Ex COCIN President, Rev. Prof. Pandang Yamsat's comments on 2019 aspirations have caused a stir among political party faithful in Plateau state.

Many of those who bared their minds believe the TCNN Governing Board Chairman was too partisan in his choice of words.

One of the first commentators, a prominent clergyman in COCIN believes the cleric was verbally careless on the issue.

A prominent politician and serving legislator from the state said the cleric could have been booed when he made the comments but for the fact that it was a funeral service.

Other commentators reacting to the views which first appeared in a news report on this platform questioned his spirituality.

One of them said, "These men of God should stay away from politics pls. Maybe the "shaghal" is not reaching his side like before when his member was the governor."

Another commentator said, "As a COCIN member,  I am worried by this attempt to drag the church into been partisan and I will like the church to rise up to the occasion to sanction such acts."

Yamsat had said during the funeral of ex COCIN President, Luther Chishak that anyone believing God is calling him to contest governorship in 2019 should ask what happens to the current governor.

In a sermon, the preacher sued for patience and careful investigation of God's plans to succeed in any quest.

"If God is telling you to contest, have you asked if He has finished with Lalong?" he said.