Stealth Jihad is a subtle but dangerous form of jihad!

Jihad is MUSLIM war against all non Muslims. Every MUSLIM is called to engage in this fight. It has many ramifications!

Violent Jihad

Raping of non MUSLIM women is not a sin.

Giving vast majority of juicy posts to Muslims whether qualified or not, whether just or not is part of jihad.

Kidnap of Chibok christian girls is jihad. Refusing to do proper investigation into Chibok kidnap is jihad. Refusing to release the girls to their parents till date is jihad!

Educational jihad

Refusing to promote or appoint CHRISTIANS who are well qualified as Ministers, HOD. Vice Chancellors is a form of jihad. Refusing to grant scholarship CHRISTIANS indigenes of the state simply because they are CHRISTIANS is jihad! Taking over christian Mission Schools is a form of jihad! Refusing to tar the roads in christian Areas is jihad. Marginalising christian Areas is jihad. Refusing to teach CRS in government schools is jihad. Refusing to employ qualified CHRISTIANS is jihad. Refusing to plant educational institutions in christian Areas is jihad.

Sending FULANI Herdsmen to ravage christian Areas is jihad. FULANI Herdsmen destroying christian farms is jihad. Refusing to prosecute to arrest and prosecute these killers is jihad. Refusing to obey federal character to cause disadvantage to CHRISTIANS is jihad.

Written by Matthew Owojaiye