Chibok Parent to Marry Off Daughter to Boko Haram
By Masara Kim
A parent of one of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, Lawan Zana says he is ready to formalize the marriage between Boko Haram and his daughter still in their custody.
As long as there is love and understanding between the Boko Haram and the girl, they will not be refused their desires, Zana, the Secretary of the abducted girls’ parents’ movement, told The Light Bearer in Chibok, Borno State.
He said, “If they really want them as wives, marriage is an agreement between two families and parents are the major stakeholders.
“I am saying if it is our daughters that they want and our daughters agree, we are ready to formalize it.”
The idea according to him is to foster peace and prevent any further destruction in the troubled northeast region.
“This is because we want peace so our land does not suffer. We have said we have forgiven. If they say it is our daughters that they want as partners, let them come to us and let us iron out the issues and come to agreements, so that we can legalize the marriages,” Mr. Zana said.
The group’s scribe expressed gratitude the Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Shekau for 106 girls released so far.
“We had prayed to see even just one as a sign but by God’s grace we got one by name Amina. We were happy as it gave us hope that they are alive. From there God brought 21 to us and we became even happier.
“And God in his mercies made it that we were called to Abuja that there were 82 of the girls. We went, took their pictures and brought them and gave the parents, and they identified them.
“We were all happy. Mine (Aisha Lawan) hasn’t been released but as a leader I am happy as if mine has been released and I believe God that mine will be released too,” he said.
Women leader of the abducted girls parents, Mrs. Yana Galam also thanks them for taking care of their daughters.
“As a mother, if I will get the chance to say anything to Shekau, I will say thank you. The girls didn’t come with any problem in their health, for taking care of them, giving them food and caring for their health.”
Another parent, Mr. Galam Pogo whose daughter is still in captivity said, “There is nothing I can say than to just thank him (Shekau) since he agreed to honour negotiations and even release our girls, and are even still considering so, we thank him very well. We didn’t expect that he would consider that despite our cries but his heart of compassion is worth appreciating.”
The parents’ group’s chief adviser, Rev. Titus Bona, also from Chibok believes Shekau has a good heart and his reasons for fighting the federal government.
“How I wish I will see Shekau, I will shake hands with him and thank him. I will say thank you Shekau because you know you are a human being. And you know you are a parent, you have a heart and you have children. You took our children and because the parents are crying, you thought it wise and said let me release their children to them.
“He has his reasons why he is fighting the government and the government has to sit down with him to iron out the issues. The peasant farmers in the villages are just victims of circumstances.”
Rev. Bona, a onetime Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Borno State however prayed for the Boko Haram leader “to realize that he is a human being and understand that he is a leader and a father and just as he is taking care of his children, we need to also take care of our children.”