Once again we have seen an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians, displace families from their homes, strip communities of their peaceful nature and unleash pain and sorrow in the land we love.

I believe that the basic principle of liberal existence should find universal acceptance. The grounding beliefs that mankind is born free and equal should anchor themselves in the mindsets of modern men and women, the young and old, the educated and less privileged. A true belief in the modern world, respectful of the traditions of thought that have formed our political, religious, social and ethnic peculiarities about universal freedom, equality and not only the claims of authority.

According to a recent write up by Jonathan Ishaku, (Sept. 16th, 2017), he said "Terrorism is based on the spread of fear. In fact, terrorists aim at spreading fear more than actual violence..."  This has been the operational sequence of the so-called "unknown gunmen" and "criminal herdsmen" who have gone beyond just cattle rearing and its related activities to fully blown massacre, manslaughter, looting and spread of fear in areas of low resistance and high vulnerability.

Dah Moses Gwom, a respected elder statesman, a vocal advocate of peace and its defence, a Former Head of Plateau State Civil Service, a father, grand father, husband and friend to my family was gunned down at his residence in Barkin Ladi along with others who met the same fate on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. I am still yet to listen to measures taken in that regard from the authorities concerned. As though that was not enough, without recovery from the shock,  the Ra'agbe community of Miango was later attacked on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017. Three days later with a spate of killings on defenceless citizens and this is without a tangible response from neither the Federal, State or LG levels asides the media tales of reassurance of the safety of lives and property only after the "call to eternal rest" of affected persons.

Let me quickly remind us about the "PRINCIPLE OF FAIRNESS" according to the writer and poet H.L.A Harrington.
He said "All who receive benefits from the cooperative efforts of others (electorates), may be required to shoulder the burden of contributing towards the maintenance of schemes that secures them, the state (authority) and the whole of their affairs.

This situation is really heartbreaking and every lover of peace must not only frown at this but condemn in totality the recent attacks on defenceless citizens whose only crime is to go about their daily activities peacefully as law abiding citizens.                           

While my message will always be that of peace, I must call on both the State and Federal Government to be more proactive in securing the lives of the people that have entrusted them with such responsibility. We shall "for now", assume that this isn't an expansionist strategy extending from our brethren in Southern Kaduna as the recently affected areas share slim boundaries with such neighboring territories.

Our true conscience shall NOT allow us tolerate a spread of fear and terrorism from any group or persons regardless of the prevailing evil desire.

My heart goes out to all families who have been affected by these attacks, the Family of Late Dah Moses Gwom, The other families affected from the same attack in Dorowa, B/Ladi LGA and the Ra'agbe Community of Miango, Bassa LGA, Plateau state and every lover of the Plateau at this very trying time.

Kindly be rest assured that we are with you at this moment of grief and sorrow and we share in your pain.

May God bless the land we love.