The Plateau Youth Council says it is worried by the growing spade of personality attacks in Nigeria.

The tradition is a result of the indoctrination of the youth by desperate politicians, Chairman of the Council, Dr. Fabong Jemchang said in an interview in Jos.

"The polarization of youths along ethnic, religious and political inclinations is what is causing this.

"Once your initiative has been seized, you just dance to any music that is being played," he said.

The PYC boss believes unless youths learn to argue things out without name calling, they are not ready for change.

He said, "You must not believe me but there are things that are sacrosanct.

"Truth is truth, and until we come to the realization of this, we are not ready for change."

Dr. Jemchang disclosed steps by the PYC to fight personality attacks to include depolarization of the youths.

"Together we can achieve anything and rise from this valley of despair, and create hope for ourselves and the children unborn," he said.