Mr. Peter Nkwokohor, the acclaimed happiest traffic worker in Jos, Plateau state does his job with seriousness while still being playful with motorists.

Many people view him to be mentally derailed because of the the funny way he carries himself while working.

'Akuya', meaning goat is the name he fondly  calls motorist on the road while referring to himself as the father 'Akuya'.

His frequent use of the term, coupled with his constant bleating like a goat anytime he is called Akuya made the name stick to him. 

In an exclusive interview in Jos, 62 year old Nkwokohor revealed how he made it as an entrepreneur with dozens of staff under his payroll before volunteering to control traffic.

"I have never lacked, borrowed or begged to feed my family.

"My business earns me enough," he said.

Nkwokohor disclosed he started traffic control as a volunteer mainly to help little school children safely cross the road around Pollo roundabout Jos.

He said, "I did that for nine years having employed staff to run my business before being hired by PW Nigeria to control traffic at construction sites."

His motivation according to him was chiefly humility and national service.

His business, a wheel balancing and alignments service outfit has nine branches in different states.

From it, he bought a truck with which he renders commercial waste evacuation services when off duty.

The father of six revealed he has successfully sponsored his children through school with four nearly done with their undergraduate programs.

"I dropped out of school in 1963 before the civil war due to lack of funds.

"I even had to learn how to make baskets to sponsor myself when my father could not pay me fee while in elementary three.

"I love my family and since I couldn't go far educationally, I feel it a duty to help them become something in life," Nkwonkohor said.

On what keeps him happy while doing his job even when insulted by overanxious drivers, Mr. Nkwonkohor said, "Life is too short to waste on trivialities.

"After all I am blessed by PW, French Bakery and a lot of people from different places as a result of this job.

"The smiles and goodwill of the people I meet daily also make me fulfilled." 

He advised young people to rid pride and pursue their dreams with diligence.

"No one succeeds in life by being proud," he said.