Nigeria's Federal Government has been asked to quit promoting Islamic Financing in Nigeria or face legal actions.

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) which has issued the warning particularly frowns at the recent unveiling of "Sukkuk Bond", an alleged Islamic financial investment scheme  by the Federal Government.

The group in a statement views the Sukkuk issuance and every law promoting an Islamic banking system in Nigeria as a plot to sell Nigeria to Islamic Arab nations.

The statement signed by Rev. Dr. Musa Asake, General Secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), expresses disappointment at the FG's "illegal" conduct.

It says it had petitioned the Osun State Government, under Governor Rafiu Aregbesola on similar matters, but the Buhari led government, "rather than stand in the defense of the Constitution," is still pursuing what is "outrightly" a confirmation of an Islamization Agenda.

The IMF according to the body sees the issuance of Sukkuk by non-Islamic states as a breach of the religious neutrality of the government of such state, and vows to fight its existence in Nigeria.

The FG recently announced special bonds under the Sukkuk scheme with a view to providing easy access to financial securities at zero-interest rate.

Advertisements for the bond are currently being aired on the Radio Nigeria Network stations especially during the network news.