Nigeria's first under-45 Presidential hopeful, Rev. Olorunmagba Emmanuel says the old generation of politicians has "hypnotised" the younger ones, "deactivating" them economically and politically for their selfish gains.

Rev. Emmanuel, a Nigerian American priest told this medium that the youth have a charge to stand up for themselves or perish in their 'victim mentality'.

In an interview, the Presidential hopeful, a University of Jos alumni from Kogi State said, "They have raised cost of aspiring for political offices far above the reach of today's youths.

"Hence, they imposed victim mentality on the youths of our generation to the extend that they don't even have the guts to aspire for political offices.

"And those who can summon courage like me to aspire, the same youths will mock such ambition instead of rallying round him.

"And the same youths will still go and sell their future to the old generation for peanuts."

According to him, he has not just mapped out a strategy to win elections but have adopted sensitization strategies.

"I want to mobilize the youths, I want to pass the right information to the youths in a peaceful revolution tagged, 'Reformation Agenda. Arise Let's Rebuild Nigeria...'," he said.

The USA Trinity Evangelical Seminary ordinand and a Ghanian postgraduate certificate holder said his dream to become President was conceived several years ago but started gaining grounds in 2015.

Rev. Emmanuel who is also the President, Total Liberation Mission, Nigeria said he is not just confident in his quest but has also set up a strong research team to evolve a blueprint for the robust transformation of Nigeria when elected.