Many Africans believe the only way to show your wealth and influence, or strength as a man is to have many children.

Others believe the more the children you have, the more your (likely) economic power as they most likely grow up to assist you on the farm or elsewhere.

In other regions however, it is sociocultural and political factors are the driving force for unreasonable and uncontrolled child births.

This group believes the more your children, the stronger and more popular your ethnic group, religion and community in terms of development. This is as you become a major deciding factor in elections.

But outside these and many more claims, Nigerians in particular are not good human managers especially in the home front.

We are most effective with small groups than large ones. When it becomes too big in size, we easily become indecisive and weak in assigning roles, implementing policies and enforcing rules.

We also have a weak political system that only caters for the minority privileged class.

This means if you have more children than you can cater for, you are likely to become a fuel to the poverty level of the country. You invariably increase the population of the poor by having many children.

Finally, an uncontrolled population and one which is not provided for is a bomb shell security wise.

A hungry man is always frustrated and angry. Drug abuse, crime and terrorism therefore become an easy way out.

Shouldn't we therefore have a think into this?

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense