Peace in Nigeria might never be achieved until everyone has fair and equal access to justice and security, regardless of age, region, religion and ethics, the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (YOUWICAN) says.

Obviously lending credence to the calls for youth participation in politics, President of the body, Engr. David Kadzai in a statement said youths must be deliberately allowed to participate in "shaping their destiny and their country Nigeria," for peace to grow.

Speaking in respect of the 2017 International Youth Day, the body regretted that Nigerian Youths today are under "serious" threats.

"Youths today are under severe threat of insecurity occasioned by religious and political extremists, as well as misled innocent Nigerian Youths with all sorts of negative agitations.

"It is a matter of serious concern today that we are forced to live in situations where peace is threatened and justice is denied."

Engr. Kadzai in the statement further explained how the rich are fueling crisis in Nigeria.

"The greed of powerful nations and individuals exclude others, concentrate only in accumulation of wealth and exploitation of resources, leaving others dispossessed and impoverished.

"The domination of the rich and the powerful causes discord and adds deprivation.

"All these factors increase domination, marginalization, violence, conflicts, wars, poverty and sufferings in human life."

He however gave options for reconstruction, recovery, reconciliation and trauma healing for there to be progress.

He said, "Patriotic public functionaries must step forward, driven by concern to eradicate poverty through prompt delivery of basic amenities, provision of socioeconomic security and proper integration of youth in policy making.

"This is a necessity to rapid growth in our nascent democracy."