Despite last week's return of soldiers in Jol, Riyom LGA following an attack on travellers in the Plateau village by suspected Fulani, there appears to be increased fear of insecurity among the villagers.

The soldiers were withdrawn on 18th October, 2017 amid increased threats of attacks.

This followed a protest by some youths in the community, objecting a curfew imposed by the STF.

The protest followed increased attacks in the LGA's neighbors - Bassa LGA where similar curfews were imposed by civil authorities.

Shortly before and after the Jol curfew, there were reported attacks on the locals with at least four deaths.

The Berom Youth Moulders Association had earlier alarmed that the withdrawal of the soldiers was an invitation to anarchy.

The soldiers were restored last week after an attack on travellers but the villagers suspect their withdrawal was a conspiracy to enable the killer Fulani herdsmen have a free operation in the area.

The villagers according to sourced therefore fear a repeat of that development.

Therefore, they are more at ease relating with Mobile Policemen and the State's security agents - Operation Rainbow working with the soldiers.

The STF had however intervened during an armed attack in Tanjol village  near Jol where they repelled the attackers and took the victims to hospital for treatment.

Such swift responses and military-civil relations if sustained analysts say build trust for the soldiers during any peacekeeping operation.