As a Nigerian and concerned Plateau citizen I want to share this concern with you. 

I pray it opens our eyes to always talk and keep talking till we are heard from Abuja. I am deeply pained by what has been happening in our communities in Plateau State which has looked like it has come to stay despite all efforts made. I personally feel deeply pained that communities around Bokkos,Gwol BarkinLadi,Riyom,and Bassa among others have continuously come under attack which seems beyond the capacity of our security agencies. I am focusing on the security agencies because by law, they are the only ones who by law are allowed to carry arms for the protection of lives and property. What happened in Wereh, and the seemingly unstoppable ones carried out daily on the Irigwe communities calls for great concern considering the fact that our security agencies have not been able to make one arrest or even prevent them. For instance what is the distance between an STF checkpoint and where 3 persons were killed including a security personnel? What is the distance between miango and the Rukuba Barracks? I feel this alone should scare the murderers ordinarily and even that we have an STF that is covering Plateau and some communities in kaduna state.Or did they withdraw their men from the Other communities after the senseless Ancha killings? I thought we had the best security forces in Nigeria that was why we received several laurels and commendations for our peace keeping efforts in so many African countries and beyond. I thought we had the best tactics to address security challenges and nip in the bud like we have done elsewhere. I am tempted to think all these are not true that is why we have not been able to contain the rampaging Boko Haram,pipeline vandalism, kidnapping and other forms of criminality in our country.LISTEN TO ME MY PEOPLE. i vividly remember I raised my concerns when the immediate past STF Commander, General Roggers was just transferred barely two weeks after he invited community, religious, media,and other youth groups as well as associations to a crucial meeting at the STF Headquarters were he read the riot act on emerging security challenges emerging. In my opinion I thought a winning team should have been maintained as we saw him doing well at that time. Bringing a new person requires him almost starting somehow afresh even though he might have some handover notes but this are security issues and he must be sure what is on paper is truely what is on ground. Certainly he will ask where is miango? Where is Killing, where is jebbu Bass's, what is Sara Suka  and many more. I am not questioning their noses operandi but I am of the view that it should also have been considered. Are you not concerned that at that period, the Commissioner Of Police was also transferred under some questionable  circumstances?


All members of the National  Assembly from Plateau State, I would love to see you meet.

All of you I mean without exception and address a world press conference and tell the whole world this is a deliberate and we'll calculated act on our people.

No one of you should stay out for any reason. You must talk sincerely and go to the Presidency if possible or the Defense Headquarters and Office of the IG.

Tell them the people are becoming inpatient as nothing seems to be seen going on to protect lives here. Let the Minister representing plateau join them.

Let the State Assembly for the first time go beyond sitting down and condemn alone but invite the Commissioner Of Police and STF Commander to answer some questions bothering on alleged conspiracy among others.

Let people talk and talk and talk plz. We must be heard. Niger belongs to all of us and plateau is that which has been given  to us.Our hearts are with the Irigwe and Plateau People.

Kenzy Ngupar, Jos