A young Plateau youth and political activist, Alfred Makut says Plateau people must learn to fight back if they must end violent attacks on their communities.

In a statement, Mr. Makut said cowardice and disunity is what has exposed the state to frequent attacks.

"Whenever a part of Plateau is attacked we fold our hands and say as it does not affect me or my family it doesn't matter and that is the I don't care attitude of the Plateaunian.

"Little wonder our common enemy hit us,withdraw, resrategise and hit us again.

"We tend to play the ethnic card,political colouration to communal attacks and the enemy have a field day.

"Where are the Plateau Patriots? Injury to one is injury to all, we need to stand up and face a common enemy.

"How long will we fold our hands and let foreigners invade our land and desecrate our heritage?

"Plateau, let's unite and fight a common enemy. Violence knows no ethnic group or political party. we need to be proactive lest we wake up one day and see that we are consumed beyond redemption," he said.

Makut, a renowned rap artist, film maker and unionist has been leading various movements against anti-developmental practices in and out of government since 2015.

He was in 2016 arrested by securities for allegedly leasing a violent protest against the government.