Nigerian tertiary institutions have the capacity to proffer lasting solutions to the country's problems through scientific research.

Poor funding and lack of political will to initiate and execute such projects is however a problem.

Student researches nonetheless provide an easy way out of this.

Every year, millions of undergraduate and postgraduate students graduate with completed projects in research.

That means, every year, we should, if not have millions of "well researched" problem solving documents being produced.

But do these research reports ever become useful in critical decision making?

Remember that research is a scientific process of solving problems through logical and systematic analysis of situations.

Academic projects should therefore form part of the resources used in understanding issues within the context of our local sociocultural peculiarities.

But Nigerian academic researches mostly end up in school libraries, partly for lack of value appreciation.

Another reason is that most students  do them haphazardly just to get through with that level of examination.

Others simply download or retype existing projects, while some pay for them to be done for them.

Those that manage to do them well don't always have sufficient time or guidance to correctly and thoroughly execute such.

The results therefore end up not quite reliable for critical decisions because they were not properly done.

In my opinion however, bachelor's and other academic researches like PhD theses should begin at the start of the study program.

That would give enough time for candidates to gather and analyze data for critical decision making.

Only qualified scholars with proven integrity should be assigned the job of research project supervision to ensure quality.

Research results should be sieved and the best stored in public libraries and government data banks for access and references.

These I believe are few ways we can independently manage our own problems rather than always running overseas looking for expert opinions which are mostly based on common sense and not scientific research.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense