Fulani herdsmen in Plateau's Irish potato producing Bokkos LGA have sworn to forcefully evict residents of Mahurum village.

Their confidence reports say is in their 'fellow', Nigeria's Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai.

"We will deal with you and nothing will happen. We are the ones in charge now," a source quotes some of them as saying.

They had taken possession of a farmland in Mahurum, in the LGA's Monguna District claiming it belonged to nobody.

The matter was reported to the security agencies in the state, local government and traditional authorities by the locals.

After series of interventions by the authorities, the Fulani reportedly withdrew from the land but came back to build on it after a while.

The move was said to have forced the commander of the STF in the locality to use force to demolish the structure.

Few days later, he was reportedly arrested and redeployed.

The affected villagers thus took the matter to the court and hearing has been on since November 2016.

The Fulani have however, reportedly gone ahead to rebuild and occupy the demolished structure on the contentious land.

The villagers have reported some verbal threats from the Fulani who are said to have vowed to kill anyone standing in their way with regards to the ownership of the land.

The concerned Fulani are said to have been living with the natives who gave them lands to graze on since the 80s.

The affected land is used mostly by the villagers for dry season farming.

The prevailing situation is therefore raising social and economic concerns.

This is especially as the Federal Government targets food security and agricultural revitalization towards economic diversification.