Ex Plateau State Gov. Jonah Jang's aide, Monday Justice (real name withheld) says the first few months of the two-time military governor were embarrassing.

The ex governor he said almost ignored every sector till the aides started suffering verbal attacks from aggrieved citizens.

Justice said, "everything was stagnant and the old man didn't seem to care.

"I had to go and meet him in his office once and talk to him."

According to the ex governor's aide, he could not cope with the allegations of nonperformance and the effect it was having on those of them working with him.

"When he asked why the complaints mattered so much, I told him i was worried.

"He got up from his sit, walked over to me and said, tapping my shoulder that I shouldn't worry as when we start working the people would see it themselves," he said.

The ex Governor's aide was however shocked to later realize that his boss was taking time to save enough funds to kick start projects.

"I tell you when he started it, he awarded various contracts with payments up to the tune of N5b and non of the cheques bounced," he said.

Salary Payment

According to the ex appointee, the ex governor inherited 15 months of salary arrears and cleared them within eight months.

That he said marks the difference with the present governor who inherited seven months' arrears and couldn't clear until after about two years.

"I keep telling people, Jang didn't pay salaries with bailout or some debt refunds so there are just no bases for comparison," he said.

Dream Jang had

Gov. Jang according to MJ had most of his projects already worked out long before he became governor.

He said, "Jang didn't come to office to start thinking of what he wanted to do for Plateau.

"He had already designed the blueprint long ago and only had to perfect and implement it on assumption of office.

"The new government house for instance came to him like a dream as he told us.

"He told us each time he passed by the then Little Rayfield bush before he became governor, he admired the landscape and always thought it would be good for something for the state.

"When he became governor and we were once passing the place, he stopped the convoy and had us walk round the land.

"He sources for funds and paid for the land even before he thought of what to do with it.

"It was later on that he conceived the idea of the new government house."

He believes Plateau electorates are better informed about the effectiveness of every government, saying it is surprising the APC  concentrates on counter-criticisms above productivity when it was the same narratives that brought it to power.