* I Know Nothing About it, says Pastor

Trouble emerged recently following the death of one Mr. Akiri in Richa village, Bokkos LGA, days after he had a dispute over a piece of farmland with a Pastor.

Late Mr. Akiri was said to have collapsed in his house when he returned from the farm to pick a working tool shortly after the brawls.

It was rumoured that he died from a heart attack resulting from the frustrations acquired during the conflict with the Pastor.

He was said to have planted maize on a piece of land given to the Pastor by one Mr. Michael Agbak.

The Pastor, Rev. Isaac Magaji, the COCIN Provincial Church Council Chairman of Daffo, was rumoured to have maliciously harrowed down the crops in an attempt to disposses him of the farm.

When contacted however, Rev. Magaji said the farm was harrowed after a mutual agreement with the deceased.

He said, "It was a rice farm which I was given amd have been farming since last year.

"He went and cultivated maize on it without permission, saying he thought it was not going to be used.

"We had a talk with a number of witnesses including the original farm owner and we agreed that I will pay him all that he had spent on the farm.

"I paid him everything before going to harrow the farm for rice cultivation.

"I went and planted on it on Saturday July 1, 2017 and he died on Tuesday the following week."

According to him, the deceased had reported himself to the village chief on the matter day before his demise.

"I didn't even know until the Chief came and told me after his death."

The rumours of the Pastor's frustration of the deceased he said were peddled by a man who had accused him of not retiring his father from pastoral work.

The man identified as Joel was also said to have nursed political ambitions against the Pastor in favour of his son who is equally a Pastor.

Efforts to contact the other parties involved in the case proved abortive as at the time of filing this report.

Any update on the matter will however be unveiled in due time.