We have been reliably informed that National Association of Nigerian Students NANS, is colluding with some elements connected to NNPC GMD to call for Ibe Kachiku's sack through a protest and coordinated campaign of calumny especially on social media,  because of the contents of the leaked memo to his substantive Minister and President.

Those engaging in this show of shame should know that all their plans are already known. Your sinister moves will be exposed to the world soonest.  In a saner clime, a robust reply to the allegations would have been in circulation or enquiries directed to the GMD NNPC to respond, rather, clandestine moves are been employed to bring down the memo writer and make him look like the vallain. This is one of the major reasons why technocrats and those who have cut their teeth in the corporate world  abhor public office in Nigeria.

One would have an expected a Student’s body like NANS to get to the root of the matter as these issues directly affect their future. We are talking about major contracts awarded but never reviewed or discussed with the Minister or the board of NNPC.

The NANS of yore would have wanted the duo in the present debacle to tell Nigerians what they know about;

1.The crude Term contracts- valued at over $10bn

2. The DSDP contracts – valued at over $5bn

3.The AKK pipeline contract- valued approximately $3bn

4. The various financing allocation funding contracts with the NOCs- valued at over $3bn, and other various NPDC production service contracts- value at over $3bn-$4bn

5. And non compliance with the Nations procurement laws.

They would have even stormed the National Assembly with a petition requesting NASS to conduct open investigations into allegations of humongous amount of contracts awarded without board approval. Sadly the NANS of today is busy planning a protest to ask for Kachikwu  sack citing totally frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations while ignoring clear cases of flagrant abuse of Due process, and total disrespect of laws of the land, which have far reaching consequences on the future of the Nation.

On a personal note, it is pathetic that comrades who should have rallied round one of their own, Prince Harrison Ehimiyen,   Kachikwu aide , a former SUG President and someone who has contributed immensely to strengthening the body, even  producing the President then, former  Senate Majority leader of the body  and someone who helped broker peace between the immediate past leadership of NANS and the FG when fuel price was increased,  and couple with his  selfless and   goodwill contribution to empowering several comrades, including the  late Ex- President, who unfortunately died of ill health recently. 

One would have expected NANS that should be grieving to be more concerned about revitalizing Nigeria’s Health sector, being the latest victim of poor health care, however, the reverse is the case. Pecuniary gains seem to take preeminence. 

Suffice to say that Prince has an open door policy and always ready to give clarifications with facts where necessary, rather these comrade decided to choose the inglorious path of lies and blackmail for personal aggrandizement.

I hope comrade of conscience will rein in, on those planning such unwarranted protest to put it aside and follow the honourable path expected of a supposedly intellectual body like NANS, by demanding for a comprehensive investigation into the issues raised in the memo.
Aluta continua


Advocates for Due Process in Nigeria