Yesterday's anti corruption, peace and unity concert in Jos organized by the Ambassadors of Voice of Change in Nigeria (AVCN) came to an emergency end following a near stampede caused by a wild crowd.

The event started well but turned rowdy when guest artists and movie stars stormed the venue, Jos Pollo Field at about 8:30pm.

Series of performances by local artistes and comedians were smoothly taken before and shortly after then.

The event began turning rowdy following an MC's announcement for all spectators to vacate the back stage and occupy the frontage of the podium.

The move was somewhat in a bit to secure the environment for special guests from the entertainment industry who were being harassed by over anxious fans.

After thrilling performances by Lagos' Stereoman, Kaniwood's Dan Auta and Dan Tsarki, Benue's ZuleZoo, Nollywood's Okon and Danfo Drivers among others, an unexpected power failure forced the already electrified crowd against the securities guarding the podium.

The development led to the wounding of an NTA cameraman and some children who were quickly rescued by the securities.

The crowd advanced against the securities by the minute, defyin vigorous efforts to control it which included the use of force.

Popular arts including Nollywood's Okon and "Labister" who had his early life in Jos as well as Kevin Pam of Big Brother Africa who is also from Jos had attempted appealing to the crowd for order.

The somewhat uncontrollable crowd however was too loud and wild to be addressed.

Some of the youths in the crowd kept shooting in unison, "no light, no peace", "We want Ice Prince" and the likes.

The rowdiness lasted till 11pm when the event organizers had to fold up for lack of an option especially as the electricity faults appeared unresolvable.

'Deliberate Act by Event Manager'

The event managers, G-Productions are believed to have deliberately disrupted power supply to hit back at the organizers for failing to fulfill some parts of their agreements.

This platform had at about 4pm caught the chief executive officer of the outfit on record saying he was going to switch off the electric generator by 6pm.

The stage had not been lit at that time and it appeared the funds for that arrangement were not supplied by the organizers.

The Secretary of AVCN, Dr. Aminu Abubakar was seen trying to appeal to the firm's boss for understanding.

'Not disappointed'

Meanwhile, Nollywood comedian, Bishop Umoh aka Okon has said he is not disappointed by the way the event ended.

In an interview, Okon as he is fondly called attributed the rowdiness of the crowd to over-excitement by the spectators having not seen their favourite stars in a long time.

Ex Big Brother Africa winner, Kevin Pam also told this platform that he and his friends from Nollywood and other entertainment sectors were fulfilled seeing their fans despite the challenges.

"Events like these are bound to witness such things so it is a normal thing for us.

"What matters to us is the connection we have been able to reestablish with our fans," he said.

The event had started with a townhall meeting at Mees Palace, Rayfield featuring talks by Patience Ozokwo, Kanayo Kanayo and among others, Miatta Haggans from Liberia.