By James Akims Mamot

The change that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power is not going to stop, it must continue.

That is not to say the old must continue to rule the young, it is a change that must continue to revolve by winding down the old for the young.

While we lend our weight for others to lead, we should as well prepare the field for a race.

The future is not measured by the number of years we have attained. It is not even measured by the kind of relationship we have had. It's measured by our ability to stand and fight until we rise above our shortcomings as a people.

PDP, APC, ADP, APGA, whatever you call it, we only know the blare at fare is the mean where youths decide what goes wrong in every society of the world. A chance for participation is available to us all. To make the world a place to be, we must together stand to educate each other on the weaknesses of the rich who sponsor their kinsmen to leadership and get their payback while we suffer all day.

A revolution is different from a revival but his essay is a REVIVAL calling for a REVOLUTION.

Akims James Mamot.