Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote might be facing security threats following his daughter's hard criticism of the Presidency's rat story.

Miriam Dangote had Wednesday described President Buhari's excuse to work from home as a disgrace to the nation.

She wrote on her Facebook page that Nigerians must be less than rats to believe the stories on rats.

Her post reads, "In as much as I support Buhari, how he is handling his reason for working at home is a total disgrace to the nation and cast aspersion on his integrity.

"It means there is no person whose duty is to keep the office clean for the past 4 months.

"We must be less than rats to believe this.

"Lets pray this era of stupidity and buffoonery will pass away."

She wrote back yesterday to say that she has received several threats following that criticism.

She wrote on her timeline on Facebook, " I criticized the shameful rat story yesterday and immediately I started getting threat to my life, my family and my business. It was serious.

"People sent me harsh words like 'If I see you pass again through the street I will make sure you are lynched.'

"Some of my friends called to say that I should take it easy that I am a woman.

"Others said that I am aggrieved or paid, while some suggested that I am playing in the hands of the enemy."

She however said she was not afraid to speak her mind despite being from the north and a woman.

Miriam said, "Let me make it clear, being a woman or being from the north or being a Buhari support doesn't forbid me from airing my opinion.

"The days that I can be intimidated to keep quiet are gone.

"For those who have been my friends on Facebook can attest that I have been sporadic on Facebook for this past two years.

"Yes, I admit those days I was intimidated to keep quiet.

"And what has been the reward for keeping quiet and not airing your opinion, more intimidation?

"I will never fear the consequences of saying my mind."