The French Embassy's reported recruitment notice for a JUNIOR Press Officer which says must be a Nigerian MASTERS Degree holder is highly insulting.

This is a big slap on our faces as Nigerians. This is what the French government wouldn't do in its country.

But because it feels that Nigerians are so cheap and hungry that they can settle for anything at any price, they are introducing such senseless policies.

This looks to me like the return of the days of exploitation in the U.S. where employers hired academically qualified African immigrants and paid them 80% less than their American colleagues.

This happened because the immigrants were desperate for jobs and cover from immigration officers, having fallen short of the country's immigration laws.

However, this is Nigeria, our own country where we are supposed to be treated with respect at least because it is our soil.

But look at it, a Junior Press officer that ordinarily should be a post for at most, Diploma holders now to be given to a Masters holder.

If only our system was free from corruption to make for the equitable distribution of resources.

If only we had a system to check population explosion and reduce desperate competitions.

If only we had enough industries to absorb the millions of graduates bring churned out of tertiary institutions yearly...

Something has got to be done to avoid things like this from happening.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense.