Over the past five years, foreign warships from America and Britain have hung around the Atlantic ocean over what appears to be a plot to plunge the West African region into a cold war.

A source in the British Army intelligence said findings have long been concluded over the plan which appears unknown to African governments.

Both the American and British Army intelligence have carried out separate scientific researches into the phenomenon and have evidences that the next world war will be fought in Africa, he said.

Nigeria and other coastal countries of the Atlantic are the biggest targets, the source said.

During this five year period of the foreign military surveillance in the Atlantic, Nigeria has intercepted millions of arms and ammunitions reportedly shipped from Ukraine and Iran among others.

Investigations have always been on but never concluded and the suspects prosecuted.

Thus, the country has had it tough fighting the Boko Haram insurgency which appears stronger than the Nigerian army in logistics.

The Islamic States ISIS recently named a new head of Boko Haram in charge of West Africa.

The group's activities have thus intensified outside Nigeria ever since.

The joint military operations of the Nigerian army and those of Chad, Cameron and others may have however been responsible for the group's slow success over the entire West African region.

Whether this is part of the plot for the said war, only time will tell.