Some call them mobile supermarkets, some call them quick service shops, some call them 'Michika' boys.Whatever you call them, they are making it. These guys don't pay rent for any store.

They are not limited by season, whether or electricity supply. Their businesses flourish anytime anywhere anyhow under any kind of whether.

They are mostly seen around sunset carrying long rectangular wooden frames around their shoulders.

The frames are often strapped with different household products ranging from cosmetics to beverages, sweets, tobacco, condoms, Viagra, cola nuts, etc.

They patronize busy areas including business streets, clubs, hotels, beer parlours and viewing centres among others.

These young men mostly from Adamawa state do not care about their social statuses, images or public perceptions. 

In other words, these guys don't care who likes them or not, especially girls. They don't even want to know if any one is likely to under rate them, discriminate against them or even insult them.

They feed mostly on beverages and bread while sleeping in uncompleted buildings, bus stops as well as unmanned rooms in markets and security checkpoints etc.

They however save from their businesses and send thousands of naira to their families in far away northeast. 

A check on some of them reveals most of those who appear to be nobodies actually have personal houses that they built from their pockets and fullfledged families including wives and children at home.

So while Jos guys are sagging their trousers, hanging around clubs with girls trying to show they have arrived, these 'poor' ones are harvesting their resources and building themselves with them, leaving the uptown Jos boys to pay rents almost all their lives.

Many of them who started from these humble beginnings are now landlords and proud owners of well-stocked shops and supermarkets in Jos.

Therefore, whosoever says Jos is a civil service metropolis might be wrong drawing from the strides of these young men. All it takes is some level of patience, perseverance, self-denial and humility in business.