Being a renowned artiste for over 20 years, Alfred Mashat Makut otherwise known as Seemo D Black C-zar has attained international recognition over the years.

He recently announced his desire to join politics, a decision that stunned many.

Makut had in 2014 released a hit single, "New Nigeria" in which he slammed the political gladiators in the country for failing to make the system work.

He in that song highlighted areas of priority that should be given attention by government, while challenging the electorates to stand up for their rights.

What is he therefore coming to do differently having been a popular critic of government?

Makut recently released what he termed VALUE PROPOSITIONS for MANDAR WARD where he aims to be Councillor.

The propositions captured under his "7 Cardinal points of Representation (AHILECT)" are as follows

1.A-griculture – to open locals up to opportunities made available by Agricultural loan scheme, partnerships and investments with NGO’s that provide improved seedlings and provide a ready market for off-takers, and to educate the farmers in local dialect on the opportunities in setting up co-operative societies in accessing the bank of industry and Agriculture support to farmers to make them move from subsistence farming to mechanized farming.

To seek partnership and sponsorships from NGO’S and good spirited multi-nationals, groups and individuals in the creation of artificial dams, boreholes and expansion of water channels to aid dry season farming that is profitable.

2.L-ocal policing and Security- I intend to formulate a law, with the support of other councillors for the Local Council that seeks to create jobs to the locals especially youths that are drop outs to engage them in vigilante services where they will be in charge of farm lands and communities to checkmate the incessant cases of animals treading on farms and eating up crops and border crimes and banditry will be minimized by enforcing a stipulated fee for deterrents.

3.I-nformation Technology- The world is a global village and we cannot leave Mandar behind, with ICT partners, I intend to negotiate and at the least cost generate ICT centres in Major centres around the ward to focus mostly in training the secondary School students and tertiary institutions. And these centres will serves as business centres to generate revenue and employment of locals

4.H-ealth-care delivery – Health is wealth and an agrarian society like Mandar need to be agile to be productive. We intend to make laws that will make health care affordable and accessible. We will partner with Health organisations, churches, Mosques, associations, advocacy groups and foundations that engage in free medical services to make the platform easy for them to come to Mandar land and treat the locals and maximize the National health Insurance scheme to our farmers to make healthcare affordable.

5.E-ducation – The education of Mandar cannot be compromised for whatsoever reasons, we intend to upgrade existing schools by giving the schools a facelift in terms of acquisition of text books as we intend to partner with (books2Africa) a United kingdom company that supplies books to Africa at a low cost, we intend to work in unison with the local

Government in getting qualified Teachers for our pupils, we intend to create and encourage schools debate and challenge between primary and secondary school and to award scholarships to deserving students and to off-set WAEC fees of brilliant but less privileged students in Mandar.

6.C-ulture and Entertainment - The pride and heritage of the Mandar man is his culture, I intend to declare a state of emergency on our culture as it is fast going extinct. We will enforce that it is passed as a mandatory law that each year we will observe Mandar day where all sons and daughters of Mandar will be proud to come back home, and we intend to produce a well scripted and rich documentary/film on the history of Mandar and its people and an Instructional television where we will teach the young generation of Mandar people Alphabets and meaning of words in Ron dialect to both the locals and Mandar in diaspora. We intend to produce a full musical album in Ron dialect with videos and translation in a bid to preserve and promote our culture. Entertainment is key as we intend setting up Audiovisual studios to train and produce the talented works of Mandar Youths and community.

7.T-rade and Investment – we intend to educate and sensitize our youths, women and children and lobby to empower them in small and medium enterprises to enable them make a living. Skills acquisition trainings will be sought and brought to them at little or no cost and empowerment in forms of grants, hire purchase etc. will be made available on completion of the scheme e.g. tailoring and sewing machines, weaving and barbing, catering and beads making,transport business etc.