Two Nigerian military personnel have been killed in a gun battle with suspected Fulani militia in Plateau's recently attacked Ncha village, Bassa Local Government Area.

Security sources say the military men were attacked when they went into the bushes supposedly in search of the culprits of the Ncha village attack.

The sources said the militants were hiding in the bushes from where they launched an ambush on the securities.

The battle reportedly ensued for hours with the Fulani militia killing one military personnel on the spot.

Another who was badly injured later died in an undisclosed hospital, the sources say.

None of the militants was arrested or reported hit in the duel.

The militia was said to be heavily armed with different assorted guns including AK47, Shortgun and Pump Action rifles.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Tyopev Terna however said he had not been briefed on the incident when contacted.

The leaders of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association in the state had issued a statement condemning the police for linking the Fulani to the Ncha village attack.

The villagers have however insisted the attackers were Fulani men they know as they have lived with them for long.

The Fulani had reportedly fled their homes on the eve of the attack.

A farmer-herder clash had been reported in the village few days before the attack.

Two of the villagers were said to have been attacked with one sustaining injuries and another killed prior to the village incident.

The villagers had reportedly lived in peace with the Fulani herders until the discovery of a Fulani boy's corpse three years ago near a farm belonging to one of the villagers.

Police authorities had suspected the Ncha village attack to be a reprisal in respect of the boy's death.