Fulani herders residing around Ancha, Miango village in Plateau's Bassa Local Government Area have fled following Thursday's midnight attack in the village that left at least 20 people dead.

This platform observed that most of the hamlets and tents of the herders were vacant with only water bottles, shoes and some petty household items littered in the surrounding.

The herders are however suspected to be camping near the Rukuba barrack, few kilometres away from the affected village.

Some of the herders were seen during a visit to the village, moving in mass with cattle herds towards the barrack, carrying personal belongings.

It was however not clear if the authorities of the barrack were aware of their camping there.

It is equally uncertain if those seen moving towards the barrack are refuge seeking herders, travellers or those that carried out the attack.

The Ancha attack was however allegedly carried out by Fulani herders that had coexisted with the villagers for long.

Youth leader of Ancha village, Mr. Monday Abba told this platform that the herders had threatened dealing with the villagers following the killing of a Fulani boy in a nearby village three years ago.

According to him, a member of the Ancha community was arrested and detained for a year after the murder.

He was however released after being found to have been wrongly accused.

The detained was said to have been picked from his farm, close to the scene of the murder.

The latest attack was reportedly preceded by a misunderstanding that ensured between the neighboring Fulani and some youths in the village few days earlier.

A Fulani boy was said to have grazed on the natives' farm which resulted in a fight.

The youth leader of the village however said the conflict was resolved before the attack.

The attackers were said to have shot and slaughtered women and children, as well as a few male adults.

The AK47 carrying armed herders reportedly tracked their victims to their houses, breaking their doors and butchering them after calling out their names on arrival at each affected house.

Some of the victims fled through their windows and escaped into the bushes, it was learnt.

A father of three slaughtered kids, Mr. Barry John said he escaped on the prompting of his wife who couldn't allow him face the attackers when they were butchering their children outside.

The kids, ages 3-10 had rushed out from their room on the other side of the building on hearing the herders' gunblasts.

Mr. John's wife wife told this platform that she survived by covering herself with a mattress.

"They came in and did not know I was under the mattress.

"They fired shots in the room after my husband had escaped through the window," she said.

The attackers took hostage of the village for hours, going house to house and killing everyone in sight including new born babies.

This platform observed that mobile network is weak in the area, hence the possible delay in security intervention.

It was however reported that two young men were shot on a bike by gunmen believed to be the same attackers on their way out of the village, near Government Secondary School Maiyango.

The scene of that attack was located few meters away from a military checkpoint.

Operatives at the checkpoint were reported to have paid no attention to the gun blasts.

Thus, one of the victims was shot dead and the other is still missing.

Security operatives were deployed to the area in the early hours of Friday after the attackers had fled.

The Police Public Relations Officer, Terna Matthias had however told this platform that the Force was still gathering information on the attack for further action.

Meanwhile, the securities deployed to the village appear to have settled there and might not leave until the crime is solved.

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