Rubbish Nonsense

Oh God save our farmers!!!
They buy fertilizer and other farm inputs as well as labour at exorbitant rates.
They spend the largest parts of their days caring f
or their Irish potatoes and other crops on the farm.
Farmers conveying their farm produce to the market.
Photo by Abraham Mankilik, Sunipa Technologies

They pay for transport which is about five times what they paid three years ago to convey their farm produce to the market.

However, the only reason they smile is that they can get some stipends from the sale of the crops to cover part of their losses.

This is because the crops especially Irish potatoes, the main stay of the ordinary Plateau man have maintained a steady decline in price.

If only we had storage facilities. If only we had processing plants or a mechanism to support those into such.

I know of a boy who is into Irish flour and chips packaging, starch and other processing activities from Irish potatoes.

The much I know a state government had done for him was to give him some few naira notes to complete the painting of a processing plant he built himself.

But I think it should go beyond that. Elsewhere, government would make such a one its asset, seize the initiative and invest heavily in it considering the gains from it for the citizenry.
We must stop talking about investing in the non oil sector or ease of doing business without really working out a framework to really facilitate the success of the policies and programmes.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense