Is it that you don't understand the concept of criticism or you just don't want to be told the truth?

You deal me too many a thoughtless blow for asking a fair question or making a fair comment.

If you manage to be fair, you will transfer the blame on past administrations.

In the long run, you will still live me with the same doubts or issues in mind unanswered.

Ideally, you should be humble enough to accept responsibility for any failure and learn to correct. That's responsible leadership.

You should look at every past mistake as a lesson to guide proper decision making not an excuse for nonperformance.

You should look at every criticism as an opportunity to gauge people's feelings towards government and design a befitting program of action to address grey areas.

You should see every silly question or remark as an opportunity to enlighten people about things your govt is doing that might not be known.

It is better than outright labelling of every opposing view as being sponsored or influenced by an opposition party.

It is better than tagging me an enemy of government and state growth whereas it is the progress of the government that every fair comment is meant to promote.

Well, every insult on my personality is an opportunity to learn and better place you whether PDP or APC.

You are what you say, how you say and when you say it and I take you as such.

I am Masara Kim Usman and I just wanna rubbish nonsense