By D'yong Mangut

As  part of the calculated genocide targeted at Plateau State,  yesterday the good people of Ancha, Miango village of Bassa Local Government Area were attacked by suspected Fulani's.  The attack left twenty (20) persons dead with undisclosed injured.

This incident didn't just take place but was orchestrated and given high backing by those who have sworn to use such barbaric and coward route to subject us to perpetual slavery which our forefathers fought.

In Jol ward of Riyom Local Government of the State, the indigenous people have been sacked and are today refugees in their own land.

In Bokkos Local Government of the State,  the people of Manguna district live in constant fear of the known.

Bokkos has thus far lost three (3) ranking traditional rulers and one (1) chieftancy holder among many others who have been killed by the known.

What about the genocide which took place some years back in Dogo Na Hawa village of Jos South Local Government Area?

While we shout over rooftops helplessly over this calculated genocide, the Federal Government sees us as second hand citizens whose lives are not sacred.

One of the fundamental obligation of the Government is security of lives and properties. It should be stated that due to the anarchy of the hobbessian State,  individuals agreed and surrended some of their rights to the State in return for protection which is commonly known as the social contract.

If today, Government cannot protect us,  it invariably means the social contract between Government and the citizens is broken or violated, thus therefore it should be renegotiated.

If the National Security Adviser can visit Wase Local Government of the State in a much publicized closure of mines,  why then has he never visited and personally lead an onslaught against criminals who have refused to allow peace be in Plateau State?

While the genocide continues,  the current generation in Plateau seems to have lost it's voice and bravery. Am sure our forefathers are ashamed of us in the grave. Thus far the sacrifice of the past is in vain.

The security architecture of our country is faulty and this is the best time for us as a people to join our voice into the debate on restructuring especially as it concerns the problems commonly confronting us.

Our Government should also invest more in our Operation Rainbow security outfit and our local vigilantees because the mainstream securities are compromised and we cannot afford to continue to rely on them.

Until we unite and see the genocide against the Plateau man as *We versus them*, the genocide will continue.

My heartfelt and sincere condolences to the good people of Ancha, Miango village of Bassa Local Government Area of Plateau State over the dastard killings which took place yesterday.

May God comfort us all and bring to book all those culpable.

*D'yong Mangut writes from Jos and can be reached via,*