Plateau: Always Defend Yourselves, Anti-Boko Haram Soldier says

A Nigerian soldier serving in the Boko Haram held Northeast region says Plateau people must learn to defend themselves during attacks before seeking military intervention.

The soldier (name withheld) involved in anti-Boko Haram combat in Borno's Sambisa forest said most soldiers are no longer defenders of the defenseless.

His concerns followed frequent complaints against military complacency on the management of conflict in Plateau state.

This platform received the soldier's comments after its recent report of an assault on COCIN hospital Panyam in Central Plateau's Mangu LGA.

Disabled Teenager Makes History in Rice Production

Undeterred by his disability, young Mallam Gaddafi has taken to farming sworn to improve the socioeconomic face of Nigeria.

Gaddafi has been crippled from childhood due to poliomyelitis but has sworn not to ever beg.

Mr. Abdulraman Yaro who shared a photo of Gaddafi on his farm said the teenager who hails from Zamfara state is economically independent as a result of his farming activities.

The photo shared by Mr. Yaro shows him on a ridge, sweating with a Hoe in his hand.

In his surrounding is a large expanse of land obviously worked on by him.

Bokkos: Fulani Evict Army, Takeover Farms, Threaten Villagers

Fulani herdsmen in Plateau's Irish potato producing Bokkos LGA have sworn to forcefully evict residents of Mahurum village.

Their confidence reports say is in their 'fellow', Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai.

"We will deal with you and nothing will happen. We are the ones in charge now," a source quotes some of them as saying.

They had taken possession of a farmland in Mahurum, in the LGA's Monguna District claiming it belonged to nobody.

The matter was reported to the security agencies in the state, local government and traditional authorities by the locals.

After series of interventions by the authorities, the Fulani reportedly withdrew from the land but came back to build on it after a while.

The move was said to have forced the commander of the STF in the locality to use force to demolish the structure.

Few days later, he was reportedly arrested and redeployed.

The affected villagers thus took the matter to the court and hearing has been on since November 2016.

The Fulani have however, reportedly gone ahead to rebuild and occupy the demolished structure on the contentious land.

The villagers have reported some verbal threats from the Fulani who are said to have vowed to kill anyone standing in their way with regards to the ownership of the land.

The concerned Fulani are said to have been living with the natives who gave them lands to graze on since the 80s.

The affected land is used mostly by the villagers for dry season farming.

The prevailing situation is therefore raising social and economic concerns.

This is especially as the Federal Government targets food security and agricultural revitalization towards economic diversification.  

Crazy Horsemen Painting: Onoja's View of 2019?

Untitled painting by Jacob Onoja (PhD), Jos, Nigeria.
By Masara Kim,

I have tried to figure out a perfect theme for this art work but it appears the more I engage my nerves in unnecessary thinking, the more I get lost.

Thus, I have only attempted analyzing the piece based on what I see and believe to be true of the artist’s state of mind when he painted it.

Basically, the work is an acrylic painting on canvas, 61 x 91 Cm size. It was released on Friday 28th/07/17. The artist, Jacob Onoja (PhD), simply tagged it “Today's experimentation” on his social media platform.

Although he solicited an appropriate title and critique, from my perspective, the caption he assigned the work is just perfect. Not perfect because it adequately describes the work but because it is symbolic of the hustle and bustle as well as the frenzied razzmatazz characteristic of today’s world.

I wrote an article some years ago titled ‘too fast’, describing how man has evolved several innovations just to make life easier for him. From fast cars, to fast dreams, fast foods, fast wealth, fast influence and even fast or premature death.

In Nigeria today, even the most humble of all citizens wants to be the first to be identified with something. It could be a friend, a breaking story, an idea, a cloth, furniture, dream, influence or anything else.

The craziest of such quests is the wanton desire to make it economically and politically. No one wants to wait for his turn. Everyone wants to be the first even if he or she hasn’t been destined for such. As a result, we brush one another in the vivacious competitions, push one another, trample on one another, hit one another and even kill ourselves in the process.

The insatiable quest for power in Nigeria is so overwhelming that some people have sworn to spill blood if they don’t win elective offices. Right now, there is a vigorous struggle for influence and control of the topmost seat of power in Nigeria. Those who have attained it want to accumulate more. Those who haven’t want to pull down those who are there just to get there.

Those who neither want to be there nor are already there won’t just stop talking about the aggressive nature of the drama up there with some of them even killing themselves in the name of political or ideological loyalty.

This work describes a number of key things that are so synonymous with present day Nigeria and I hereby highlight them as follows:

·         Impatience

·         Competition

·         Conquest

·         Struggle

·         Intransigence

·         Fight

·         Selfishness

·         Do-or-die

·         Die another day

·         Die hard

The artist simple summarized the entire Nigerian system in one canvas. And I can see him pulling our thoughts towards something – the fierceness of the power tussle awaiting us in 2019 during the general elections which is likely to still remain a struggle of the north, based on the gentleman’s agreement of a zoned political system in the country.

Irate Soldiers Hold Missionary Hospital Hostage, Brutalize Staff, Patients

Jos: Angry looking soldiers armed with guns recently took hostage of a Plateau rural hospital belonging to Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) in an operation that lasted three hours.

The soldiers, attached to the Special Task Force (STF) invaded the Panyam COCIN hospital, Mangu LGA in what appeared to be a vendetta mission, The Light Bearer reports.

The soldiers according to the report brutalized hospital staff as well as patients on admission during the operation.

The hospital had admitted one of the soldiers with body injuries after violent clashes erupted between the STF and motorcycle riders at a security checkpoint, the report says.

The attack followed his discharge where he reportedly raised alarm on the presence of "criminal" patients on admission in the hospital.

The said patients according to The Light Bearer were among the group that engaged the soldiers in a riot.

The military authorities were said to have vindicated the soldiers involved in the attack saying the hospital shouldn't have admitted the patients.

The hospital management was however quoted as saying the patients were humans and had to be saved before any case could be attended to.

Shocking!!! Funny Jos Traffic Man is a Big time Entrepreneur

Mr. Peter Nkwokohor, the acclaimed happiest traffic worker in Jos, Plateau state does his job with seriousness while still being playful with motorists.

Many people view him to be mentally derailed because of the the funny way he carries himself while working.

'Akuya', meaning goat is the name he fondly  calls motorist on the road while referring to himself as the father 'Akuya'.

His frequent use of the term, coupled with his constant bleating like a goat anytime he is called Akuya made the name stick to him. 

In an exclusive interview in Jos, 62 year old Nkwokohor revealed how he made it as an entrepreneur with dozens of staff under his payroll before volunteering to control traffic.

"I have never lacked, borrowed or begged to feed my family.

"My business earns me enough," he said.

Nkwokohor disclosed he started traffic control as a volunteer mainly to help little school children safely cross the road around Pollo roundabout Jos.

He said, "I did that for nine years having employed staff to run my business before being hired by PW Nigeria to control traffic at construction sites."

His motivation according to him was chiefly humility and national service.

His business, a wheel balancing and alignments service outfit has nine branches in different states.

From it, he bought a truck with which he renders commercial waste evacuation services when off duty.

The father of six revealed he has successfully sponsored his children through school with four nearly done with their undergraduate programs.

"I dropped out of school in 1963 before the civil war due to lack of funds.

"I even had to learn how to make baskets to sponsor myself when my father could not pay me fee while in elementary three.

"I love my family and since I couldn't go far educationally, I feel it a duty to help them become something in life," Nkwonkohor said.

On what keeps him happy while doing his job even when insulted by overanxious drivers, Mr. Nkwonkohor said, "Life is too short to waste on trivialities.

"After all I am blessed by PW, French Bakery and a lot of people from different places as a result of this job.

"The smiles and goodwill of the people I meet daily also make me fulfilled." 

He advised young people to rid pride and pursue their dreams with diligence.

"No one succeeds in life by being proud," he said.


'Akuya', Happiest Jos Traffic Worker Makes Shocking Revelations About Self

Mr. Peter Nkwokohor, the acclaimed happiest traffic worker in Jos, Plateau state does his job with seriousness while still being playful with motorists.

Many people view him to be mentally derailed because of the the funny way he carries himself while working.

'Akuya', meaning goat is the name he fondly  calls motorist on the road while referring to himself as the father 'Akuya'.

His frequent use of the term, coupled with his constant bleating like a goat anytime he is called Akuya made the name stick to him. 

In an exclusive interview in Jos, 62 year old Nkwokohor revealed how he made it as an entrepreneur with dozens of staff under his payroll before volunteering to control traffic.

"I have never lacked, borrowed or begged to feed my family.

"My business earns me enough," he said.

Nkwokohor disclosed he started traffic control as a volunteer mainly to help little school children safely cross the road around Pollo roundabout Jos.

He said, "I did that for nine years having employed staff to run my business before being hired by PW Nigeria to control traffic at construction sites."

His motivation according to him was chiefly humility and national service.

His business, a wheel balancing and alignments service outfit has nine branches in different states.

From it, he bought a truck with which he renders commercial waste evacuation services when off duty.

The father of six revealed he has successfully sponsored his children through school with four nearly done with their undergraduate programs.

"I dropped out of school in 1963 before the civil war due to lack of funds.

"I even had to learn how to make baskets to sponsor myself when my father could not pay me fee while in elementary three.

"I love my family and since I couldn't go far educationally, I feel it a duty to help them become something in life," Nkwonkohor said.

On what keeps him happy while doing his job even when insulted by overanxious drivers, Mr. Nkwonkohor said, "Life is too short to waste on trivialities.

"After all I am blessed by PW, French Bakery and a lot of people from different places as a result of this job.

"The smiles and goodwill of the people I meet daily also make me fulfilled." 

He advised young people to rid pride and pursue their dreams with diligence.

"No one succeeds in life by being proud," he said.


Mother and Triplets Detained in Plateau Hospital Over Bills

A woman delivered of a set of triplets at the Pankshin General Hospital has been detained for not offsetting her bills.

The woman whose name was given as Mrs. Wakleng Gotus was said to have been delivered of a set of triplets via caesarean session four weeks ago.

She and her poor farmer husband are expected to pay the bill for the operation, N75,000 plus other charges, N90,000 totalling N165,000.

Their inability to meet these demands have kept them in the hospital's detention since delivery with the charges increasing daily.

Authorities in Pankshin LGA appear to be unaware of the development.

A staff of the information unit of the council who broke the news on social media appeals for government intervention.


N359m Fraud Case in Jos Federal School Goes Mute

Silence seems to have wrapped the case of N359m fraud against Provost of the Federal School of Medical Laboratory Science Jos, Dr. Sunday Etukudoh and four others.

The case filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) at the High Court II, Jos has only been heard once in May 2016.

The court has not even completed cross-examination of the EFCC's first witness.

The EFCC team has for three times now appeared in Jos in vain for continuation of the case.

The development has corroborated fears that the first defendant, Dr. Etukudoh has built a network of state and federal godfathers.

As an officer facing corruption charges, Etukudoh ought to have been suspended pending the determination of the matter but he still serves.

His tenure also ought to have elapsed by 2015 having served two tenures since 2008.

He is equally said to be overdue for retirement but has however still been maintained as chief officer in the institution.

Students of the School had demonstrated in support of the EFCC during the first hearing of the fraud case.

His alleged atrocities not only include diversion of funds meant for the building of the college's permanent site in Lamingo Jos.

He is also alleged to have recruited mostly people from his state, Akwa Ibom as staff.

The college only has about 40 students but with over 200 staff.

The school has for decades operated in the premises of old Jos University Teaching Hospital with a hostel adjacent Plateau Specialist Hospital.

Contract for the construction of the permanent site was awarded in 1991.

The last concrete work done at the site, investigation reveals was done in 2008 before Etukudoh's appointment 

The contract sum has yearly been reviewed upwards to meet market changes with the amounts being released to the school but diverted.

EFCC investigations reveal that the funds have always left the school's account after release from the federal government to contractors' accounts but always reverted to the Provost's account.

One of the EFCC team members overseeing the case prayed the court to speed up the cause of justice into the matter.

In an exclusive chat, the EFCC staff said the commission is not afraid of losing the case despite the compelling evidences it has submitted to the court against the school's boss.

All it cares about is the speedy hearing of the matter, he said.

He however wondered why Plateau people and government seem less concerned about the case despite being the primary beneficies of it.

Whether Justice Y.G. Dakwak of the High Court II will consider the commission's plea especially as he is rumoured to soon become Chief Judge of Plateau State as the incumbent, Justice Damulak retires, only time will tell.

Hon. I.D. Gyang 'Adamant' on B/Ladi Name Change Bill

The Nigerian House of Representatives, Thursday rejected the bill seeking rename Plateau's Barikin Ladi Local Government to Gwol its "aboriginal and ancestral" name.

The vote was taken at the special session of the House on the Report of the Constitution Review Committee of the 8th Assembly.

The Gwol Name Change Bill was merged with similar Bills on change or correction of names of some Local Governments.

The voting on the floor of the House went 220 in favour of the bill, 57 against and 8 abstained votes.

By receiving 220 votes out of the 360 members in the House, the bill fell to meet the 2/3rd constitutionally required votes by 20.

The failure of the bill puts an end to the natives' long-time dream of having a constitutional recognition for a native name for the LGA.

The move initiated by the Barking Ladi/Riyom constituency reps member, Istifanus Gyang was partly to stop alleged Hausa-Fulani domination in the locality.

The place was reportedly nicknamed "Barkin Ladi" after a visiting Hausa woman who reportedly became famous for prostitution in the area.

The name is partly blamed for the growing population of Muslim Hausa-Fulani in the area which has been reportedly poses social and political threats to the natives.

The failure of the bill at the National Assembly therefore is likely a hope renewer for the "settler" Hausa Fulani in the locality.

Sponsor of the bill is however undeterred in moving for its actualization later on.

"We we see this as a temporary set back.

"We have started a journey and one day, this quest will become a reality.

"I express my profound gratitude to the 220 members as well as the Senate that supported and voted for the Bill.

"They have given us the impetus to bring back the Bill at the next Constitution Review Exercise," he said in a mailed statement.

- Rubbish Nonsense News -

FG Injects N3.38bn Into Irish Potatoes Production In Plateau

PM News Nigeria:

The Federal Government has approved a loan facility of N3.38 billion for Plateau Government to boost the production of Irish potatoes in the state, the Minister of
Finance, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, has disclosed.

Adeosun made this known when she briefed State House correspondents on the outcome of the meeting of the
Federal Executive Council (FEC) presided over by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo.

She revealed that Plateau was expected to contribute N595
million of the amount as its counterpart funding.

“My approval was on behalf of Plateau State to support the
potato value chain. There is a loan that we had previously
cancelled from the African Development Bank (AfDB).

“So, it is not a new loan. We cancelled it and redirected the
money to request on behalf of Plateau State Government to
support the potatoes value chain.

“The rationale is that Plateau actually accounts for 95 per
cent of Nigeria’s potato production and from Plateau,
potatoes are actually exported to Ghana, Niger, Chad and
other countries and despite that, there are huge profit
losses because there is no enough storage and there is so
much more we can do with Plateau’s potatoes.

“So, AfDB has come up with a comprehensive programme
that will affect over 100,000 families. It is expected to
create 60,000 jobs in a potato value chain, from processing,
storage, replacement of current inputs and indeed, export.’’

According to the minister, the terms of the loan are one per
cent per annum interest rate and it has 25 years repayment
period with five years moratorium.
She said that the Plateau government would provide
counterpart funding and the balance would be borrowed,
adding that the potato project would affect 17 local
government areas of the state.
She said: “We expect it to make significant job creation.

READ: Abattoirs Mgt: FG Calls For Public Private Partnership
“The amount of the loan is N3.38 billion equivalent and
Plateau State ought to contribute N595 million as their own
counterpart funding.

“We have put a process in place to ensure adequate
monitoring and evaluation. This is really an important
economic development for the nation and for Plateau State
in particular. We have a real advantage in potato

“We are really going to invest the money on roads. In some
cases, the money will be used for roads to enable the
products to come out. Sometimes, it is for storage.

Sometimes, it is transportation. Sometimes, it is access to

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde
Fashola, who also briefed the correspondents on the
outcome of the Council’s meeting, said two memoranda on
road constructions were ratified by the Council.

“The first was the Abuja-Kaduna highway which if you
recall, we had to quickly do palliative work on in order to
support the closure of Abuja airport runway which
necessitated diversion of traffic to Kaduna.

“So, at that time, we didn’t have council approval. We just
had anticipatory presidential approval as prescribed under
the law for emergency works.
“The second one was with respect to Apapa-Wharf Road.

“Again, you will recall that there was a recent presidential
order for a 24-hour port operation and that again put
pressure on an already deteriorating road.

“If you might recall, l also want to hand over that road
sometime in June under the public-private partnership
structure between Messrs Julius Berger, Flour Mills,
Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Ministry of Power,
Works and Housing to start the construction of that first
phase of the road.’’

Why Fight the Arabic Signature on the Nigerian Army Logo?

"Nasrunminallah", meaning victory is from Allah alone is the motto of the Nigerian army, which is written in Arabic.

Arabic is the official language of Islam. But the official language of Nigeria is English. Meanwhile, it is called the Nigerian Army, not the Arabic or Islamic Army.

But it stands boldly on the logo and those who know why it is there are happy about it. Sadly, even those who don't know don't seem to care.

Could this be the reason out of the over 160,000 personnel in the army, Muslims reportedly hold the top offices and dominate the staffing by about 70%?

Could that be why in 2009 it was reported that over 4000 Boko Haram agents were secretly smuggled into the year's military recruitment list but with no concreted actions to check it by the Yar'Adua government?

Or could the Late Ahmadu Bello's "Northernization Policy" have filtered into the service at establishment?

A video of him in an interview shortly before he was assassinated in the early 60s available on YouTube shows him saying "it has to be northerner first...

"If we can't get a northerner, we will get an expatriate. In the absence if one, another person who is a Nigerian will be hired on contract."

Armadu Bello was only a Premier (Political head) of the Northern Nigerian region but he was Tafawa Balewa's closest ally.

Balewa served in the Northern Parliament before joining the national legislature in Lagos in the late 50s.

There he became leader of the central council and later Prime Minister in 1960.

Both before and after he became Prime Minister, he and Bello worked for the same thing, "northern interest."

The Nigerian army was formed from the Nigerian regiment (branch) of the Royal West African Frontier Force (RWAFF) when independence was granted in 1960.

Balewa was the Prime Minister then with the Sardauna being his right hand man.

They may not have influenced anything but perhaps some of the Sardauna's speeches could have sent wrong signals that the country was Islamic.

Recall that even after the assassination of Balewa, Bello and other top officials in 1966, heralding the first coup in Nigeria, the country remained 60% in Muslims' control.

With eight Muslim and five Christian Presidents so far, it is not likely that the political structure would have ever been balanced.

Murtala Muhammad in fact when he came in 1975 quickly made efforts to enlist Nigeria into the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC).

Obasanjo came in after him in 1976 and was almost cajoled into completing the registration process to enable Nigeria gain full membership as it was given observer status.

He was frustrated by the likes of T.Y Danjuma and Dogoyaro in the Military Council.

Gen. Buhari came in 1983 after Shagari and hurriedly completed the registration process making Nigeria one of the first African countries to gain permanent membership.

Ibrahim Babangida's coming in 89 and Abacha's later in 93 after Shonekan further perfected the plans.

In fact IBB hosted the first OIC conference in Abuja which gave birth to the controversial Abuja Declaration of 1989.

Those developments made the foreign media to report Nigeria as a Muslim nation to the disadvantage of the other populace.

With the alleged drafting of the 1999 constitution by Abacha's personal aide before his exit in 98, it is likely that the conflict of identity being faced by Nigeria today will only end after a robust constitution review.

Then President Jonathan in 2014 started off well by the National Conference but his fear of hurting the northern interest and by implication his 2015 ambition made him not to implement the report.

Meanwhile, the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) constitution requires that for full membership to be gotten, a country must have at least 70 Islamic signposts in its constitution.

Nigeria has almost 80 with none from other religions. With the army inscription and others including the recent CRK issue, the Nigeria might have been officially hijacked from the onset.

But now as things deteriorate even with Muslims killing fellow Muslims in the name of ideological differences, shouldn't we begin the process of undoing the mess we have been dragged into?

It is possible that violent extremism has its roots in the actions of some of the aforementioned leaders who till date are worshipped by many.

But Nigeria is more than one man, region or religion. It is a secular country by the constitution.

Therefore, anything be a signpost or inscription that seeks to impose a religious identity on anyone must be resisted. This is the time to begin advocating for equity. Our Christian and other legislators must start the move.

After all, when Goodluck Jonathan's regime introduced some Hebrew inscriptions on the N100 note, several reactions emerged from the Muslim population.

Masara Kim Usman, Jos

APC Faithfuls Rigged by Lalong

Lalong LG Mgt Committee: Here is the real deal!!

By Pamson Dagyat,

****   "Lalong had worked out a perfect plan to take absolute control of the APC party by thinking and acting futuristic".  ****

Lets reason together my people, why would a lawyer Gov act averse to elementary legal norms?

Why would two professor of political science (Deputy Governor and DG Research) be in sic with this detestable decision of Mgt Comm for LG?

I did an out of the box reflection putting into context the N30m approval for DG Research to go abroad and come up with a winning blue print for the APC.

Now reason with me, if this selection process was for the APC, why were the main stream APC all across Plateau crying foul having participated and won in the intra party selection?

Why did Lalong and his Plateau Cabal (As referred to by Bros Chum Bagu) deliberately favored the ‘journey just come’ PDP who expectedly lost woefully?

Clearly, every sane person knows that scuttling internal democracy within the APC in favor of decadent PDP can never be a winning formula for the APC.

What if the DG Research N30m assignment was not to carve a winning formula for the APC?

What if it is to get a winning formula for only Gov Lalong?

Aha! That should be it! Lalong had worked out a perfect plan to take absolute control of the APC party by thinking and acting futuristic.

It is no longer news that the APC has woken from their totalitarian manipulation of the political space with the Makarfi PDP victory at supream court.

Hence APC had opted to democratize their party starting with the holding of its long set aside elective congresses and convention.

This Lalong LG Mgt Committee is a perfect strategy to outwit the Dalung/Nakande and the Tallen’s.

Ask yourself the fundamentals’, before now who were the Lalong Boyz?

Hello! The stage managed selection has now unveiled that the now LG Mgt Committee are the very potent LALONG BOYZ that will evidently manipulate the elective APC congresses in all the wards and LGs for Gov Lalong!

Lalong now have structure in every STATE WARD in preparation for the soon to be held APC congresses at ward, LG levels to the chagrin of other contenders in the APC.

These LG Mgt Committees would coordinate and return party loyalist of Lalong across board.

The big picture is that come APC primaries for party candidates, Lalong will sail home to victory and in control of all the tickets of the APC for all House of assembly and National assembly positions by determining the faith of all else.

The DG Research N30m South African retreat formula had worked perfectly and it does explain the use PDP denigrate and losers who had nowhere else to go thereby guarantee 100% loyalty to Lalong alone.

PDP and other party’s faithful are just victims of an internal war for party control within the APC.

This Lalong moves only delays the LG polls so painful but lets endure and watch their movie as it unfold given that ours in the PDP showed ‘The End’

Dictators are not in the business of allowing elections that could remove them from their thrones.

APC faithful biko laff not because you had just been rigged except if you are part of the riggers

Farming Butura Community Sets to Boost National Food Supply

Plateau's Butura Kampani community in Bokkos LGA is set to fix its broken road  network which threatens agricultural output for its farmers.

The project, to be achieved through communal efforts is to commence today, Wednesday with the Butura-Kunet road.

The move is part of the community's resolve to be self-sustaining and impacting to the general wellbeing of Nigeria, says its leader, Mr. Machief Magit.

The pilot Butura-Kunet road is the safest route through which over 3000 farmers in over five villages around Butura transport their farm produce to the market.

It has however been a death trap for years due to unattended erosion.

It is equally the safest road to the LGA headquarters and other parts of Plateau state including the state capital.

Many top government functionaries have emerged from the community but with no concrete efforts to ease the challenge of transportation faced by the people.

This has forced a hike in transportation fares constituting a threat to economic growth for the farmers.

Consequently, many youths have abandoned farming for greener pastures in the urban centres.

Those left to practice agriculture, mostly the aged have had to reduce the sizes of their farms.

This is partly to avoid too much losses especially as it affects perishable goods like Irish potatoes.

The development has generally affected the flow of such goods to the market, forcing prices to maintain a steady rise.

The self-help project is therefore expected to boost agricultural activities thereby improving food supply to the nation.

Butura Kampani, North-West of Bokkos town is one of the leading producers of Irish potatoes and maize, which account for the largest agricultural revenue earnings of the state.

It shares boundaries with Diram village, the host community of the Plateau State university Bokkos and Butura Vet, makers of Butura Diary Farm products.

It is bounded to the East by Mabel, host community of the Plateau state fertilizer blending company Bokkos.

EFCC 'Tracking' Ex-Governor Jang's Financial 'Crimes' Through Son

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is hoping to uncover former Gov. Jonah Jang's suspected financial crimes through his son.

A source in the commission reports that investigation into the two-time Plateau governor's financial activities have advanced.

A challenge being faced by the commission however is the lack of cooperation from 'whistleblower' sources.

"We are still pushing sources to see that they reveal things to us but sometimes it is difficult," he said.

The ex governor's case has been proving difficult because Jang may have covered his track's, the EFCC source revealed.

He said, "Most governors learn from their predecessors' mistakes and try to perfect the art of stealing.

"They do it and cover their tracks and it becomes difficult to crack the case.

"Properties are no longer purchased in the names of public officers on this same account.

"I am not the one investigating it but I know the detective in charge of that assignment and the progress made.

"His son (Yakubu Jang) has committed a lot too but we are following it gradually, hoping we would even trace some things back to the father."

Jang, a present Senator representing Plateau Northern zone in the National Assembly was accused of diverting SURE-P, an economic empowerment fund allocated to the state by the FG to the tune of N50bn while serving as governor.

Jang had denied the reports saying if he had such an amount as a person, he would have finished the projects he eventually left behind at the expiration of his tenure in 2015.

The present Governor, Lalong had set up a commission of enquiry into Jang's financial activities while serving as governor.

The report was expected to serve as a blueprint for the investigation of Jang's alleged financial crimes by the relevant bodies.

Whether the documents are anything to go by as far as the EFCC's investigations are concerned, only time will tell.

Who Wants Gospel Singer Ernest Dades Dead?

screenshot of Ernest's latest attack on Masara Kim

Mr. Ernest Dades

By Masara Kim

When I started learning to play the keyboard, my inspiration majorly came from a song by the “Dades” which has lyrics like “peace is all we need, we don’t wanna go fighting…”

I never liked watching Nigerian gospel music videos but Dades’ masterful use of the hand held piano instrument mostly used by South African keyboardists changed me.

Dades and his wife have this rare combination of musical skills that have that could move even the most dormant soul despite not being good dancers.

Dades has shared testimonies of people turning to Christ through the inspiration of his songs. He also tells of a mad man reportedly getting cured by listening to his song.

I have never known Ernest really close but I followed him keenly, having worked with his father-in-law, Mr. G.Y. (full name withheld). My love for Ernest grew stronger when I watched him humbly leading a church band in his in-law’s home church in State Low-Cost which I believe to be his as well.

I however had my first reservations about him when I listened to a political campaign song performed by him. It was in collaboration with some gospel artists identifying the APC to be the true party. My views as any other’s were however personal opinion which might not necessarily reflect reality.

However, I feel the coming of Lalong, Ernest’s Shendam brother as governor may have planted a seed of self-disaffection in him. Ernest suddenly became antagonistic to everyone and every view opposed to Lalong.

Ernest suddenly became untamable, self-activating, deadly political artillery, constantly propelling himself against anyone that shares different political views with him.

I thought I was the only one until five prominent people in the entertainment industry told me of their bitter experiences with him since the 2015 campaigns.

Last week I wrote a story on his abusive words on me following an advice I gave the governor to ignore his award and focus on building a more balanced conflict resolution framework for better output.

I had intended sharing screenshots of his defamatory words against me with my colleagues in the media for onward publication. But many people of goodwill had advised me to call my guns off and ignore Ernest.

Part of the resolve came from my belief that the Ernest Dades I know is not the one vomiting such insults. I could never imagine Ernest, one of the leading African gospel music preachers and a holder of Masters Degree in Theology to have such loss of self-control.

I became really interested in knowing what may have happened to make Ernest turn this poisonous overnight. Something just told me Ernest is not the same again.

At a point I felt I wasn’t conflict sensitive enough to have engaged him in verbal brawls when he went outrage. I was ready to write a public apology to Ernest and call for peace.

I was however suddenly halted by a new comment by him on a link I shared containing a report of alleged burglary against an APC Chieftain.

His choice of words still amazes me. I have attached a screen shot of it so I don’t get accused of sensationalism.

Be that as it may, I still believe something is not right. Ernest must be under some spell to use such choice of words on people without thought.

Could he have been consumed by the quest for power and wealth or some wounds he must have sustained from the past governor Jang whom he seems to detest with passion?

Or could he simply be under some spiritual manipulation as a way of ruining his good Christian reputation?

Whatever the case may be, I think Ernest has the charge to seize control of his emotions or else lose his goals which I believe are to lead millions to Christ and in the end continue to sing in heaven.

I insist, whoever is advising Ernest to be verbally violent definitely wants him dead spiritually and he must fight it.

APC Chieftain & Ex Plateau Guber Aspirant "Burgles" Shop

A former gubernatorial candidate in Plateau State, Chief Amos Gizo is being tried for "criminal trespass" at the Abattoir Magistrate Court, Jos.

Gizo, a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and C.E.O, Citywatch publications was dragged to court by his former tenant, Miss Michelle Dadi for allegedly breaking into a shop he rented her.

He is said to have broken into the shop when she was away and allegedly changed the locks without any prior notice.

Michelle in her submission through her council, Walmak Gupar told the court that her goods worth hundreds of thousands and some cash sums were in the shop when it was broken and locked.

The defendant has pleaded not guilty to the charges which include criminal trespass, unlawful restrain and unlawful loss.

Hearing into the case has been on since the week of the incident in December 2016 and continues in October 2017.

Graphic Content: Soldier Hacked to Death Along Kaduna - Abuja Road

By Masara Kim

A soldier travelling along Kaduna Abuja road, Saturday was slaughtered by unknown persons, reports say.

An Engineer at the Federal Ministry of Defense, Richard Effiong, was quoted by as saying the affected soldier had slept off on his car when he was attacked.

He had pulled over after having a flat tyre, Flourishnaija quotes Mr. Effiong who shared the victim's pictures on his social media page as saying.

Attacks along Kaduna - Abuja road have been reported severally over the past one year.

Last year, a staff of NNPC from Plateau State and several others were reportedly kidnapped along the road.

Armed robbery attacks  have equally been reported to have been frequent along that axis.

The Nigerian Police Force in Kaduna, early June 2017 reported a mass attack on travellers along the road where at least two people were kidnapped and three robbed.

The Nigerian army in mid June however reported the arrest of one Sani Ibrahim, otherwise called Buruti, a suspected kidnap kingpin.

Buruti was said to have led many terrorist activities along Kaduna - Abuja road.

The latest attack on the soldier however signals a new challenge for the security agencies, a former Plateau State media executive, Yiljap Abraham says.

As at the time of filing this report, no official statement from the Defense Ministry on the incident had been secured.

Plateau Gov. Official "Fakes" Superior Order to Halt Corruption Case

Chairman of the Plateau State Disability Rights Commission may have faked an executive order to foil a corruption case against him.

The DRC Chairman, James Lalu was dragged to court by the joint union of the disabled in the state for diverting funds and other packages meant for their welfare.

In one of the hearings earlier this year, a group of lawyers claiming to have been deployed from the Plateau Ministry of Justice made an application for out of court settlement.

The lawyers reportedly claimed to have been acting on the orders of the State Attorney General, Jonathan Mawiyau.

The application was granted but no contacts for the settlement were made with the plaintiff or the prosecuting council.

The disabled group therefore suspected foul play and went public on the matter.

The state Attorney General however in an exclusive in May denied knowledge of the said order.

A representative of the disabled group in a response suspects the defendant may have forged the said order to escape the wrath of the law.

Popular Gospel Singer, Ernest Dades Fights Journalist Over Lalong

Correspondent Report,

"You are Poor, Irrational, Frustrated," Dades bursts.

Jos: Verbal wars have erupted between popular gospel singer, Ernest Dades and journalist, Masara Kim over a writeup by the latter criticizing Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau State.

Kim had criticized Gov. Lalong's peace and security strategies, citing structural imbalances.

The writeup which appeared on attracted harsh reactions from the gospel singer along with other progovernment commentators.

After several responses and counter responses, the journalist threatened legal actions against Dades having been called "PDP Journalist".

Responding to the threat, Dades said, "Masara kim, you are an irrational/frustrated journalist.

"I am not the cause of your frustration and poverty. Pls go to court. You are too small. Try me pls."

Masara Kim has been a known commentator against societal issues including government policies and programs both in the mainstream and social media.

This has made him a subject of attack to supporters of the ruling All Progressives Party especially on social media.

He was in 2016 assaulted by government securities at the State government House in Jos while covering a protest.

He was accused of leading the protest by government officials when the Nigeria Union of Journalists in the state threatened legal actions in retaliation.

Masara Kim's anti government commentaries became even more pronounced after that incident while his relationship with government officials remained cordial.

Rubbish Nonsense News: Dariye Finally Admits He is Going to Jail

Former Plateau State governor and serving Senator, Joshua Dariye may have lost hope of winning the corruption case against him.

Dariye who is standing trial for alleged diversion of state funds filed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) indicated recently he is just buying time.

A source in the EFCC reveals, "Dariye said practically that 'I won't be the first to go to jail'."

Dariye has recently been unable to appear in court owing to several personal reasons.

His latest absence in court being on medical grounds was however challenged by commentators.

This follows his staging of a flamboyant ceremony where he empowered his constituents shortly after applying to be away from court for treatment.

He has equally sacked lawyers standing as his defence councils three times since the case commenced.

The latest being his long time attorney, Garba Pwul (SAN) suggests he is merely buying time, the EFCC source said.

The source said the case can't continue without him being able to get a lawyer.

"It is a valid excuse in the court if you can prove you haven't gotten a defense council," the source said.

Dariye's close ally and present Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong recently set up commission of enquiry into the financial affairs of ex governor Jonah Jang, Dariye's political 'arch enemy'.

Whether that was in a bit to get him in the same EFCC net as Dariye, only time will tell.

Why do APC followers delight in personality attacks?

Is it that you don't understand the concept of criticism or you just don't want to be told the truth?

You deal me too many a thoughtless blow for asking a fair question or making a fair comment.

If you manage to be fair, you will transfer the blame on past administrations.

In the long run, you will still live me with the same doubts or issues in mind unanswered.

Ideally, you should be humble enough to accept responsibility for any failure and learn to correct. That's responsible leadership.

You should look at every past mistake as a lesson to guide proper decision making not an excuse for nonperformance.

You should look at every criticism as an opportunity to gauge people's feelings towards government and design a befitting program of action to address grey areas.

You should see every silly question or remark as an opportunity to enlighten people about things your govt is doing that might not be known.

It is better than outright labelling of every opposing view as being sponsored or influenced by an opposition party.

It is better than tagging me an enemy of government and state growth whereas it is the progress of the government that every fair comment is meant to promote.

Well, every insult on my personality is an opportunity to learn and better place you whether PDP or APC.

You are what you say, how you say and when you say it and I take you as such.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

The I.D. Gyang we Know?

By Adamu Bala, Jos

Information making the rounds has it  that Hon ID Gyang, as member of the Constitution Review Committee of the National Assembly voted against the "NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL" at the meeting of the Committee in Lagos.

The architects and masterminds of the vile post on social media are not even aware that no such bill was tabled before the Committee at the Lagos meeting under reference.

It will take only those who do not know Hon ID Gyang and those that may have not been on the  Plateau  in the past three decades for such fallacious mischief to fly.

The ID Gyang we know has a precedence and pedigree. His antecedents and passion for youths on the Plateau is next to no other with  evidential, undeniable and verifiable proofs that speaks volumes and cannot be wished away.

Indeed, ID Gyang is a leading voice  that has shown passion and blended very well with the youth on the Plateau.

He was been a noiseless youth activist, an official in the Plateau Youth Council, active participant of the LARGER HOUSE even before Nasarawa State was carved out of Plateau State.

He has been and is still a friend, close associate and ally of National Association of Plateau State Students, (NAPSS), the Natiobal Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Christian and Muslim Youth Groups, Cultural and Ethnic Youth Groups, etc.

We challenge any one to show proof to the contrary.

Moreover, Hon ID Gyang has been gallanded by over 30 Youth and Student groups by way of Awards and  Commendations in recognition of his outstanding youth and students related services and activities.

This cheap ploy to misrepresent and discredit ID Gyang cannot and will not attract the desired political capital for those that masterminded such mendacious falsehood.

It is rather unfortunate that desperate politicians, threatened by the rising profile and pedigree of ID Gyang will  resort to the infamous "Pull Him Down" syndrome.

Let it however be sounded loud and clear that all attempts to label and stigmatize ID Gyang, a youth friendly  and  vibrant legislator of national acclaim will inevitably fail!

 Let it be known that ID Gyang has mentored and is mentoring many youths across the Plateau who look up to him as a mentor and role model. 

We therefore challenge anyone to show proof that the NOT TOO YOUNG TO RUN BILL was deliberated upon at the Lagos meeting.

How could Hon ID Gyang have voted against the "Not too Young to Run Bill" that was not a subject of deliberation at the Constitution Review Committee meeting as alleged? It is simply a fraud and plain mischief!

We therefore take this false and misguided post as the hand work of desperate political opponents of Hon ID Gyang who, being intimidated and terrified ahead of 2019, hope to gain some leverage by this crude approach!

We use this opportunity to serve them notice that 2019 is in the hands of God and IN GOD WE TRUST.
Hon ID Gyang is God's project and so shall it be!


Next LGA Caretaker Appointments Could Signal Lalong's Biggest Conflict

Sir Lalong, appointing Caretaker Committees with a  Supervisory Councilor for each ward across the 17 LGAs is good.

At least if the rumour is true, it means we now have enough money to continue the pending capital projects across the state.

It also means we now have money to still bear the cost of a bogus governance system.

But if we do, Sir, why not conduct elections into these offices and earn yourself a good name across political divides?

Remember you need more than just the votes of your party faithful to make it in 2019.

This is because a good proportion of your votes in 2015 came from rebelling PDP and LP members.

That is not likely to repeat itself in 2019 because you already have stepped on many toes for good or bad.

Continuing to appoint into supposedly elective positions you know is just to compensate your party men and clear the way for 2019.

But it portrays you as an undemocratic, bias, inconsiderate, irresponsible, unaccountable, untrustworthy and self-centered leader.

Is that what you want for yourself Sir?

God help you in your consultations.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Plateau: Ex Commissioner Becomes Student Union 'Chief'

Hon. Davou Mang bags Berom students Ambassador Award.

The National Union of Berom Students (NUBES) NTA Television College Jos chapter has conferred the award of a "Ambassador of Berom Students Worldwide" on the Former Commissioner of Finance in Plateau State Hon. Davou Mang.

The "Ambassador of Berom Students Worldwide" award bestowed on Hon. Mang who double as the (DALO) NUBES is in recognition of his dedication, support to Berom Students and his selfless services in educational development of Berom Nation worldwide.

The Event took place at the weekend During the 2017 Miss Zere NTA Television College Jos, held at the School Auditorium.

While presenting the award to Hon. Davou Mang President of NUBES NTA Television college Jos Pam Musa Pam said the award followed thorough scrutining of the leadership rôle played by the former commissioner and his services rendered which has led to the Unity of Berom students  under his fatherly guidance as the DALO of NUBES.

He called on all Berom stakeholders to emulate the role played by Mang towards building the capacity Berom students and  improving the quality of education.

Pam also commended the efforts of the Member Representing Barkin Ladi Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly Hon. Pete Gyendeng and Mr Dachung Musa Bagos for always supporting the NTA Television college chapter of Berom students.

Hon. Mang who was a commissioner of finance During Senator Jonah Jang administration shortly after receiving the award appreciated the Berom Students for recognising his contributions over the years to the development of education in Berom Land.

He said: "This award is precious to me, and has given me motivation to continue to put in my best in the service of  Berom Nation, Plateau State, Nigeria and the world."

He assured NUBES to continue given his support toward the development of education in the state and advise the students to focus on their studies in other to excelled in the future.

Highlight of the event was emergence of Chuwang Sharon Dalyop a 200Level Television Journalism Student from Kuru District as the Miss Zere NTA TVC Jos who was contestant's number three out of six others.

Has Conflict Really Ended in Plateau?

As we celebrate Gov. Lalong's peace and security award, let's ask ourselves questions.

Lalong started well in promoting peace by organizing dialogues among warring communities.

But while Plateau people may have agreed to sheath their swords, the Fulani militia still threaten them out of their homes.

Many Plateau communities in places like Riyom and Barkin Ladi are now being occupied by Fulani.

Now the question is, when we say we have achieved peace, are we talking about the caging of Plateau people to allow the Fulani free domination?

Or it is the agreement between two warring parties to live together in peace?

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Gov. Lalong to Sue Buhari on CRK Removal

Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau state might be set to file a suit against the Federal government on the removal of CRK from Nigeria's schools curriculum.

Lalong, a lawyer by profession had in November 2015, at a General Church Council meeting of the Church of Christ in Nations suggested that the FG lacks the legal right to temper with the curriculum of primary and secondary school.

He said, "as a lawyer, I know that the issue of primary and secondary school is the prerogative of state governments.

"Even if there is anything like that, nobody will force us."

The APC Governor, Lalong was refuting reports on the emergence of the new curriculum, challenging those "peddling the rumours" to submit a copy of the document obviously for necessary actions.

The removal of CRK from schools in the new curriculum developed by the federal  ministry of education recently became a popular issue of national debate.

With the compelling evidences being circulated on the issue, it is expected that Lalong will match his words with actions despite the parliamentary order on its restoration.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Researched Solutions to Critical Problems Rot in Nigerian Libraries

Nigerian tertiary institutions have the capacity to proffer lasting solutions to the country's problems through scientific research.

Poor funding and lack of political will to initiate and execute such projects is however a problem.

Student researches nonetheless provide an easy way out of this.

Every year, millions of undergraduate and postgraduate students graduate with completed projects in research.

That means, every year, we should, if not have millions of "well researched" problem solving documents being produced.

But do these research reports ever become useful in critical decision making?

Remember that research is a scientific process of solving problems through logical and systematic analysis of situations.

Academic projects should therefore form part of the resources used in understanding issues within the context of our local sociocultural peculiarities.

But Nigerian academic researches mostly end up in school libraries, partly for lack of value appreciation.

Another reason is that most students  do them haphazardly just to get through with that level of examination.

Others simply download or retype existing projects, while some pay for them to be done for them.

Those that manage to do them well don't always have sufficient time or guidance to correctly and thoroughly execute such.

The results therefore end up not quite reliable for critical decisions because they were not properly done.

In my opinion however, bachelor's and other academic researches like PhD theses should begin at the start of the study program.

That would give enough time for candidates to gather and analyze data for critical decision making.

Only qualified scholars with proven integrity should be assigned the job of research project supervision to ensure quality.

Research results should be sieved and the best stored in public libraries and government data banks for access and references.

These I believe are few ways we can independently manage our own problems rather than always running overseas looking for expert opinions which are mostly based on common sense and not scientific research.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Will Buhari Respect Reps Order to Restore CRK?

Will the Executive under Buhari respect the outcome of the House of Reps' sitting on CRK and Civic Education?

We still remember the EFCC's Ibrahim Magu saga, Custom's Hameed Ibrahim's and the suspended SGF's Northeast grass cutting scandal.

How about the Perm. Sect tenure elongation issue and a host of other instances where the National Assembly had brawls with the executive?

The Buhari government has been accused of taking a lot of decisions without seeking parliamentary approvals and had once attempted legalizing such actions by seeking NASS' granting of emergency powers.

Away from that, court orders and judgements have equally been disregarded in a number of instances by the Buhari government.

The recent order by the House of reps for the altering of the new curriculum for Primary and Secondary Schools which attempts to rid Christian Religious Knowledge from schools is perhaps a fresh test of our democratic strength.

Since the "lion" is still away, will the "jakals" be scared to move so they don't get crushed by the "hyenas", thus doing things that favour other animals equally in the jungle?

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Why post pictures of violence, death or destruction?

All humans have a bias for bad news and are therefore easily attracted to anything that looks shocking.

Social media users sometimes respond to these biases by publishing gory pictures - those that portray death or mutilated human body parts and destructions.

Many social media users however do this in a bid to prove they have witnessed the concerned situation.

Others do it so as to be the first to report the incident.

Some however simply do it to attract reactions through comments and other responses.

There is no literally invalid reason for any such decisions.

However, it is important to note that all human brains respond to shock differently.

People who are hypertensive could drop dead as a result of the heavy shock arising from these images.

People affected by a particular violent situation captured in pictures could find it hard dealing with the pains of it.

If for instance it is your father's corpse that has been published online, ten years from now, the picture will remind you of the pain of losing such a loved one.

If it even happens to be a death caused by violent attacks, wouldn't you be pushed to strike the person next to you in retaliation if he shares identity with those suspected to have done it even if he is innocent?

What about the tendency for children to learn and get used to violence through pictures thus exhibiting such in their later years?

I have seen kids that shot their friends in a bid to experiment the values obtained from pictures.

The issues are many but the aim of this post is to enlighten someone as a professional who has spent years practicing public communication having passed through various trainings in mass communication (print, electronic and online), social psychology and conflict sensitivity.

If you must publish such pictures which I have seen happening rampantly today, sensor the images by graphically distorting areas that show blood, mutilated human parts, recognizable facial features or private parts.

If you can't, get viewer discretion by warning your audience before hand that the pictures they are about to see contain unprintable images.

If you can't, it is not a must, you will always be popular at the right time. You don't have to force people to view your post by arresting them with pictures of violence. It is simply inconsiderate, irresponsible and insensitive.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Jos Terminus Traders Switch to Sundays for "Illegal" Businesses

Traders in the busy terminal area of Jos, the Plateau State capital appear to have found an easy way out of the troubles of development authorities.

Weekends are now used by the traders to display their goods in 'trade banned' zones usually under security watch during weekdays.

Sundays particularly appear handy for the traders as most personnel of the Jos Metropolitan Developed Board, police and other agencies participate in spiritual activities.

Terminus area, the city's most vibrant business centre came under strict regulations following series of bomb explosions that rocked the area between 2014 and 2015.

Authorities believe controlling the activities of traders around the area would reduce any tendency of a bomb attack as well as high casualty rates in case of any.

The Terminus area because of its central location and high commercial nature attracts thousands of people everyday.

This authorities say causes commotion in vehicular movement as well as 'colossal damage' to the city's outlook.

After Boko Haram, Overpopulation is Nigeria's Next Worse Nightmare

Many Africans believe the only way to show your wealth and influence, or strength as a man is to have many children.

Others believe the more the children you have, the more your (likely) economic power as they most likely grow up to assist you on the farm or elsewhere.

In other regions however, it is sociocultural and political factors are the driving force for unreasonable and uncontrolled child births.

This group believes the more your children, the stronger and more popular your ethnic group, religion and community in terms of development. This is as you become a major deciding factor in elections.

But outside these and many more claims, Nigerians in particular are not good human managers especially in the home front.

We are most effective with small groups than large ones. When it becomes too big in size, we easily become indecisive and weak in assigning roles, implementing policies and enforcing rules.

We also have a weak political system that only caters for the minority privileged class.

This means if you have more children than you can cater for, you are likely to become a fuel to the poverty level of the country. You invariably increase the population of the poor by having many children.

Finally, an uncontrolled population and one which is not provided for is a bomb shell security wise.

A hungry man is always frustrated and angry. Drug abuse, crime and terrorism therefore become an easy way out.

Shouldn't we therefore have a think into this?

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense

Plateau: Primary School Teachers Protest Over Poor Funding

Primary school teachers in Plateau State are demanding the removal of primary education from the residual list to allow for proper funding under state and federal governments.

Details soon

Plateau: Primary School Teachers Protest Over Poor Funding

Primary school teachers in Plateau State are demanding the removal of primary education from the residual list to allow for proper funding under state and federal governments.

Details soon

French Embassy Recruitment or Nonsense?

The French Embassy's reported recruitment notice for a JUNIOR Press Officer which says must be a Nigerian MASTERS Degree holder is highly insulting.

This is a big slap on our faces as Nigerians. This is what the French government wouldn't do in its country.

But because it feels that Nigerians are so cheap and hungry that they can settle for anything at any price, they are introducing such senseless policies.

This looks to me like the return of the days of exploitation in the U.S. where employers hired academically qualified African immigrants and paid them 80% less than their American colleagues.

This happened because the immigrants were desperate for jobs and cover from immigration officers, having fallen short of the country's immigration laws.

However, this is Nigeria, our own country where we are supposed to be treated with respect at least because it is our soil.

But look at it, a Junior Press officer that ordinarily should be a post for at most, Diploma holders now to be given to a Masters holder.

If only our system was free from corruption to make for the equitable distribution of resources.

If only we had a system to check population explosion and reduce desperate competitions.

If only we had enough industries to absorb the millions of graduates bring churned out of tertiary institutions yearly...

Something has got to be done to avoid things like this from happening.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense.