It was his first and most horrifying experience, yet full of lessons, Michael Stephens (not real name), a Plateau born businessman says narrating his ordeal in the hands of kidnappers.

He was returning from Lagos, Nigeria and was waylaid by the fierce looking gang of Fulani and Igbo kidnappers, along with 10 others at a police checkpoint in Ondo state.

The Police must have stopped them to make it easy for the guns wielding kidnappers to have their way, he said.

When people were running towards them for safety during the operation that started like armed robbery, Stephens said the police fled in a patrol van.

It could have been out of fear, he said.

But the kidnappers according to him were threatening to kill them if they didn't persuade their families to pay their demanded ransoms in time.

"They told us their AK47 rifles was hired at N250,000 each and they needed to pay those monies back," he said.

Soldiers had attempted rescuing them in the thick scary bush but before they arrived the spot they were being kept, Stephens recalled the kidnappers received a call that they should change location immediately.

According to the victim who has now been reunited with his family after paying a N1million ransom, the kidnappers were obviously uneducated but they seemed uncommonly intelligent in security matters.

"They changed location severally in one night, even using our own documents to cover their tracks.

"They must have been highly trained or affiliated with intelligence officers," he regretted.

Mr. Stephens however wishes the country's security would be overhauled.

His experience in the hands of the kidnappers has made him to lose confidence in the country's securities he said, but he still believes they have the capacity to deliver.