Women in Plateau State today appear in black and red to bid farewell to Late Mantim Jerry, a 400 level student of the university of Jos, killed in Jos north, during the recent reprisals on the IPOB clashes in Abia.

Mobilization for the exercise commenced last night on social media through an unsigned message.

The red color, the circulated mobilization message on social media says signifies the blood of Jesus to fight for all mothers in Nigeria.

Mr. Jerry was killed after being mistaken for an Igbo man during the riots.

His death Anglican Archbishop of Jos, Benjamin Kwashi says highlights the vulnerability of Plateau state in the face of any regional conflict in Nigeria.

He said in a social media comment, "It should be noted strongly that Plateau suffers whichever way the politics of Nigeria goes."

He regretted that the state has lacked leaders who stand for the Plateau youth and children as a whole.

"The sectional and ethnic preferences for "my tribe" has helped in no small measure the decimation one by one of promising young Plateau brains.

"Jerry is one too many and a careful compilation from 2001 till date will show the losses on Plateau.

"Worse is the lack of political will to execute justice on the culprits for political exigencies," he said.

The church leader therefore called on youths to stand up for their rights in the face of betrayals by the older class.

"Plateau elders me inclusive and politician are sacrificing their youth (a practice condemned powerfully by Scriptures)!!!

"I have been crying and shouting for justice for all christian, Muslim or pagans, justice for all human being since 2001...

"I am tired of funerals of YOUNG PEOPLE!!!!  

"The youth MUST speak, shout and cry out, governments in succession are killing the youth of Plateau by NOT defending its young people!!!!
Who will speak for Jerry?" Kwashi cried out.