Nigerian National Assembly member, Istifanus Gyang says the attack on Ancha, Miango village in Plateau's Bassa LGA is a rude shock.

This according to him is "given the generally peaceful situation in the state albeit instances of malicious destruction of farm crops and isolated cases of ambush on hapless citizens in the hinterland."

The Barkin Ladi Riyom federal constituency rep said in a statement that the attack is a threat to peace development in the state.

He said, "That over 18 lives were lost in the horrendous adventure of the merchants of death is a development that constitute a threat to the peace momentum on the Plateau.

"To say that the attack constitutes a set back to the peace process is obvious and requires an all encompassing  intervention to avoid reversal of the peace."

He however wants citizens not to take laws into their hands but allow securities do their job.

"It is necessary that while  the security agencies deploy and demonstrate capacity to apprehend the perpetrators, citizens must understand and agree never to resort to violence as a means of  resolving grievances," Gyang said.

Stop Playing Politics, says Group

A humanitarian group Global Peace and Life Rescue Initiative (GOPRI) wants citizens to stop 'playing politics' and collectively fight for the peace and security of the state.

Executive Director of  Global Peace and Life Rescue Initiative (GOPRI), Amb. Melvin Ejehe condoling with the survivors of the attack in Ancha village urged citizens to shun name calling "at this trying time".

“We should close ranks, come together and defeat this act of terror once and for all.

“At a time like this, what we need to defeat terror is neither PDP, APC, ADP, but a sincere and collective effort as well as intelligence gathering.

"We must speak with one strong voice against this evil and work together as  one united  family to defeat terrorism,” he said in a deport on

"Protect the state" says Plateau Youth G-17

With the Ancha attack, the Plateau Youth G-17 Peace and Progressive Forum is calling on citizens to unite and protect the State from "such attackers who finds pleasure in shedding innocent blood without any provocation."

Itbelieves disunity in the state is respinsible for its misfortunrs.

"Our strength lies greatly in our unity, while our disunity is a great weakness to us," convener if the group, Dachung Bagos said in a statement.