Nigeria: Plateau State Chapter of Miyetty Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), says linking their members to the recent killings in the state's Ncha village, Bassa Local Government Area is "cheap blackmail".
Such "unfounded" allegations the group says are aimed at creating hatred between natives and herders. quotes a statement by the Chairman and Legal adviser of the group, Nuru Abdullahi and Barr. Salihu Muhammad respectively as saying the state Police Commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo, was biased in his statement alleging that, “the attack was a reprisal by suspected Fulani herders.”

It says “It wasn’t our People that did the attack, and we don’t know the hoodlums that did it.
"We don’t know why the outgoing Plateau State Police Commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo, developed hatred against us and had apportioned the blame on us."
The report further quotes the statement as saying Fulani are not ready for any blood shed, hence, their earlier complaint to the police, after the killing of their boy three years ago.
Monitoring  and logging each incident"
Germain based Nigerian Computer Scientist, Dr. Daniel Kutchin says monitoring  and logging each crime incident and reporting about the State of security in the State, at a regular basis, say weekly "ought to be the minimum that should be expected from a Government that cares".
In an online interview, Dr. Kutchin said it is hard to justify supporting the position of the State Government regarding the attacks in the state.
He said, "It is unfortunate that the Government in the State has yet to acknowledge the numerous attacks going on in the rural areas.
"I have been following reports about the attacks in Bokkos and other places.
"No one in Government has aknowledged them or announced that an investigation was going on."
He blames the increased attacks on lack of political will to implement the rule of law by government officials.
"No true peace and economic security can be realized without perceiving the rule of law and protecting life and property.
"I will suggest that we get the UN or the international community involved in this.
"Let's copy the example of our folk in Lantang. They reported the attacks in their villages to the Human Rights tribunal," he said.
A group called the Core MiddleBelt Value had equally called on international bodies such as the UN, AU and among others, ECOWAS to come to the aid of the Middlebelt region since Federal Government under President Mohammed Buhari has "abandoned" them.