By Friday Bako

The cardinal mandate of government is protecting/securing of lives and property of the citizens as well as ensuring that their fundamental rights to life are not threatened or breached in anyway.

Every human being has the inherent right to life. This right shall be protected by law. No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his life . Everyone has the right to life , liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Despite the dusk to dawn curfew imposed on Bassa LGA by the government of Plateau State, Miango has been attack continuously by agents of violence and destruction.

I learnt another 6 persons were killed between yesterday's night to this morning yet no arrest of the killers has been made.

If our people and their property cannot be protected and secured then we are only economical with the truth by saying peace has been restored in Plateau State.

Where is the peace when Miango villages are constantly being attacked, people killed, women raped, property destroyed and communities being sacked?

Has peace been restored when Wereh Village Ropp District of Barkin Ladi was attacked, a prominent man who was Head of Service to Plateau State, a woman and a military personnel were killed in cold blood and no single arrest was made?

Has peace been attained when people in some communities in Bokkos LGA are constantly being harassed, killed and their lands taken over by attackers?

How has peace been achieved when the people of Riyom LGA cannot carryout their legitimate social, religious, political, economic and agricultural activities without being harassed, raped, molested, maimed and when their lands has been taken over by agents of destructions and violence?

Where is the peace when at anytime, people can be attacked and killed like chicken in the State Capital by those who dictates the peace of Plateau State?

Can we see that there are people in whose hands the peace of Plateau State resides and they can manipulate it at will? Are we so blind to see?

Where is the peace, when there is obvious injustices, no arrest of attackers and their prosecution?

How long are we going to enjoy cosmetic and political peace in Plateau State instead of the enduring, sustainable, durable and permanent peace?

We must collectively and shamefully answer the posers above?

If we continue like this, politicizing peace, then we may end up being consumed by violence in the State. No one may be spared when the timed bomb we are sitting on explodes.

We must display empathy to those who are being affected by the continuous violent attacks.

If such sensitive issues are not urgently addressed, then the State stands the risk of reoccurring monumental violent attacks.

Government must show its commitments to protecting and securing lives and property of its citizens and ensure that their fundamental human rights are protected in accordance to the laws. Government must also stop the lip service being given to sensitive security and peace issues while culprits are prosecuted accordingly.

Security personnel must be more professional and proactive both in security information gathering, countering attacks, arresting culprits and protecting our territorial integrity against external aggression and violence.

The people of Plateau State MUST unite to protect their land from agents of war.

My heart and prayers are with the Irigwe Nation, Bassa LGA, Barkin Ladi LGA and the entire State over the deliberate annihilation of the people.

Government at all levels must demonstrate their political wills, arrest and prosecute culprits to serve as deterrent to others.

Flashpoint communities must put in place active, able and strategic local vigilante groups to help in securing them from aggressions and attacks.

May God deliver us, heal our hearts, homes and lands.