civil operation to mob up motorcycles from ...Jos.
Around the same time a youngman was killed in Riyom for sharing a girlfriend with a security guy just as another in Nasarawa.
In 2015 or so, a youngman was shot by DSS men in Hamaz for an offense that still can't be ascertained.
A similar incident occurred around the same area as reported but this time involving the killing of a military personnel dressed in mufti by STF, that was late last year.
The latest of such indiscriminate acts is the killing of another soldier in Kano by men of the DSS after a misunderstanding or so. He was equally in mufti.
Now I remember several instances of security to security clashes in Jos between 2014 and 2016.
This fit occur in a monumentally devastating manner if the unprofessional personnel who only go into the force in search of jobs or undeserved respect or even vendetta are flushed.
Thank God the military in Portharcourt recently convicted one of its men for allegedly assaulting a Nollywood actress.
The efforts must be sustained and replicated in all the other agencies to avoid the dreaded.
I am Captain Masara Kim Usman of the Yan Banga association and I just wanna rubbish nonsense