Police are investigating a case of alleged unlawful torture of a teenage boy, Andrew Matthew by an acclaimed prayer warior in Jos, Plateau state capital.

The man, a butcher in Abattoir, Jos who claims to be a deliverance minister allegedly specializes in "casting out" demons through severe tortures.

His latest victim, Andrew was recently taken to him by his parents on suspicion of witchcraft.

He allegedly detained the boy and subjected him to two weeks of sustained whipping which tore open his skin in a horrifying manner.

A staff of the Plateau Radio Television Corporation, Jos, Williams Gyang who discovered the boy after he was given a break from the torture reportedly rushed him to the Plateau hospital for medical attention.

His concern, he told this platform was that the scars on the child's body could expose him to serious health hazards if not attended to.

He however filed a police case in Nasaraw Gwong, Jos where the personnel on duty expressed shock at the severity of the situation.

"Was it a bomb that hit this boy to have tattered his skin this way?"One of them wondered.

Father of the child who arrived Jos yesterday evening after being told of the situation and is currently taking care of him in the hospital however denied knowledge of the torture.

He admitted handing the boy for deliverance but said he was not aware of the tortures the boy was going through.

Mr. Gyang, the new guardian of the child has promised to open a court case and ensure justice is done in the matter.

"I'm going to make sure this becomes the last these people are going to get away with," he said.

Gyang said he has started getting financial and legal support in respect of the case but however solicits more from spirited individual.

Simji Girl Child Empowerment, BIHA and Berom Progressive Mind (BPM) were the first to respond to provide financial aide to enable the boy get medical attention, it was learned.