Isn't Alh. Lai Mohammed just the best Minister Nigeria has ever had?
In 2012, Plateau State government nearly closed a Ministry for generating less than N10million as IGR in a year.
Today however, an entire Federal Ministry, the Ministry for Information and culture, invariably two Ministries coming together as one generating N650,000 as IGR in a year.
And Lai Mohammed has the guts to say the Ministry wasn't designed to generate revenue? Was it designed to split the revenue or fill a vacuum only?
This Ministry has some of the best potentials in Nigeria - the culture and entertainment (mother tourism) sector. If you lack ideas on how to make the best of it, why not ask?
You are not even ashamed. What happened to all the Hollywood, Music etc that are somewhat top among their peers?
Isn't cultural imperialism or better still marketing that the likes of India and Philippines are dominating our airwaves with that our people now pay everyday to watch them on Zworld, Telemundo etc?
U deh produce 20 times less than you consume in a week and u no deh shame? Last year no be 10million you apply go China for just a week? and una deh fight poverty and financial mismanagement?
How much NCC, NTA, FRCN, NAN deh charge as subscription fees and others?
Sir, I am Masara Kim Usman and I want to personally rubbish your nonsense. Apologise oo