The Experience of a Plateau Corper in Katsina

My name is mafeng musa Gyang and am a serving youth Corper in katsina state. I am sharing my experiences with the motive of enlightening us about the beauty in diversity, share my view about certain situations and possibly recommend the way forward for our dear country Nigeria.

So on this beautiful Saturday morning, I was sitting outside my house,reading a book by bobby udoh a must read for every Nigerian.
Ambiance of different activities filled the atmosphere " Akwai ruwa, siya yalo, siya aleho" in Hausa language, different voices kept calling at interval all trying to attract customers to patronize them.

Having been in katsina for four months already I was use to the daily routine so it didn't really affect my reading.

I was already lost in the reading of my book when I heard noise by my gate and my attention quickly turned to the gate. I covered my book and still sitting down, tried to focus my attention to the conversation going on outside my gate.

From where I was sitting I could see tiny legs under the gate they were holding brooms and contemplating if to knock or not.

I deliberately kept quite and listened keenly as the spoke in Hausa they were about five in number,three girls and two boys. In this part of the country, they are regarded to as "ALMAJIRI".

One of the the girls started sweeping then another joined her suddenly one of the boys yelled sharply! "Ku dena" which meant STOP "masu gidan arnaye ne" which meant THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE IS AN UNBELIEVER so they left.

I understood the motive behind their activity, which will require I show gratitude by either giving them money or food to eat but what I didn't understand was why they changed their mind about the exercise Could it be because I am an UNBELIEVER?
But of cus i am an UNBELIEVER because one am not Muslim two am in a community that a larger population is Muslim and I don't practice what the religion requires, so! What am I? Your guess is as good as mine.

Should I then take the religion for granted, God forbid because it is the believe of a fellow Nigerian like myself.

Our diversity makes us unique as we will always not agree and believe in the the same thing but like stars we must learn to accommodate and tolerate each others shine.

Parents what do you teach your children,what are the values you pass on to them believe me, if those innocent kids refused sweeping the entrance of my house because their parents taught them not to associate with an unbeliever then the parents are wrong.

If you are a pastor or an imam and you are teaching the people of God segregation,division and lack of respect for God's creation then you are wrong.

If you are a politician and you show nepotism and differences in the discharge of your constitutional duties, if you show favouritism based on religion,colour ,ethnicity and personal relationship you are WRONG!!!!

John Locke said " a child at birth is like a white plain paper". Whatever that child becomes is a result of what you write in him,the things you say to him, the believes and values you teach him.

Our future as Nigerians is not in the policies we make,structures we erect or the foreign relationships we create. Our future is in the deliberate efforts we make in ensuring that our children and the children yet unborn meet a world free of religious and ethnic differences, where a human life  is preserved and respected for the singular reason that he/she is Human and not because of His/her BELIEVES.

Like Dr king I have a dream that one day I  wouldn't need to specify my religion,state,tribe in any social or formal gathering or document. I am mafeng Madiba Musa and I am Nigerian is enough  introduction. God bless the Federal Republican of Nigeria and God bless you!!!

I am Mafeng Madiba Musa and progress begins with me.
Please share!!!

Welfare Support for Poor Nigerians Annoys Plateau NGO

A nongovernmental, nonprofit humanitarian organization, Jingina Empowerment Foundation says the current response to the plights of the less privileged in Nigeria is not sufficient.

Chairman of the Foundation, Dr. Hassan Jingina believes such slow response is capable of deteriorating the nation's economy.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the foundation's free summer classes for some 3000 indigent children, mostly internally displaced, held in Mangu, Central Plateau, Dr. Jingina said unless the majority of the citizenry especially the upcoming generation have a comfortable life, the nation will continue to suffer setbacks.

"Without health, without food, education and all these basic necessities of life, an individual is a disaster to himself and even the nation at large," he said.

He pledged the foundation's readiness to continue supporting the less privileged as a way of supporting government in its quest for poverty alleviation.

"Government is doing its best and we will always do ours too.

"I was once a nobody, and I know what it feels like to be without support.

"The only fair thing I would ever do to myself is to help that nobody today become somebody tomorrow.

"By so doing I hope to also challenge those who are not doing it to start," he said.

He disclosed that the free summer classes were part of the foundation's three key programmes - education, health and human empowerment which will be executed every year involving different sets of beneficiaries.

Steward Steals N3billion from Master in Jos

A middle aged man, Pius Alfred (real name withheld) has been arrested for allegedly stealing N3 billion naira from his master in Jos.

Alfred, a gardener allegedly connived with his friend to steal the money which was hidden in cash in the Master's Tudun Wada, Jos residence where he was employed.

He was said to have been caught after securities' tracking of his spending habit.

He had reportedly travelled to Lagos after stealing the cash, spending recklessly with friends.

He was said to have shared pictures of him and friends pouring champaign on iPhone.

His master, an international business tycoon was said to have been in custody of the money for his brother working in EFCC.

It was alleged that the EFCC detective had been diverting some of the funds recovered from corrupt public officials.

As at the time of filing this report, the arrested suspect was undergoing interrogation. All others arrested along with him have however been released, reports say.

Diyong Mangut|: Cosmetic or Genuine Peace Under Gov. Lalong?

Peace is a relative term. It does not mean just absence of war.

It has different layers. Societal peace, that's the general peace among people when there is no intergroup or intra group war or crisis.

Individual peace; that's when individual members of the society are at peace with society or government. The individual peace is largely associated to economic peace.

The intergroup peace on the Plateau is not visible yet.
Plateau is seriously enjoying latent conflict been brewed by Lalon's administration, but he has dwelled more on peace rather than economic freedom and prosperity to the citizens.

Let me focus on peace matter here since that's the only priority of the present administration.

The kind of peace building embarked upon by the administration is rather brewing war in the State in the near future.

When ensuring peace in a multicultural society like us, Government should not attempt to appease the belligerent party against the peaceful party.

Whatsoever can be the motive of the Government, peace is a political term but achieving it should not be a means to a political end. It serves no purpose of being a Government if your citizens are killed but the Government keeps mute without bringing the perpetrators to justice.

What has the State government done on land issues in Jos North that will bring lasting peace?

When will the Plateau people feel protected by its Government from expansionists?

The major issues of ethnography and religionism that have wrecked problems in the State over the years have not been settled but this administration is only concerned with shortcut opportunities to peace so that it will continue to establish a persuasive propaganda that there is peace in the state.

Peace cannot be without mutual trust!

Peace cannot be with expansionist drives.

The tinkling political side of the peace on the Plateau is that it is very suspicious that there is peace. Reasons are that, there seem to be areas where the state Government is only interested in ensuring peace. This is purely political peace.

Partisanship has blinded the idea of peace on the Plateau under this administration. I want to see a situation where the life of a Berom, Mwagavul, Tarok, Ngas, Amo, Irigwe, Afizere, Bogghom, Gomai, Mupun, Ron, Mushere, etc is precious to the State government.

This life should be protected not by so-called peace rallies, concerts, seminars, paper presentation, pitiable emphaty, or mere pronouncements.

Mischief and conflict merchants should be made to face the consequences of their acs.

The individual peace perspective. It is no longer news that Governor Lalong has imbibed the culture of jamboree. He is now only interested in being seen in 'baban riga' going round the country with non performing Governors just for political reasons.

I have not heard of any bumper harvest on the Plateau in the last two farming seasons since his assumption of office despite our agric endowments. He has now become a mere Committee Governor for his party. No news of trade and commerce in the State. No news of domestic or foreign investment in the state. No sign of human development. Industrialization is nowhere to be seen.  Physical infrastructure gap is worsening and widening.

The State instead of being a producer, is now a beggar state under Lalong.

We need to rethink and reevaluate ourselves. We cannot pretend that we are retrogressing.

I urge His Excellency to readjust his political lens in looking at issues in the State. It is not all about sycophancy or persuasive propaganda but having the State at heart and do your best.

While you expect just peace in the State, you should know that you have to work for it fairly and with conscious efforts.

You can't achieve peace by robbing Peter to pay Paul.

~ D'yong Mangut

APC Unknowingly Recruits Own Enemies as Lieutenants Ahead of LG Polls

Gov. Simon Lalong of Plateau State may have unknowingly planted his own enemies in various locations ahead of the February 2018 local government polls in the state.

The governor had appointed over 100 Special Assistants, at least ten from each LGA allegedly to work for the success of the APC during the polls.

He equally appointed interim LG Chairmen, Secretaries and Councillors from each ward in the state for the same purpose according to reports.

Rumours however have it that many of those recruited for such functions are not APC loyalists.

A source in the opposition PDP said three of his friends and die-hard supporters of the opposition were among the appointed councillors.

"They accepted the calling to get information and also eat food, simple," he said.

Another source said among the earlier appointed SAs, two of his relations who are sworn members of the opposition were appointed.

They however camouflage as APC members while secretly supplying information to the opposition.

The revelation has however raised fears that the APC might not succeed in the forthcoming elections at the grassroots.

The party however has assured that it is confident in its victory, given its track record of achievements which have earned it the support and admiration of many both within and outside the party.

Plateau LG Polls at Last

The Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) has set Saturday 17th February, 2018 as the date for the long-awaited local government elections in the state.

The elections set for 8:00am and 3pm are to be re-ran where necessary on Saturday 24th February, 2018.

A statement released from the office of the Commission's Chairman, Fabian Ntung says electioneering campaigns are to commence from this week on Friday 29th September, 2017.

Conduct of party primaries by political parties are to hold from 13th-27th October, 2017, the statement says.

Furthermore, screening of Chairmanship Candidates the statement says hold from 13th-15th November, 2017.

According to the statement, "Verification/screening of Councillorship Candidates will hold from 16th-20th November, 2017.

"End of electioneering campaign is  Friday 16th February, 2018 by 12:00 Midnight."

The Commission had earlier toured the 17 local governments in the state in consultations ahead of the polls.

Aide Seeks to get Lalong Feel Pulse of Grassroots People

Senior Special Adviser to Plateau State Governor Simon Lalong on Community Relations, Ernest Dades is set to meet with community leaders and other stakeholders across the state's 17 local governments towards boosting community participation in governance.

The idea, Dades told this platform is to "feel the pulse of the rural populace and report back 'as it is' to the governor."

The goal is to inject new ideas into the running of government as it affects the grassroots people, he said in an online interview.

According to the Governor's Aide, "if the governor appoints ten people for instance into his cabinet, we should have ten new ideas that will promote good governance as well as impact positively on the citizens."

The initiative, a brainchild of the SSA's office towards boosting the Governor's five-policy thrust equally aims to conscientize the people on the dangers of failing to participate in the ongoing voters registration nationwide, it was learnt.

"Plateau state has been rated 'second to the last' in voters registration in Nigeria.

"I want to mobilise community leaders who are closer to the people, who will also mobilise the rural dwellers to register.

"Getting voters card is not just for voting during elections but it is a determinant for allocation of resources to each state," Dades said.

The stake holders to meet according to him are community leaders, youth and women group leaders as well as religious leaders among others.

Dades intends to translate his advocacy campaign messages into the various dialects of the rural dwellers to enable them "understand and participate for the good and development of plateau state," it was also learnt.

He had earlier released a press statement mobilizing the stakeholders for the meetings which are expected to hold in each of the state's three geopolitical zones.

Nigeria, Others Face War Threats

Over the past five years, foreign warships from America and Britain have hung around the Atlantic ocean over what appears to be a plot to plunge the West African region into a cold war.

A source in the British Army intelligence said findings have long been concluded over the plan which appears unknown to African governments.

Both the American and British Army intelligence have carried out separate scientific researches into the phenomenon and have evidences that the next world war will be fought in Africa, he said.

Nigeria and other coastal countries of the Atlantic are the biggest targets, the source said.

During this five year period of the foreign military surveillance in the Atlantic, Nigeria has intercepted millions of arms and ammunitions reportedly shipped from Ukraine and Iran among others.

Investigations have always been on but never concluded and the suspects prosecuted.

Thus, the country has had it tough fighting the Boko Haram insurgency which appears stronger than the Nigerian army in logistics.

The Islamic States ISIS recently named a new head of Boko Haram in charge of West Africa.

The group's activities have thus intensified outside Nigeria ever since.

The joint military operations of the Nigerian army and those of Chad, Cameron and others may have however been responsible for the group's slow success over the entire West African region.

Whether this is part of the plot for the said war, only time will tell.

Jos: Daring Scars from Pastors Two Weeks Whipping of Teenager Scares Police

Police are investigating a case of alleged unlawful torture of a teenage boy, Andrew Matthew by an acclaimed prayer warior in Jos, Plateau state capital.

The man, a butcher in Abattoir, Jos who claims to be a deliverance minister allegedly specializes in "casting out" demons through severe tortures.

His latest victim, Andrew was recently taken to him by his parents on suspicion of witchcraft.

He allegedly detained the boy and subjected him to two weeks of sustained whipping which tore open his skin in a horrifying manner.

A staff of the Plateau Radio Television Corporation, Jos, Williams Gyang who discovered the boy after he was given a break from the torture reportedly rushed him to the Plateau hospital for medical attention.

His concern, he told this platform was that the scars on the child's body could expose him to serious health hazards if not attended to.

He however filed a police case in Nasaraw Gwong, Jos where the personnel on duty expressed shock at the severity of the situation.

"Was it a bomb that hit this boy to have tattered his skin this way?"One of them wondered.

Father of the child who arrived Jos yesterday evening after being told of the situation and is currently taking care of him in the hospital however denied knowledge of the torture.

He admitted handing the boy for deliverance but said he was not aware of the tortures the boy was going through.

Mr. Gyang, the new guardian of the child has promised to open a court case and ensure justice is done in the matter.

"I'm going to make sure this becomes the last these people are going to get away with," he said.

Gyang said he has started getting financial and legal support in respect of the case but however solicits more from spirited individual.

Simji Girl Child Empowerment, BIHA and Berom Progressive Mind (BPM) were the first to respond to provide financial aide to enable the boy get medical attention, it was learned.

Nigerian Female rap artiste, Penny releases hot promo pix

Penny Wealth, one of Kaduna's most reputed female rap artistes  has released stunning promotional pictures for her forthcoming "MERAKI" projects.

Known for her enthusiasm and vibrant stage craft, the Jtown-bred Penny is most loved for her creative lyrical content.

Thus, she was recently crowned the queen of entertainment by Crockcity, a Kaduna based entertainment firm.

Penny revealed in a recent interview that her forthcoming projects are already "99.999% ready".

She disclosed that before the year runs out, she would be unveiling one of them.....
Keep your FINGERS CROSSED......

Slain UJ Student: Governments Killing Plateau Youths, Bishop Kwashi Cries

Women in Plateau State today appear in black and red to bid farewell to Late Mantim Jerry, a 400 level student of the university of Jos, killed in Jos north, during the recent reprisals on the IPOB clashes in Abia.

Mobilization for the exercise commenced last night on social media through an unsigned message.

The red color, the circulated mobilization message on social media says signifies the blood of Jesus to fight for all mothers in Nigeria.

Mr. Jerry was killed after being mistaken for an Igbo man during the riots.

His death Anglican Archbishop of Jos, Benjamin Kwashi says highlights the vulnerability of Plateau state in the face of any regional conflict in Nigeria.

He said in a social media comment, "It should be noted strongly that Plateau suffers whichever way the politics of Nigeria goes."

He regretted that the state has lacked leaders who stand for the Plateau youth and children as a whole.

"The sectional and ethnic preferences for "my tribe" has helped in no small measure the decimation one by one of promising young Plateau brains.

"Jerry is one too many and a careful compilation from 2001 till date will show the losses on Plateau.

"Worse is the lack of political will to execute justice on the culprits for political exigencies," he said.

The church leader therefore called on youths to stand up for their rights in the face of betrayals by the older class.

"Plateau elders me inclusive and politician are sacrificing their youth (a practice condemned powerfully by Scriptures)!!!

"I have been crying and shouting for justice for all christian, Muslim or pagans, justice for all human being since 2001...

"I am tired of funerals of YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!  

"The youth MUST speak, shout and cry out, governments in succession are killing the youth of Plateau by NOT defending its young people!!!!
Who will speak for Jerry?" Kwashi cried out.

World Peace Day: See the Anger Triggers and Killers for PYC Boss, Dr. Jemchang

Today is International Peace Day and the theme for this year is:

“Together for Peace, Respect, Safety and Respect for All”.

This theme is apt considering the recent happenings in our dear country and state. It's also important to note that the United Nations considered a similar theme "Youth Building Peace" because of the growing recognition of youths as change agents and critical stakeholders.

The theme for this year highlights the virtues needed in building a peaceful and just society, without which no meaningful development can take place.

As youths, our strength is in our critical mass, though sometimes our albatross for lack of cohesion and speaking in one accord. It's sad that we have been active participants in the eruption of violent conflicts, but also, we have been active too in the peace building process.

We recognize and appreciate the Executive Governor of Plateau state, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong for  painstakingly handling the skirmishes in some parts of Jos north about a week ago.

The contributions of CAN, JNI, Community Leaders and great opinion leaders cannot be overemphasized. We commend these organizations for standing in the gap.

We also want to commend the Director General of the Peace Building Agency, Mr. Joseph Lengmang for the great job the agency is  doing in the place of advocacy, confidence building and dialogue to ensure our Plateau is peaceful.

We pledge our total support to the Peace Building Agency, and we shall continue to partner, and working to ensure that lasting peace is achieved and restored on the Plateau.

We want to reiterate our call to the youths on the Plateau to embrace peace and shun any acts that has the potential to creating violence and conflicts, one of which is hate and dangerous speech.

This year is the year of the tipping point, and there needs to be a serious alignment, bridging the gaps and making things work.

Together we can make things work.

God bless Plateau State Youth Council,
God bless Plateau State,
God bless Nigeria.

Shanah Tovah.

Dr Fabong Jemchang Yildam
Plateau State Youth Council.

Plateau: Peace Corps Rises Against Violent Agitations, Reprisals

By Kingsley Chukwuka, Jos.

To mark the World Peace Day, the Nigeria Peace Corps Plateau State Command, on Thursday walk around the city of Jos with placards with inscriptions calling for harmonious living between the various communities in the State.

The walk tagged "WakaForPeace", is aimed at addressing the recent reprisal attack by the Hausa community in Jos against the Igbo tribe as a result of the on going agitation for secession in the Southeast.

Speaking to newsmen, the State Commandant, Plateau Peace Crops, Patriot Sunday Joseph, said that Nigerians should resolve to live in peace irrespective of the geographic location where they found themselves.

The Commandant blamed the current face off in Jos and Bukuru areas in Plateau as a result of the fake information circulating on the social media. 

He said that mischief makers should not plunge the country into unnecessary crisis calling on government to put mechanism in place to regulate the activities on the social media. 

Joseph noted that the calls for the reign of peace in Plateau has come at no better time than now, saying that, “the Plateau peace walk project is our own way of adding our voice to preaching peace in Nigeria and particularly, in Jos and Bukuru area. 

"We all know that today marks the International Peace Day all over the world and we use the same opportunity to call for peace in the state and Nigeria at large".

The Commandant added, “may we all embrace peace and unity to enable us to fight recession in Nigeria; we also want to use the medium to encourage the government of the day to embrace dialogue in her quest to bringing peace to the country".

He said in the future, the Peace Walk will also features a freedom concert that will parade top talents and entertainers from the Plateau. 

Our correspondent reports that the International Day of Peace, also known as Peace Day which holds across the world today was brought into being by United Nations Resolutions in 1981 and 2001 and each year, hundreds of students take part in a student observance of Peace Day at the United Nations which includes Messengers of Peace.

Jos: No More Curfew Till Midnight

The Governor of Plateau State, Rt. Hon. Simon Lalong today approved a review of the earlier imposed curfew in Jos to between 12 midnight and 6am.

This the governor said is in consideration of the steady  improvement in the state of security within the Jos-Bukuru metropolis since the imposition of the dusk to dawn curfew, on Thursday the 14th of September 2017 ,  and its subsequent relaxation on  Sunday the 17th September, 2017.

The Governor in a statement signed by the Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle commended all "law abiding" citizens and stake holders in the peace process in the state for making the quick restoration of peace and security a success.

He  further called on all communities to sustain vigilance and intensify community policing to forestall any situation that is likely to upset the hard earned peace in the state.

The Terrorists of IPOB: By Femi Fani-Kayode

Given the unfolding events in our country I believe that this is the time for deep introspection and sobre reflection. 

I am not a member of IPOB, I have never attended any IPOB meeting and neither am I Igbo. I am however deeply concerned about what is going on in our country, what the Igbos are being subjected to and what I consider to be the greatest assault on the human rights and civil liberties of the Nigerian people since the military left power in 1999. 

A violation of the constitutional right of freedom of association and freedom of speech affects not just those that have been targetted but each and every one of us. 

An act of injustice against one is an act of injustice against all. What affects the part also affects the whole. If you beat my neighbours child it is as good as beating mine and consequently I have a duty to defend that child. 

That is the essence of humanity and chivalry: to speak up for those that are being persecuted, to defend the defenceless, to fight for those that are too weak to fight for themselves and to be the voice of the voiceless. 

We must cultivate the discipline and courage to defend the right of others to be different and to think differently from us and to express contrary views. 

We may not all agree with the style, language and objectives of IPOB but we surely have a duty before God and the law to defend, uphold and affirm their right to express themselves in any way that they deem fit providing they do not threaten or hurt others whilst doing so. 

This is the  very essence, foundation and indeed cornerstone of freedom and democracy and if we allow the government to take that away from us and to get away with what they are doing without a stiff challenge we are finished as a people.  

It is IPOB today but tomorrow it could be OPC, Ijaw Youth Council, Ohaneze, Afenifere, Middle Belt Forum, Arewa Youths, Arewa Consultative Forum, Northern Elders Forum or indeed anyone else. 

I have never heard of a "terrorist" organisation that has not killed or threatened to kill anyone and that has totally rejected the idea of violence and an armed struggle. 

I have never heard of a "terrorist" organisation whose only aspiration is to have a referendum to determine whether or not their people should or should not remain in Nigeria. 

I have never heard of a "terrorist" organisation whose only objective is the peaceful and lawful exercise of the right of self-determination. 

I have never heard of a "terrorist" organisation whose only crime is to take objection to the stripping away of their historical and cultural identity and to speak out against the willful marginalisation and mass murder of their people. 

I have never heard of a "terrorist" organisation who believe in passive and non-violent resistance and who consistently emphasise the importance of peaceful opposition. 

Saying that IPOB is a terrorist organisation is like saying that Mother Theresa is the Marquis De Sade. It is like saying that an angel from heaven is a demon from hell. It is like saying that Little Red Riding Hood is the hungry and ravenous wolf. 

It is like saying that Snowhite is Jack the Ripper.  It is like saying that Florence Nightingale is Aleister Crowley. It is like saying that the Apostle Paul is Anton La Vey. 

It is like saying that John the Baptist is Atilla the Hun. It is like saying that Desmond Tutu is Ghengis Khan. It is like saying that John Knox is Adolf Hitler. 

It is like saying that Martin Luther King is Osama Bin Ladin. It is like saying that Nelson Mandela is Ali Al Baghdadi. It is like saying that Mahatma Ghandi is Abubakar Shekau. 

It is like saying that Amnesty International are the Fulani Herdsmen. It is like saying that Medecine Sans Frontier is Boko Haram. It is like saying that Human Rights Watch is ISIS. 

It is like saying that the white dove of love and peace is the savage, cruel, blood-crazed and cadavar-eating vulture from the seventh circle of hell. 

It is like saying that ice is fire. It is like saying that a believer is an infidel. It is like saying that a peaceful preacher is a violent blasphemer. 

Such a designation and categorisation is unhelpful, inappropiate and unfair. It is a damning and specious lie that has been put out by a Federal Government that is paranoid, weak, bereft of ideas and scared of it's own shadow. 

It is a desperate attempt to give a dog a bad name in order to hang it. It is childish nonsense and it does not make sense. 

Finally came the most absurd allegation of all: that IPOB is being funded by "treasury looters", "disgruntled" and "destabilising" elements "in the opposition" and by France. 

Some assertions are so insane and asinine that they ought not to be dignified with a response and this is one of them. 

I urge IPOB to go to court and have the order that has designated them as a terrorist organisation set aside.

I also urge President Muhammadu Buhari and his Minister of Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, to remember that when they exercised their right of freedom of speech three years ago and openly defended Boko Haram by saying respectively that "an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north" and that it was "unconstitutional" and "unlawful" to ban them no-one threatened them with arrest because the government of that day had the prescence of mind to recognise the fact that the right to express one's opinion, no matter how reprehensible that opinion may be, is enshrined in the constitution. 

The Federal Government should take a queue from that and stop trying to manufacture a crisis where there is none or kill a fly with a sledgehammer.

They should also consider declaring the Fulani militants and herdsmen, who have been described by the International Terror Index as the "fourth most deadly terrorist organisation in the world" and who have killed more innocent Nigerians than any other terrorist organisation in the last two years, as the malevolent, vicious, murderous and bona fide cowards and terrorists that they are.

The change that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power must continue

By James Akims Mamot

The change that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power is not going to stop, it must continue.

That is not to say the old must continue to rule the young, it is a change that must continue to revolve by winding down the old for the young.

While we lend our weight for others to lead, we should as well prepare the field for a race.

The future is not measured by the number of years we have attained. It is not even measured by the kind of relationship we have had. It's measured by our ability to stand and fight until we rise above our shortcomings as a people.

PDP, APC, ADP, APGA, whatever you call it, we only know the blare at fare is the mean where youths decide what goes wrong in every society of the world. A chance for participation is available to us all. To make the world a place to be, we must together stand to educate each other on the weaknesses of the rich who sponsor their kinsmen to leadership and get their payback while we suffer all day.

A revolution is different from a revival but his essay is a REVIVAL calling for a REVOLUTION.

Akims James Mamot.

Plot to sell Nigeria to Arab: CAN to Sue Buhari

Nigeria's Federal Government has been asked to quit promoting Islamic Financing in Nigeria or face legal actions.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which has issued the warning particularly frowns at the recent unveiling of "Sukkuk Bond", an alleged Islamic financial investment scheme  by the Federal Government.

The group in a statement views the Sukkuk issuance and every law promoting an Islamic banking system in Nigeria as a plot to sell Nigeria to Islamic Arab nations.

The statement signed by Rev. Dr. Musa Asake, General Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), expresses disappointment at the FG's "illegal" conduct.

It says it had petitioned the Osun State Government, under Governor Rafiu Aregbesola on similar matters, but the Buhari led government, "rather than stand in the defense of the Constitution," is still pursuing what is "outrightly" a confirmation of an Islamization Agenda.

The IMF according to the body sees the issuance of Sukkuk by non-Islamic states as a breach of the religious neutrality of the government of such state, and vows to fight its existence in Nigeria.

The FG recently announced special bonds under the Sukkuk scheme with a view to providing easy access to financial securities at zero-interest rate.

Advertisements for the bond are currently being aired on the Radio Nigeria Network stations especially during the network news.

Plateau Rep, ID Gyang backs Restructuring

By Chuwang Dungs

A Plateau State Member of the Nigerian National Assembly, Istifanus Gyang has thrown his weight behind the calls for the NASS to revisit the issue of restructuring under the Devolution of Powers Bill.

Receiving an award of recognition from the Arewa Christian and Indigenous Pastors Association  (ACIPA) in Abuja, Hon. Gyang expressed delight that the National Assembly is considering revisiting the Devolution of Powers Bill which failed at the Constitution Review Voting as a "practical" step in addressing the issue of restructuring. 

Gyang submitted that he is an advocate of an all inclusive governance and federal structure that is fair, equitable and just to all Nigerians irrespective of ethnicity, religion or region such that will  command the loyalty of all Nigerians and guarantee the existence of one united and  peaceful nation.

He therefore assured that, he will, along with his colleagues in the National Assembly, take up the matter as a priority on resumption from recess.

The ACIPA delegation led by the President, Rev Luke Shehu while presenting the award expressed delight with the "tangible" results that ID Gyang has attracted to his constituency and at the same time standing as a voice in the National Assembly thus merited the confidence and commendation of the association.

He also expressed support for the Ecclesiastical Courts Bill sponsored by Rep ID Gyang and his colleagues and urged him not to relent despite temporary set back at the constitution review exercise.

The ACIPA Head further  assured Hon. Gyang of  their desire to partner with the National Assembly in pursuing a national agenda that address existing glaring imbalances particularly the marginalization of minority ethnic nationalities.

Hon. Gyang was honoured by the Arewa Christian and Indigenous Pastors Association  (ACIPA) in recognition of his "sterling" performance and "people impacting" representation in the National Assembly particularly in the area of Humanitarian and Community Service

Plateau Govt. Gangs Up Social Media Activists Over Recent Tensions

The Plateau State Government says it is committed to exploring all avenues towards building and sustaining peace in the state.

Director General of the State Peace Building Agency, Joseph Lengmang told online information managers in Jos that the government was working to enhance collaboration with relevant stakeholders towards achieving this goal.

Mr. Lengmang particularly sought the collaboration of online journalists, bloggers and commentators in combatting negative information.

His emphasis was mainly on hate speeches and rumours that instigate or escalate tension.

The PPBA boss had summoned online media practitioners to fashion out ways of achieving peace in the wake of the recent tensions in the state.

The tensions were caused by rising clashes in Nigeria's southeast region between the government and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), a group demanding the cessation of the region from the Nigerian nation.

Plateau: 100 FCE Students Displaced by Windstorm

Nearly 100 students of the Federal College of Education (SUG) Pankshin, Plateau State have been displaced from their hostels by windstorm.

The storm which blew of parts of the male and female hostels equally led to the destruction of students' valuables including credentials, officials say.

In all, 21 hostel rooms housing four students each were affected.

The school authority has commenced moves to rebuild the broken parts of the structure while the affected students temporarily seek shelter anywhere they can.

The incident is one of the latest tragedies involving the over 30 years old hostel buildings.
Student Union officials want a total overhaul of the structures in the institution given their old state.

Solomon Dalung in a Tug of Wars with Plateau APC Online Activist

Solomon Dalung in a Tug of Words with Plateau APC Online Activist

Sports Minister Solomon Dalung may have been badly hit by a recent Facebook post by an APC apologist, Alfred Makut condemning his citing of a Mini stadium in his village.

The Minister in a comment viewed the post as a "bad taste of the author whose sole ambitions is to malign" his person.

According to Dalung, the author did not conceal his hatred for his community by slamming the citing of the stadium.

In a response however, the author, Alfred Makut said the Minister interpreted his post "adversely".

"Hon. Minister I will not want to drag you in a Facebook fisticuff as you are interpreting my post adversely.

"I cannot with a post tarnish your hard earned reputation.

"I have nothing against you but I was just making my thoughts known which is clearly my opinion," he said.

His response from the Minister's followup comment seemed to have brought some level of mutuality between the two.

He said, "Seemo Makut, thank you for your understanding and I am satisfied and wish when we need to know we should reach out to each other.

"It's simple we have common objectives to make our society better.
"It's over and let's work together for our common heritage. You are a stakeholder, I appreciate, remain blessed."

The Minister had explained that the mini stadium was meant for rural use, thus, Mabudi village was chosen without prejudice as it is a "bush".

On the author's view that the Minister should have worked with Gov. Lalong of Plateau state to complete the Zaria road stadium instead, the Minister said federal governments cannot takeover state governments but can only partner.

Hundreds of people commented on the post with many somewhat opposed to the views, something the author said is a sense of judgment he has no control over.

Breaking News: Gov. Lalong Relaxes Curfew

The Plateau State governor, Simon Lalong has with effect from today approved the relaxation of the earlier imposed Curfew from 10pm daily to 6am.

A statement by his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle says this is in consideration of the improvement in the state of security, since the "unfortunate" incidence of Thursday, which necessitated the imposition of a dusk to dawn curfew on Jos city.

The Governor in the statement appreciated the swift response of Security Personnel and the wide spread community consultative meetings held by various communities and religious leaders, which has come out with renewed commitments and resolve by all and sundry to be law abiding and peaceful.

The Governor further assured citizens that Security Personnel will continue to patrol flash points within the greater Jos-Bukuru Metropolis, and guarantee peace, security and compliance with the new curfew.

The Governor equally enjoins all citizens to go about their lawful business with the assurance that their safety is guaranteed.

I.D Gyang Brings SSG, Others Face-to-Face with PDP Members

Party politics, Saturday died as the Plateau State Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mr. Rufus Bature and the Transition Committee Chairman of Barkin Ladi Mr. Dickson Chollom led government delegation to Commission GSS Rapyam Fan, a project initiated by Hon. Istifanus Gyang, Member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom federal constituency.

The project which was as part of Hon. Gyang's 2016 constituency projects drew accolades from the APC government delegation and others at the commissioning ceremony.

Hon. Rufus Bature, SSG Plateau State who could not hide his joy was quick to prophesy Speakership for the NASS member.

He said, "We are proud of ID Gyang, not only for his representation but for his quality representation.

"He is honest and sincere and I see him becoming the Speaker of the National Assembly.

"What I am saying  is not politics but from the depth of my heart. I see him rising to that position." 

The SSG's words were corroborated by Mr. Dagyang Biring, an APC elder who said, "As you can see the occasion is not purely a party affair because ID Gyang enjoys support across all the parties as a result of his remarkable representation." 

For Hon. Dickson Chollom, Barkin Ladi Transition Committee Chairman, no one is as happy as he.

"We are here today to celebrate,  show our support and solidarity to our brother and father Hon. ID Gyang for his laudable achievements, I am the happiest person," he said. 

The state PDP leadership in reaction to the turnout of people for the event said through Hon. Chocho, representing the PDP state chairman, "This event has brought us together irrespective of political party and we are here today celebrating in fellowship with one another as a result of the laudable achievement of ID Gyang." 

Similarly, the PDP elders forum represented by Da Francis Bot believes ID Gyang's strides are an assurance that the votes of the electorates were not wasted.

The event equally attracted commendations from the National Population Commission, Sermatech Nig. Ltd, Calabar, University of Jos, the member representing Barkin Ladi Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Hon. Peter Gyendeng, Da Iliya Dashwei,  Gwom Rwei Fan and many others.

Hon. ID Gyang's efforts in building the classroom blocks are rooted in his passion for "strategic" grassroot investment in education infrastructure, he said.

Education according to hom is the gateway to a viable future for children and the youth.

Jos IPOB Riot: Plateau APC Throws Caution

By Kenzy Ngupar
The All Progressives Congress in Plateau State has expressed concern on recent happenings which has heightened tensions leading to loss of some lives and destruction of property.
In a statement by Chairman of the party,Letep Dabang and signed by the state Publicity Secretary,Chindo Dafat,the APC views reasons for the unrest as needless as there are laid down procedures for channeling grievances as contained in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The APC in Plateau State described the incident as unfortunate noting that the administration at the federal level had already initiated processes where seemingly aggrieved citizens or sections of the country could channel all issues bothering them as a people including restructuring for true federalism.
The statement adds that Plateau state cannot afford to return to those dark days where citizens turned against each other for the benefit of a selfish few.It further warned merchants of violent conflicts to take note that Nigeria under the APC Government will not take such issues lightly because it has promised to protect lives and property of citizens.
The statement further appealed to elder statesmen, community, religious, and political leaders to continue preaching peaceful coexistence in plateau state and Nigeria as it is the only basis for sustainable development.
The Party has also commended the immediate steps taken by Governor Simon Lalong which included the declaration of a dusk till dawn curfew,summoning of a large security and community leaders meeting towards ensuring understanding and lasting peace in the state.
APC also commended security agencies,civil society organizations, religious institutions and other stakeholders for ensuring the situation was nipped in the bud and urged citizens to go about their lives with mutual respect for one another, putting the corporate existence of Nigeria as a priority..

Youths being used in Jos, Abia, Others, YOUWICAN Alarms

The Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria (YOWICAN) says Nigerian youths are being used to cause tensions in the country.
The group says the recent tensions in parts of Plateau, Abia and Rivers states are deliberate attempts by  "mischievous crisis makers" to score "cheap gains".
In a statement by its National President, Engr. Daniel Kadzai, the group warned youths not to remain ignorant.

"Be more knowledgeable and aware of such machinations and avoid being used again, as tools for creating further crisis and pain in the country," it says.
Similarly, the Jama'atu Nasril Islam Plateau State Chapter has appealed to the Muslim Ummah and the general public in the State to shun acts capable of disrupting peace in the State.
A statement by its Director of Publicity, Sani Mudi says the events in Jos yesterday which caused panic around some parts of the metropolis, which were clearly in response to the unfortunate events in the South East, are unacceptable.
"JNI finds it   necessary and of utmost importance to remind us that we in Plateau state had just in the last few years emerged from a decade long ethno religious conflict which left us with unbearable socio economic and political consequences.
" The sad saga of disruption of peace and lawlessness in some parts of the country is not worth our response except in the exhibition of mature and civil way, trusting that appropriate authorities are capable of responding as the situation warrants," it says.
The Plateau Youth Council (PYC) Chairman, Fabong Jemchang has however warned that Plateau State is not a revenge ground for anyone harbouring any grievances.
Convener of the Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressives Forum, Musa Bagos has therefore called on parents to properly guide their wards against destructive acts.
Tensions yesterday built in parts of Jos and PortHarcourt according to local media, in reaction to clashes involving the Nigerian military and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in South eastern Abia state.

Jos: Govt. Imposes Dusk to Dawn Curfew

Nigeria: The Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong has directed an immediate imposition of curfew from dusk to dawn (6pm – 6am) within the Jos – Bukuru Metropolis, "until further notice".
This follows the outbreak of riots by some groups in some parts of the city, reportedly in retaliation to the recent Abia clashes.

In a statement signed by his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle, the governor said he has equally directed the deployment of security personnel to all flash points within the metropolis
This according to him is "to ensure compliance with the curfew order and to avert any further breach of law and order."
The Governor in the statement expressed "great dismay" at the 'sudden build up' of tension in the city on account of the conduct of some "disgruntled elements", who have decided to throw the metropolis into confusion on account of their "negative reaction" to the agitations of Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) in the South East.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Matthias Terna has equally assured that the police have seized control of the security situation in the state.
Rumours of clashes in the northern part of the city broke out Thursday evening reportedly in reaction to the IPOB clashes in Nigeria's southeast region.

Jos: Police Seek Calm Over Crisis Rumours

The Nigerian Police Force says it has seized control of the earlier troubled areas in Jos the Plateau state capital.

The Plateau state Police Public Relations Office, Matthias Terna in a telephone interview, the PPRO said the Force's state Command mobilized its men to the areas facing apprehension on getting the reports.

He explained that the apprehension in the city's Terminus area was caused by misinformation on the decision by Igbo traders to stay at home.

"The rumours about some planned attacks on Igbo's in retaliation to the Abia clashes have been on since yesterday.

"Some of the traders around Katako therefore decided to stay at home," he said.

The widespread locking of shops, the Police Public Relations Officer said caused the apprehension until the police explained to those concerned.

He said, "When we got there, we explained the situation to those concerned and they now understood."

Clashes had been rumoured to have erupted between yet to be identified groups in Central Nigeria's Jos the Plateau State capital.

The clashes which were rumoured to have broken out in the evening of Thursday around the city's Katako area had thrown the northern part of the city in palpable confusion.

Sources in the Terminus area of the town said people had been running for safety since the rumours broke out.

Traffic was said to be tight as motorists struggled to flee the area.

Updates later

Breaking News: Rumours of Fresh Crisis Cause Confusion in Jos

* "We have the situation under control," police assure

Unconfirmed reports say clashes have erupted between yet to be identified groups in Central Nigeria's Jos the Plateau State capital.
The clashes which were rumoured to have broken out in the evening of Thursday around the city's Katako area have thrown the northern part of the city in palpable confusion.
Sources in the Terminus area of the town say people have been running for safety since the rumours broke out.

Traffic is said to be tight as motorists struggle to flee the area.
The Police Public Relations Officer, Mathias Terna has confirmed that the incident was caused by misinformation regarding the killings in Nigeria's southeastern Abia state.
In a telephone interview, the PPRO said rumours about some planned attacks on Igbo's in retaliation to the Abia clashes forced their traders around Katako to stay indoors and not come out for business.
The widespread locking of shops by the traders caused the apprehension which eventually led to the riots, he said.
He however assured that all the troubled areas have been taken over by the police with a view to forestalling any breakdown of law and order.
Updates later

Plateau: Rep, ID Gyang Deals Deadly Blow on Educational Setbacks

Member representing Barikin Ladi / Riyom Federal Constituency in the Nigerian House of Reps, Hon  Istifanus Gyang, is set to launch one of his key efforts at boosting education in his constituency.

Hon. I.D. Gyang has long been sponsoring various life-empowering projects including two blocks of six classrooms at GSS Rapyam Fan, Southeast of Jos.

The classroom blocks are set to be commissioned this weekend on Saturday at 10:00 am.

A statement by his media assistant, Chuwang Dung calls for the constituents to "come and celebrate this strategic grassroot investment in education infrastructure."

"Remember, education is the gateway to a viable future for our children and the youth," the statement says.

Jos: Man who allegedly robbed many in Keke now in custody

Nigeria: A man suspected to be specialized in robbing tricycle riders and passengers in Jos was Tuesday nabbed in the city's Zarmaganda area.

The man, middle aged was taken when he was identified by a lawyer as having robbed in the past in an isolated location in the city.

The lawyer was in company of a security personnel dressed in mufti who assisted in mobilizing official backing from local securities.

The suspected robber was allegedly carrying a pistol when he was nabbed and dispossessed of it.

He was said to have been taken unaware, hence his inability to use the gun.

The nabbed robber was taken to the Zarmaganda police outpost for further investigations.

Jos Electricity Fire Outbreak: Four States Face Power Failure

Sequel to last night's four disaster at the Jos Electricity Distribution Company's main power plant, it  is feared that five northern Nigerian states might continually experience power failure.

The facility's 150MVA power plant estimated at N20million was gutted by fire at about 4pm local time.

The company is the major distributor of electrical energy in Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue States.

Its Kilometre 7 transmission station, Zaria Road  in the Central Nigerian city reportedly went into flames following electrical faults.

Although details of the disaster were still sketchy as at press time, men of the fire service had succeeded in battling the inferno.

A statement by the company's Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Friday Adakole last night appealed for calm.

A team of engineers were mobilised to the scene towards restoring power within the "shortest possible time", according to the statement.

Power supply resumed in most parts of Jos city at about 10pm, local time but repeatedly seized in minutes. 

Power Supply Resumes Hours After Fire Outbreak at Jos Electricity Station

The major power plant of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) PLC has been gutted by fire.

The company's Kilometre 7 transmission station, Zaria Road  in the Central Nigerian city went into flames at about 4pm Nigerian time, Tuesday.

Although details of the disaster were still sketchy as at press time, men of the fire service had succeeded in battling the inferno.

The affected equipment is a 150MVA power plant estimated at N20million.

A statement by the company's Head of Corporate Communications, Dr. Friday Adakole has however appealed for calm.

A team of engineers were Tuesday night mobilised to the scene towards restoring power within the "shortest possible time", according to the statement.

Power supply resumed in most parts of Jos city at about 10pm, local time but repeatedly seized in minutes. 

It is feared that Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue States under JED PLC might continually experience power shortages until the damaged plant is fixed.

Photos by, Mary Domtur and Makwal Manzwet, Kenzy Ngupar

BREAKING NEWS: Jos Electricity Station on Fire

The major power plant of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) PLC has been engulfed by fire.

The station, located at Zaria road, in the Central Nigerian city has been burning since 3pm, eyewitnesses say.

Men of the fire service have since been deployed to the scene.

Their efforts have so far proved fruitful in battling the inferno.

JED PLC is an indigenous electricity Company, incorporated in Nigeria to carry out the business of electricity distribution and retail sale in the regions of Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue States.

The disaster therefore poses threats to power supply in the affected states.

More details later

BREAKING NEWS: Jos Electricity Power Station on Fire

The major power plant of the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JED) PLC has been engulfed by fire.

The station, located at Zaria road, in the Central Nigerian city has been burning since 3pm, eyewitnesses say.

Men of the fire service have since been deployed to the scene.

Their efforts have so far proved fruitful in battling the inferno.

JED PLC is an indigenous electricity Company, incorporated in Nigeria to carry out the business of electricity distribution and retail sale in the regions of Plateau, Gombe, Bauchi and Benue States.

The disaster therefore poses threats to power supply in the affected states.

More details later

We are on the brink of a bloody armed conflict..

"The behaviour of the military against a defenceless and unarmed civilian population in Abia state is reprehensible.

What has Nnamdi Kanu or indeed the Igbo people done to warrant this primitive show of barbarism and force? We are on the brink of a total breakdown of law and order and a prolonged and bloody armed conflict.

I urge restraint on all sides and I call on President Muhammadu Buhari to withdraw the army from the east and leave Nnamdi Kanu alone.

Terrorising your own people with soldiers is not the act of a courageous man but rather the act of a tyrant, a coward and a bully.

We call on the international community to bear witness to what is unfolding in Nigeria and we will hold Buhari responsible and accountable in the event of any loss of life"- Chief Femi Fani-Kayode.

Raping of non Muslim women is not a sin...

Stealth Jihad is a subtle but dangerous form of jihad!

Jihad is MUSLIM war against all non Muslims. Every MUSLIM is called to engage in this fight. It has many ramifications!

Violent Jihad

Raping of non MUSLIM women is not a sin.

Giving vast majority of juicy posts to Muslims whether qualified or not, whether just or not is part of jihad.

Kidnap of Chibok christian girls is jihad. Refusing to do proper investigation into Chibok kidnap is jihad. Refusing to release the girls to their parents till date is jihad!

Educational jihad

Refusing to promote or appoint CHRISTIANS who are well qualified as Ministers, HOD. Vice Chancellors is a form of jihad. Refusing to grant scholarship CHRISTIANS indigenes of the state simply because they are CHRISTIANS is jihad! Taking over christian Mission Schools is a form of jihad! Refusing to tar the roads in christian Areas is jihad. Marginalising christian Areas is jihad. Refusing to teach CRS in government schools is jihad. Refusing to employ qualified CHRISTIANS is jihad. Refusing to plant educational institutions in christian Areas is jihad.

Sending FULANI Herdsmen to ravage christian Areas is jihad. FULANI Herdsmen destroying christian farms is jihad. Refusing to prosecute to arrest and prosecute these killers is jihad. Refusing to obey federal character to cause disadvantage to CHRISTIANS is jihad.

Written by Matthew Owojaiye

Bassa: 2 Military Killed in Gun battle with Fulani

Two Nigerian military personnel have been killed in a gun battle with suspected Fulani militia in Plateau's recently attacked Ncha village, Bassa Local Government Area.

Security sources say the military men were attacked when they went into the bushes supposedly in search of the culprits of the Ncha village attack.

The sources said the militants were hiding in the bushes from where they launched an ambush on the securities.

The battle reportedly ensued for hours with the Fulani militia killing one military personnel on the spot.

Another who was badly injured later died in an undisclosed hospital, the sources say.

None of the militants was arrested or reported hit in the duel.

The militia was said to be heavily armed with different assorted guns including AK47, Shortgun and Pump Action rifles.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Tyopev Terna however said he had not been briefed on the incident when contacted.

The leaders of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association in the state had issued a statement condemning the police for linking the Fulani to the Ncha village attack.

The villagers have however insisted the attackers were Fulani men they know as they have lived with them for long.

The Fulani had reportedly fled their homes on the eve of the attack.

A farmer-herder clash had been reported in the village few days before the attack.

Two of the villagers were said to have been attacked with one sustaining injuries and another killed prior to the village incident.

The villagers had reportedly lived in peace with the Fulani herders until the discovery of a Fulani boy's corpse three years ago near a farm belonging to one of the villagers.

Police authorities had suspected the Ncha village attack to be a reprisal in respect of the boy's death.

Bassa Attacks: Don't Blame Us, Fulani Leaders Burst Out. U.N Must Hear this says German Scientist

Nigeria: Plateau State Chapter of Miyetty Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), says linking their members to the recent killings in the state's Ncha village, Bassa Local Government Area is "cheap blackmail".
Such "unfounded" allegations the group says are aimed at creating hatred between natives and herders. quotes a statement by the Chairman and Legal adviser of the group, Nuru Abdullahi and Barr. Salihu Muhammad respectively as saying the state Police Commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo, was biased in his statement alleging that, “the attack was a reprisal by suspected Fulani herders.”

It says “It wasn’t our People that did the attack, and we don’t know the hoodlums that did it.
"We don’t know why the outgoing Plateau State Police Commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo, developed hatred against us and had apportioned the blame on us."
The report further quotes the statement as saying Fulani are not ready for any blood shed, hence, their earlier complaint to the police, after the killing of their boy three years ago.
Monitoring  and logging each incident"
Germain based Nigerian Computer Scientist, Dr. Daniel Kutchin says monitoring  and logging each crime incident and reporting about the State of security in the State, at a regular basis, say weekly "ought to be the minimum that should be expected from a Government that cares".
In an online interview, Dr. Kutchin said it is hard to justify supporting the position of the State Government regarding the attacks in the state.
He said, "It is unfortunate that the Government in the State has yet to acknowledge the numerous attacks going on in the rural areas.
"I have been following reports about the attacks in Bokkos and other places.
"No one in Government has aknowledged them or announced that an investigation was going on."
He blames the increased attacks on lack of political will to implement the rule of law by government officials.
"No true peace and economic security can be realized without perceiving the rule of law and protecting life and property.
"I will suggest that we get the UN or the international community involved in this.
"Let's copy the example of our folk in Lantang. They reported the attacks in their villages to the Human Rights tribunal," he said.
A group called the Core MiddleBelt Value had equally called on international bodies such as the UN, AU and among others, ECOWAS to come to the aid of the Middlebelt region since Federal Government under President Mohammed Buhari has "abandoned" them.

Mama Taraba, Tell us all about Gov. El Rufai on the Chibok girls - FFK

Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode says Buhari's minister, Aisha Alhassan otherwise called Mama Taraba has a duty to tell Nigerians all she knows about Governor Nasir El Rufai's alleged role in the Chibok girls scam and Boko Haram.

"I urge her to do so," Fani-Kayode said in a statement.

He saluted mama Taraba's courage for speaking out, saying "Others will also come out to tell us what they know.

"Soon the world will know who the real terrorists are."

According to FFK, her revelations are a confirmation of his earlier submissions that the truth about the Chibok girls and Boko Haram was yet to be heard.

"I said it BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the 2015 presidential campaign that the truth about the Chibok girls and those behind BH was yet to be heard. Now it is all coming out. Nothing is hidden under the sun," he said.

Mrs. Alhassan is said to have threatened to expose Elrufai's role in the Chibok girls kidnap following his comments against her when she allegedly declared support for Atiku.

The Untold Truth about Plateau United NPL Victory

By Bulus Gambo, Jos

As I stood by the gate of my office at The Nigeria Standard newspaper in Jos, I saw Plateau citizens cutting across all ethnic nationalities and religious afflictions trooping to the Rwang Pam Township Stadium.

They went to watch the Nigeria Premiership final title chase match against Rangers FC which Plateau United Football Club of Jos eventually won after over 25 years of nothing.

I was in Lagos live in 1999 when Plateau United won the national challenge Cup finals. It was an existing euphoria that I will surely take to my grave.

Just before the final Premiership match for this year commenced, the prayers on the lips of the citizens of the state was " Lord, we need this miracle".

Interestingly, because we sincerely sought for our heart desire in one accord, the Lord granted us.

We sought for it with one voice and Jehovah granted us this unmerited favor thus  emphasising the fact that  if we come before Him as a people in prayers, nothing  will be denied us.

Let the lesson we learnt as a result of our prayers for the success recorded by Plateau United be translated to other areas of our lives on the Plateau.

We need such a prayer with sincerity of purpose to transform the Plateau State of our dream.

Congratulations our dear Plateau United Football Club for doing us proud.

We are waiting for you to bring home the CAF champions league trophy in Jesus name.

They Sang in Jubilation after Butchering my Kids - Miango Survivor

By Masara Kim

Nigeria: The horrors of last Thursday's attacks in Ancha, Miango village near Jos Rukuba barrack have continued to live with the survivors.

Many of them have managed to live with the realities of having to live without their loved ones but still grapple with the horrible memories of the incident.

The night of the attack was just as quiet and tranquil as any other, with only the sounds of crickets and waving leaves of plants in the air.

Little did the villagers know that in the seeming silence and serenity of the night, a loud terror was lying in wait.

The attackers had probably camped in the bushes, planning and waiting for the right time to strike.

"They came from the hills,"an eyewitness said, pointing to a mountain near the village which borders the Fulani settlement in the community.

As they arrived, the attackers, armed with machetes and AK47 rifles reportedly split themselves into squads and spread out into the village.

Their first set of victims according to eyewitnesses were a couple and grand child.

They reportedly slashed down their zinc window with a machete and fired sporadic shots into the bedroom.

Afterwards, the attackers forced down the door by hitting it with their legs.

They used machetes to hack down the already wounded occupants of the house, said a survivor.

In another house, a husband and wife were slain along with their seven children including a daughter-in-law.

Their only surviving son, 14 year old Emmanuel Ishaya said he was in a different room with his elder brother when they came.

"We heard gunshots and woke up.

"I told my brother we should run through the window but he said no.

"I went out through the window when they had already started hitting hard on our door.

"All I heard was a gunshot as I ran out," he said in vernacular through an interpreter.

According to the survivor, he ran to take refuge in his senior brother's room but realized he had been killed along with his wife.

"They killed my brother and wife and kept their sleeping child (8 months old) on their corpses.

"I quickly picked him and ran into the bush because I knew if he woke up and cried, they might come back for us because they might have left him for dead," Master Ishaya said.

Emmanuel's mother, Mrs. Lami Ishaya was killed in a room, adjacent that of Emmanuel after the attackers broke down their door by kicking it.

They first slashed an aluminum pot by the door containing freshly prepared gruel.

They used machetes to butcher them and their two kids sleeping in the same room.

Other children, as their father, Ishaya were traced to other rooms outside the parents' building and killed.

"Denied rescue of kids"

In another house, the attackers slew three kids and a 16year old SS1 student of a government secondary school in the area.

The student was shot in his room where he was sleeping along with his brother when the attackers came and kicked the door open.

His brother who was still nervous and speechless when this platform visited escaped by climbing the roof and hanging upon the rafters.

When they entered, he said they shot his brother who was running helplessly in the room, with no escape route as the room had no window.

Parents of the other three slain kids, Mr. and Mrs. Barry John were sleeping in a room few foots away from their kids' which shares walls with that of the slain SS1 student.

They reported that they heard gunshots and voices of their dying kids being hacked down but were helpless.

Mrs. John said her husband wanted to go to their rescue but she disallowed him persuading him to go out through the window.

He left the room minutes before the attackers gained access after killing the kids and wounding three others in the compound, including an aged woman.

"When they were done, they sang songs of victory before moving to the next compound," Mrs. John said.

"They were singing in Fulani language and I couldn't pick the words but I believe they were celebrating because they sounded happy as they sang and fired shots in the air," she recalled.

Mr. John's family in all lost over 10 members in different houses in the same pattern of attacks, it was learnt.

Those killed in the village totalled 21 according to statistics collected by this platform but Police say the corpses were 19.

This platform got its statistics by going on a house-to-house data collection when it arrived the village few minutes after the mass burial of the victims.

The figure does not include an attack on two young men near GSS Miango, some kilometers away from Ancha.

They were reported to have been shot on a bike by gunmen believed to be the same Ancha attackers when they (youths) ran into them (Fulani) on their way out of the village.

One of the affected died on the spot while the other was still missing as at the time of filing this report.

The attackers are believed to have fled towards the Rukuba barracks in Miango through a military checkpoint near the scene of the attack on the youths on bike.

No security intervention was however accessed until the arrival of police from Jos hours after the attackers had fled.

"Attacks, Govt. Failure"

A group, Middlebelt Value and a German-bases Nigerian IT Specialist, Dr. Daniel Kutchin have attributed the growing insecurity in the country to government's failure.

According to the Middlebelt group, the Nigerian army's recent  announced return of operation python dance in the South East was a misplacement of priority.

"Why send an army against defenceless citizens instead of against killers?

"Why is it difficult for the powerful Nigeria army to stop Fulani Herdsmen?"it said in a statement signed by its National Coordinator,
Mike Akatu and three others.

Dr. Kutchin said in an interview, "No true peace and economic security can be realized without perceiving the rule of law and protecting life and property.

"It is the duty of the Government and Governments must stand to be measured by how the protect everyone in the community in which they administer."

The Nigerian police had announced the deployment of operatives in the affected village to forestall further breakdown of law.

It has however not announced any arrest, but the commencement of investigations into the crime.

Many similar cases in the past where securities announced investigations mostly ended in silence.

Whether this is going to end in like manner, only time will tell.