Solomon Dalung in a Tug of Words with Plateau APC Online Activist

Sports Minister Solomon Dalung may have been badly hit by a recent Facebook post by an APC apologist, Alfred Makut condemning his citing of a Mini stadium in his village.

The Minister in a comment viewed the post as a "bad taste of the author whose sole ambitions is to malign" his person.

According to Dalung, the author did not conceal his hatred for his community by slamming the citing of the stadium.

In a response however, the author, Alfred Makut said the Minister interpreted his post "adversely".

"Hon. Minister I will not want to drag you in a Facebook fisticuff as you are interpreting my post adversely.

"I cannot with a post tarnish your hard earned reputation.

"I have nothing against you but I was just making my thoughts known which is clearly my opinion," he said.

His response from the Minister's followup comment seemed to have brought some level of mutuality between the two.

He said, "Seemo Makut, thank you for your understanding and I am satisfied and wish when we need to know we should reach out to each other.

"It's simple we have common objectives to make our society better.
"It's over and let's work together for our common heritage. You are a stakeholder, I appreciate, remain blessed."

The Minister had explained that the mini stadium was meant for rural use, thus, Mabudi village was chosen without prejudice as it is a "bush".

On the author's view that the Minister should have worked with Gov. Lalong of Plateau state to complete the Zaria road stadium instead, the Minister said federal governments cannot takeover state governments but can only partner.

Hundreds of people commented on the post with many somewhat opposed to the views, something the author said is a sense of judgment he has no control over.