Nigerian Police operatives are believed to have played a role in the kidnap of ECWA's Education Director, Jen Moses on Saturday.

An eyewitness at the scene of the incident, Barry Edwards said in a social media comment that the actions and comments of the police shortly after the kidnap were suggestive of their involvement.

"From my observations and investigations, because I was at the scene, the police or to be general, our security operatives are 100% involved in the kidnapping business in the country.

"The police that came to take report of what happened, his statements and behavior gave them out," he said.

Edward added that the kidnap took place few meters away from a security checkpoint which further corroborates the suspicions.

He insists that Nigerians must jointly protest against culpability among the securities to be safe.

He said, "They use our task funds to pay for our security, when police come to get police abstract we are the ones that pay the bills and yet don't have to see justice.

"Until we the citizens of this country will unite, with one voice and protest and accept my proposal, we will continue to be robbed, abuse, harassed and even killed by this people we have entrusted our properties to.

"I'm ashamed of what is happening and nothing is being done. If we continue to work like zombies (better zombies, because sometimes they could cause havoc) this security operatives will continue to systematically exploit us in the name that they are protecting you and me.

"Wake up Nigerians lets end this neocolonialism or whatever you want to call it."