A top official of the Plateau State government says the inability of the governor's appointees to live up to expectation is responsible for the political attacks on him.

The official (name withheld) particularly faulted the information delivery system in the state.

In his view, where only the Director of Press and Public Affaies appears active in government public relations and communications, the system hardly flourishes.

He said "people make judgments based on what they hear."

Therefore, "it is imperative to always put out the right information for proper judgment to be made from informed perspectives," he said.

The Lalong appointee observed in an unofficial chat that if the governor's officials were publicly accessible, much of the negative propaganda against him would not have been.

He condemned the frequent attacks on anti government opinions saying such is a breach of democracy.

He regarded all those involved in such as adventurous and not working in the interest of the government.

The right thing to do according to him is to enlighten people when they seem to be getting the wrong idea.

He applauded journalists and political commentators who are courageous and sincere in their criticisms against government.

Such according to him is the only way to keep government on its feet.

He therefore made it clear that the Lalong government was not trying to muzzle public opinion.

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