The Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Plateau State council elections billed for today, 3pm are thought to be among the most tensed in the history of the union.

Campaigns for the polls which commenced proper last month were said to have generated serious sentiments that nearly pitched Gov. Lalong against his Deputy, Tyoden.

Rumours of government's divided interest in the polls started flying almost at the start of the campaigns.

The main position - Chairman is being contested by Lalong's one time Press Secretary, Paul Jatau of Nigerian Standard and Tyoden's one time campaign official, Iliya Amos from PRTV.

Incidentally, Jatau is Goemai from Shendam, Lalong's place of origin and Amos is Mwagavul from Mangu, Tyoden's place of origin.

Carriers of the rumours capitalized on these facts and spread rumours that later suggested a division in the government structure.

The rumours suggested that Lalong was in support of his brother and Tyoden likewise.

However, knowing the criticality of the situation and what might result if left to continue, the Director of Press and Public Affairs to the Governor, Emmanuel Nanle quickly summoned a meeting.

In attendance were the two contestants, some serving NUJ officials and some electoral credentials committee officials.

After long discussions, it was gathered that the rumours were neither coming from the aspirants nor government officials.

It was somewhat suggestive that it was those who wanted a split in the government and the Union that were spreading the rumours as such sentiments never existed in the first place.

It was thus resolved that everything on the polls will end as a brotherly affair.

The two candidates in fact during their manifesto presentations celebrated each other as they vigorously clapped for each other when strong points were made.

Aside sitting together and teasing each other in a friendly manner, the candidates were seen together after at different times before and after the manifesto.

The two in fact pledged to work together regardless of who wins towards setting the pace for mainstream politicians.

Other candidates for other positions equally did same.

The emphasis in all was on the success of the union and the nation at large and what one has to offer and not what the other doesn't have.

The polls are therefore expected to hold today by 3pm with a no victor no vanquished ending but a collective victory for all in the union.