screenshot of Ernest's latest attack on Masara Kim

Mr. Ernest Dades

By Masara Kim

When I started learning to play the keyboard, my inspiration majorly came from a song by the “Dades” which has lyrics like “peace is all we need, we don’t wanna go fighting…”

I never liked watching Nigerian gospel music videos but Dades’ masterful use of the hand held piano instrument mostly used by South African keyboardists changed me.

Dades and his wife have this rare combination of musical skills that have that could move even the most dormant soul despite not being good dancers.

Dades has shared testimonies of people turning to Christ through the inspiration of his songs. He also tells of a mad man reportedly getting cured by listening to his song.

I have never known Ernest really close but I followed him keenly, having worked with his father-in-law, Mr. G.Y. (full name withheld). My love for Ernest grew stronger when I watched him humbly leading a church band in his in-law’s home church in State Low-Cost which I believe to be his as well.

I however had my first reservations about him when I listened to a political campaign song performed by him. It was in collaboration with some gospel artists identifying the APC to be the true party. My views as any other’s were however personal opinion which might not necessarily reflect reality.

However, I feel the coming of Lalong, Ernest’s Shendam brother as governor may have planted a seed of self-disaffection in him. Ernest suddenly became antagonistic to everyone and every view opposed to Lalong.

Ernest suddenly became untamable, self-activating, deadly political artillery, constantly propelling himself against anyone that shares different political views with him.

I thought I was the only one until five prominent people in the entertainment industry told me of their bitter experiences with him since the 2015 campaigns.

Last week I wrote a story on his abusive words on me following an advice I gave the governor to ignore his award and focus on building a more balanced conflict resolution framework for better output.

I had intended sharing screenshots of his defamatory words against me with my colleagues in the media for onward publication. But many people of goodwill had advised me to call my guns off and ignore Ernest.

Part of the resolve came from my belief that the Ernest Dades I know is not the one vomiting such insults. I could never imagine Ernest, one of the leading African gospel music preachers and a holder of Masters Degree in Theology to have such loss of self-control.

I became really interested in knowing what may have happened to make Ernest turn this poisonous overnight. Something just told me Ernest is not the same again.

At a point I felt I wasn’t conflict sensitive enough to have engaged him in verbal brawls when he went outrage. I was ready to write a public apology to Ernest and call for peace.

I was however suddenly halted by a new comment by him on a link I shared containing a report of alleged burglary against an APC Chieftain.

His choice of words still amazes me. I have attached a screen shot of it so I don’t get accused of sensationalism.

Be that as it may, I still believe something is not right. Ernest must be under some spell to use such choice of words on people without thought.

Could he have been consumed by the quest for power and wealth or some wounds he must have sustained from the past governor Jang whom he seems to detest with passion?

Or could he simply be under some spiritual manipulation as a way of ruining his good Christian reputation?

Whatever the case may be, I think Ernest has the charge to seize control of his emotions or else lose his goals which I believe are to lead millions to Christ and in the end continue to sing in heaven.

I insist, whoever is advising Ernest to be verbally violent definitely wants him dead spiritually and he must fight it.