THE WAY FORWARD TO Peace and Conflict Resolution (Bassa LGA)

The attacks in bassa LGA Plateau stete is one which must be condemned by all ,we all must be agents of peace if we really care for our dear state.
Therefore Let's begin to talk about the way forward not the blame game.
First we must not allow emotions control our utterances the issue of Peace and conflict resolution is beyond those petty sentiments we share like our religion,tribe,political parties and those traditional views and perception we hold dearly to ourselves, because PEACE is everybody's business.

1. To resolve conflict both sides must cool off because nothing can be achieved when emotions are high,therefore deliberate efforts must be made by both conflicting sides and the third party to cool down the hot emotions,therefore we must encouraged the military, government, NGO,traditional rulers and the public to make  all the conflicting sides to cool off and hold on by any walk able means.

2. Talking about what is bordering all the factions and each taking responsibility,without the blame game.

3.All the sides must and should listen to each other.

4.Taking responsibility,all sides must take responsibility for there actions,because both parties have some degree of responsibility,the blame game must stop.

5.Brainstorming solutions and coming up with one that satisfies both parties,remember there are many solutions to a single problem, the key is willingness to seek compromises,during brainstorming your minds are open to different possibilities.

Forgiveness is the highest form of closure when it comes to conflict resolution, kind words give closure to the resolution of conflict,therefore forgiveness is important and key.

7.Both sides should thank each other and the third party.

We are one Plateau let Love and Peace reign.

Chol Badung Chuhwak