My name is mafeng musa Gyang and am a serving youth Corper in katsina state. I am sharing my experiences with the motive of enlightening us about the beauty in diversity, share my view about certain situations and possibly recommend the way forward for our dear country Nigeria.

So on this beautiful Saturday morning, I was sitting outside my house,reading a book by bobby udoh a must read for every Nigerian.
Ambiance of different activities filled the atmosphere " Akwai ruwa, siya yalo, siya aleho" in Hausa language, different voices kept calling at interval all trying to attract customers to patronize them.

Having been in katsina for four months already I was use to the daily routine so it didn't really affect my reading.

I was already lost in the reading of my book when I heard noise by my gate and my attention quickly turned to the gate. I covered my book and still sitting down, tried to focus my attention to the conversation going on outside my gate.

From where I was sitting I could see tiny legs under the gate they were holding brooms and contemplating if to knock or not.

I deliberately kept quite and listened keenly as the spoke in Hausa they were about five in number,three girls and two boys. In this part of the country, they are regarded to as "ALMAJIRI".

One of the the girls started sweeping then another joined her suddenly one of the boys yelled sharply! "Ku dena" which meant STOP "masu gidan arnaye ne" which meant THE OWNER OF THE HOUSE IS AN UNBELIEVER so they left.

I understood the motive behind their activity, which will require I show gratitude by either giving them money or food to eat but what I didn't understand was why they changed their mind about the exercise Could it be because I am an UNBELIEVER?
But of cus i am an UNBELIEVER because one am not Muslim two am in a community that a larger population is Muslim and I don't practice what the religion requires, so! What am I? Your guess is as good as mine.

Should I then take the religion for granted, God forbid because it is the believe of a fellow Nigerian like myself.

Our diversity makes us unique as we will always not agree and believe in the the same thing but like stars we must learn to accommodate and tolerate each others shine.

Parents what do you teach your children,what are the values you pass on to them believe me, if those innocent kids refused sweeping the entrance of my house because their parents taught them not to associate with an unbeliever then the parents are wrong.

If you are a pastor or an imam and you are teaching the people of God segregation,division and lack of respect for God's creation then you are wrong.

If you are a politician and you show nepotism and differences in the discharge of your constitutional duties, if you show favouritism based on religion,colour ,ethnicity and personal relationship you are WRONG!!!!

John Locke said " a child at birth is like a white plain paper". Whatever that child becomes is a result of what you write in him,the things you say to him, the believes and values you teach him.

Our future as Nigerians is not in the policies we make,structures we erect or the foreign relationships we create. Our future is in the deliberate efforts we make in ensuring that our children and the children yet unborn meet a world free of religious and ethnic differences, where a human life  is preserved and respected for the singular reason that he/she is Human and not because of His/her BELIEVES.

Like Dr king I have a dream that one day I  wouldn't need to specify my religion,state,tribe in any social or formal gathering or document. I am mafeng Madiba Musa and I am Nigerian is enough  introduction. God bless the Federal Republican of Nigeria and God bless you!!!

I am Mafeng Madiba Musa and progress begins with me.
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