Christian youths in Nigeria have called the shots on materialistic preachers in the country saying such is exposing the church to many hazards.

President of the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (YOUWICAN), Engr. David Kadzai in Jos expressed anger that lately, ministers care more about offerings than salvation.

He said, "Some Clerics celebrate the edifice of worship auditoriums, promote remittances made in churches, fly private jets across the globe and associate themselves in close romance with enemies of Christian stakeholders."

Speaking at the inauguration of the Plateau chapter of the body, the YOUWICAN boss regretted that the ministers' actions are done at the expense of human lives.

He said, "All these they do while Christians are brutally murdered and our communities forcefully taken over by the enemy for lack of synergy, true discipleship and discipline."

By this, the youth leader believes the vision, dreams and ideals of the Church's founding founders have being betrayed.

"We often blame our politicians but it is our clerics who bore them with false prophecies and disturbing financial demands," Engr. Kadzai said.

The Christian Youth he said must therefore change the 'narratives' for the sake of the future church.

He said, "We are the most educated, law abiding and dynamic class of people but regrettably, the most marginalised, vulnerable, neglected and oppressed.

"We must come back to God in prayer and true commitment for a better future."

The Youth arm of the mother body of Christians in Nigeria has been outspoken lately against antichristian practices.

It recently made a case for the identification of the Ozubulu church killers within 48hrs of the incident.

Its demands which were attached with a threat for severe actions were followed by similar calls by the Nigerian Union of Journalists towards preventing further chaos.

Authorities somewhat responded to the demands within hours by linking the attacks to a drug related feud.