Plateau: Again Fulani Face Valiant Locals After Brutalizing Farmer in B/Ladi

Police are said to be investigating a case of assault on a dry season farmer in a Plateau village, Central Nigeria.

The victim identified as John Danladi was reportedly lynched by a group of herders while working in his farm in Rakung village, in Ropp District of Barkin Ladi LGA.

Danladi was said to have been assaulted after attempting to protest against an alleged trespass on his farm by the herders.

The herders armed with machetes and sticks reportedly beat him to coma and fled before the villagers arrived.
Mr. Danladi according to sources was however able to identify one of the suspects after being resuscitated.
The suspect was therefore traced and captured by the villagers who later handed him to the police.
Vigilante officials have confirmed the incident but police were still being contacted as at the time of filing this report.
A similar case was reported on Tuesday in Riyom on this platform where Fulani herders allegedly attacked a farmer in his farm and ended up being nabbed by villagers.

Three Killed in Adamawa by Fulani

Meanwhile three people were reported to have been killed and one other seriously wounded  by killer herdsmen in Dashen,  a chamber settlement in Jada local government of Adamawa State following a disagreement between the farmers and the Fulani herdsmen who drove their cattle into the farms of the victims to eat up their farm produce.

The victims reports say were shot and killed on the spot while the fourth victim narrowly escaped with bullet wounds to inform the community who went after them but could not catch up with the Killer Herdsmen.

The incident was said to have raised tension in the area as youths were said to be threatening a showdown in retaliation.

The attack in chamba community followed reported incidences of Fulani attacks on farmers in Shafuron, kodomti of Numan local government which allegedly triggered deadly reprisals.

Solomon Dalyop contributed to this story

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Insecurity: Rep ID Gyang Leads Talks with South African Parliament

Africa's leading economies - Nigeria and South Africa might be building stronger bonds towards fighting insecurity following recent interparliamentary talks between the two nations.

The two African giants recently met to review security challenges confronting the two nations and the role of parliaments in crafting applicable legislation to enable the respective governments effectively tackle same.

The Inter-Parliamentary Committee Peer-Review which held in Cape Town, South Africa last week from Monday 20th to Friday 24th November, 2017 assessed parliamentary workings and mandates in prioritizing national and regional security through proactive legislation.

The meeting with the Nigerian House of Reps Committee on National Security and Intelligence which was led by member representing Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in Central Nigeria's Plateau State, Hon. Istifanus Gyang opened doors for stronger and broader bilateral ties, a National Assembly statement says.

Lying Buhari Crashing Nigeria :| by Jonathan Agiye

By Comr Jonathan Agiye Ukpen

No administration can nor should be comfortable with excruciating pain of debilitating and crushing economy.

Businesses are closing, jobs are being lost and people are suffering. I know that President Buhari has always expressed concern for the plight of the common people but that concern must be translated to workable and result-oriented socio-economic policy and programme that will turn the economy round at the shortest time possible.

We cannot continue to do the same thing and expect things to change. That will be a miracle which normally doesn’t happen in normal national economies.

We have people inside and outside who can be brought together to help device the right economic policy and programme to get us out of the pit before we fall over the precipice into a dark cave.

Economy requires a great element of trust to get it out of the doldrums let alone out of negativity. That trust and confidence has to be created.

On the issue of corruption, there is always need or institution reform to go along with recovery to make gains from fight against corruption last.

Such reforms may have to be strengthened by legislation like the military procurement, But where the guard is the thief like we have seen in recent times, it makes things difficult, if not impossible.

All in all, everybody must be held accountable. There should be no sacred cow or witch-hunting or untenable excuses to let the camel through the needle eye.

Those who must be made accountable must be made accountable with stick and carrot. However, I remain optimistic even though the grounds for optimism keep shrinking.

Or, how do you explain having to go into any debate at all whether or not a judge found corrupt should be properly and lawfully dealt with or not?

Worse still, how do you explain the situation where people are shamelessly protesting in favour of a person being arraigned in court for corruption offences?

Whether those protesters are put to it or they put themselves to it, it is the greatest disservice to the Nation. It is shamefully disgraceful for both the culprit and the protesters.

And it is an indication of how much our values have been debased. We cannot be a strong, great and respected nation in the world without political stability and cohesion, strong economy, robust and enduring values.

The Media should be more discerning, sensitive and responsible in reporting and commenting on corruption issues.

We should realise that the entrenched interests, internally and externally, in corruption, will not go away.

We need to discover and find permanent solution, otherwise some will bend, others will lie low while some others will be dormant; but all of them will spring up later and move on with vengeance as if nothing had happened.

That has been our experience in the past. We must put an end to that. Part of sustenance of fight against corruption will be moral rearmament and resurgence of core values of integrity, honesty, fairness, justice, hard work and sense of shame, not impunity and indignity.

We must think and act out of the box to put the monster of corruption and impunity behind us permanently.

For some unclear reasons, the government at the centre has not been able (lack of willingness) to present to the Nation the true position of our economy and our finances.

For instance, how much did we receive from major revenue earning and collecting points – petroleum and gas, FIRS, maritime, aviation, VAT, etc. And how much should we have received.

If there was any discrepancy, why, how and how much? How was the receipt distributed and how was the Federal allocation spent? Such a clear picture will let Nigerians and their friends know where we are.

Africa In The Eye of a Storm: It’s Time for a Better Future – By Satmak Dapar

Entangled by chains for donkey years, can Africa still get any better? What manner of hope remains for Africa?

Who is that one person or group of people that can summon the greatest courage in history to liberate the future of Africa?

If Africa’s future is liberated today, what next? One of the things I’m proud of, is being an African. I have no single regret or mixed feelings about that.

On the continent, I was born and bred. When I die at the right time after fulfilling my purpose in life, I’ll still be committed to mother earth and covered with the African soil. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Now, the thrust of this article is not to heap questions on questions that have remained unanswered from time immemorial. It has dual motives.

The first is to critically examine why the problems of Africa are persisting despite unending search for solutions and the second of course is to make a clarion call to the youths to seize this moment of promise and make the change we all yearn for.

This article is an offshoot of a meeting I had with one of Africa’s most passionate and brilliant agents of change Amb. Finan Sabrina Petros from Eritrea. The focal point of the meeting on the 25th November 2017 which lasted for about an hour was on the way forward in the light of the complex problems confronting Africa.

I listened with profound interest to Amb. Finan as she shared her experiences, viewpoints, ideas and thoughts on what can be done by youths on an African-wide basis.

It was particularly interesting and amazing. Here is a lady who is ultimately living her dream as a humanitarian having had the privilege and honor of working to add value to the lives of orphaned children and young vulnerable girls in rural Eritrea.

Her work was done in partnership with International organizations like the UNICEF. This proves a point that somebody somewhere is responding to the ultimate call of God that “Whoever is generous to the poor, lends to the Lord and he will repay him for his deeds”. It is my belief that working with Amb. Finan in the world of philanthropy sooner or later could be the major hope that the paradigm could shift.

The Birth of “Renewed Vision for Africa (RVA)”

My mind has always been troubled not because God has forsaken Africa, obviously not. God is very much interested in African affairs and its future.

The good news is that he freely gave us boundless human and material resources we can harness and maximize for our greatest possible good.

Unfortunately, these resources are plundered, our capacity is weakened, our people are dying namelessly each and every day to diseases, outbreak of bloody wars and chronic poverty, young kids growing up in rural Africa are uncertain of their futures because the ray of hope they could have seen by now has been broken by forces of retrogression.

It is regrettable to note that the situation is getting messier each and every day. I’ve had the privilege of working as a humanitarian in rural Plateau state Nigeria under the auspices of DAPAR AID.

My team mates and I saw first-hand how extreme poverty is ravaging rural dwellers and the poor response of government. The passion to work is incredible. Finan Petros and I can’t afford to bury it.

This is a task that must be done for the sake of conscience and posterity. We are willing to pay the heaviest price and sow seeds that we can reap tomorrow for the betterment of Africa through the “Renewed Vision for Africa” as a platform.

Our work would cut across the entire African continent as God provides the resources and the difference would be made. This is a clarion call to the youths to share our visions, key into the idea and quite interestingly, together we can make the change possible. We have more than a thousand reasons to do it and we must remember the words of Frantz Fanon which says that “each generation must out of relative obscurity discover its mission, either to betray it or fulfill it.”

What would you like to remembered for? Why can’t we bury our wild pleasures, unnecessary ventures and make sacrifices to save Africa? It’s truly time for a better future. Let’s build the wings and fly together. There we go.

Dapar Satmak Alexander is currently studying Communication and Media Studies (Master’s Degree) at Cyprus International University. He can be reached via +905488204483 or

Plateau: Brave Locals Battle Fulani Attackers, Rescue 28yr Old Victim

By Dalyop Solomon, Jos

A group of armed Fulani herdsmen yesterday allegedly attacked a 28 year old indigene of Bangai village in Plateau's Bachi district, Riyom LGA, while working on his farm.

Sources say the assailants among whom were known herders from the community identified as Sule Isiaku and Usman Likita attacked the farmer in his Shonong village corn farm while harvesting.

It was not clear what transpired before the attack, but eyewitnesses say the herders might have been hiding among the corn stocks before the incident.

The victim, Jonathan Luka, now receiving treatment was said to have been rescued by a group of locals after his wife and aged mother who were working in another farm close to his raised alarm.

One of the attackers was said to have been nabbed and handed over to the Special Task Force who eventually forwarded the case to the Police.

Authorities of the Riyom LGA Police Division have confirmed the incident but have not released details.

As at the time of filing this report, the Police Public Relations Officer, Plateau State Command was yet to respond to an enquiry sent to him on the incident.

The President of the Berom Youth Moulders-Association, Choji Dalyop however expressed regret at the growing insecurity in the locality.

He however called for more vigilance by the locals.

El-Rufai Tirade Against Alh. Atiku Abubakar: An Obsession Taken Too Far :|By Rt. Hon. George Edwards Daika.*


*By Rt. Hon. George Edwards Daika.*

El Rufai  may have been a good surveyor but when it comes to politics, whoever takes his word serious does so at his own peril.

Obasanjo’s opinion on El-Rufai is contained in the volume 2 of his book, “My Watch”.

According to him, “El Rufai has penchant for lying, for unfair embellishment of stories and inability to sustain loyalty for long. Obasanjo added,  he is a malicious liar; a pathological purveyor of untruths and half-truths with little or no regard for integrity.

The fact that Kaduna people could vote someone of such stinking reputation in character and integrity whose boss of 8 years opinion is so indicting as their Governor is a sad reflection of the type of leaders sometimes elected in Nigeria.

Over the years,  El Rufai has become notorious for attacking the personality of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar despite the fact that El Rufai is where he is politically today due to the influence of the former who was once his benefactor until he switched loyalty which has always been typical of him.

It was Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who recommended El Rufai  for  the position of  Director General of the Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE).  It was the same Atiku who ensured El Rufai was cleared to become a Minister by the Nigerian Senate when they refused to clear him owing to the fact that his character made him unfit to be a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a fact which later became true owing to his penchant for disregarding due process and the courts during his time as Minister of the FCT.

It is on record that no leader alive in Nigeria today has been a subject of orchestrated attempts to portray him as corrupt like Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. All efforts using the EFCC,  ICPC,  and DSS to rope him in as corrupt has been fruitless.

Last year El Rufai made a spurious allegation that Atiku was avoiding a visit to the US because he might be charged with a case of money laundering, but the United States Department of Justice denied having any record that indicates that Atiku has a pending lawsuit in the US.

How many of Nigerian leaders can withstand such scrutiny by the anti corruption agencies in Nigeria and come out clean as in the case of Atiku?

How many of them can be given such clean bill of not been corrupt by the United States Department of Justice?

El Rufai opinion on the resignation of Alhaji Atiku from the APC  wherein he stated that "As long as President Muhammadu Buhari is in politics I do not see any Nigerian from the northern part of the country that will be able to match him in popularity" should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The comment itself portrays El Rufai as a sectional leader with no nationalistic spirit in the mould of Atiku. If not how on earth can a leader reduce the position of the President of Nigeria to that of a popularity contest in the North?

Yes,  Buhari may have had cult fellowership in the North but his disastrous and abysmal performance has pummeled his followership. If El Rufai and his fellow co-travellers in the sinking APC are still in dreamland that what happened in 2015 in the North is what will repeat itself in 2019, then they are in for a shocker as not only will Buhari nose dived rating cost him the Presidency should he seek to recontest but it will lead to the defeat of political light weights like El Rufai who rode on the SAK mantra to become Governor.

El Rufai obsession with Atiku is as a result of the towering democratic credentials of Atiku which no politician from 1999 to present can boast of and which he is so envious of. It was Atiku who led the fight against the third term ambition of then President Olusegun Obasanjo. Where was the voice of the likes of El Rufai and Buhari then?  

Saying Atiku is a serial defector is an uncharitable word to use on someone who was once a Vice President of this country. It is also an attempt to digress from the issues Atiku raised in his resignation letter to the APC which borders on the memo El Rufai himself wrote to the President, impunity in the party and the undemocratic credentials of the current Government with the party leadership showing indifference while Nigeria is gradually been turned into a totalitarian State.

Moreover, who is a saint? Is it the El -Rufai who has criss crossed from the PDP to CPC and  now, the APC?  Or is it Buhari who decamped from the ANPP to CPC and to the APC?

While in Atiku case,  it has always been about lack of internal democracy and impunity, that of Buhari and El Rufai has been on the contrary.

To many of us,  it is a sign of relief that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has left the conglomerate of conservatives and anti-democratic elements who have eroded the gains of the past.

We call on Alhaji Atiku Abubakar to re-join the PDP which he is a founder member so we can collectively work together towards changing the sad narrative of our country since the APC came to power.

As for El Rufai,  Time betrays and hangs the thief.

*Rt. Hon. George Edwards Daika is  a Former Speaker of Plateau State House of Assembly.*

Aside Killing of Gadaffi, Coming of Buhari is the Greatest Calamity in Africa in 20 years - Femi Fani-Kayode

"Strife, terror, chaos, war, division, poverty, radical Islam and the buying and selling of African slaves are alive and well in Libya.

I hope those in the west that orchestrated the removal and murder of Ghadaffi and those in Africa that supported them are pleased with themselves.

The truth is that the greatest calamity that has befallen Africa in the last 20 years was the murder of Muammar Ghadaffi in Libya.

The second was the coming to power of Muhammadu Buhari in Nigeria.

The full implications of these two tragic, monumental and cataclysmic events are yet to be seen"- FFK.

How Vigilante gunned down two armed robbers along Bokkos - B/Ladi road

Men of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN) in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State have confirmed carrying out the operation that led to Friday's gunning down of some armed robbers along Bokkos - Barkin Ladi road.

Contrary to claims by Police that they effected the operation, the VGN officials say efforts to get police backup during the operation failed.

"We called even after gunning down one and wounding others, but no policeman came.

"We had to carry the corpse of the deceased to the Police Station by dawn the following day," a VGN official (name withheld) said.

According to him, the robbers mounted roadblocks at about 7pm near Lukfai village while they (VGN) were on surveillance patrol.

He said, "we were on patrol on motorcycle and from a distance we saw them mounting roadblocks and we had to park and take cover.

"They had more sophisticated weapons than us and we had to be careful.

"By the time we managed to get close to them where we could take clean shots, they had started operation and we feared hitting the wrong targets.

"We therefore had to pause a while, hiding in the shrubs because the moon was bright and we knew they could see us."

According to the VGN officer, they stroke when the robbers had made all their victims lie down.

"They made them all lie down and we saw chances for clean shots before we stroke," he said.

The first target he revealed was about raping one of the female victims when he was shot.

He said, "after collecting money and other valuables, he made a woman among those robbed lie down and had eben stripped her.

'He was about laying on her when we fired."

The robbers he revealed had attempted moving the body of the one shot while firing back but were overpowered.

"They fired and we fired and they dropped him and fled.

"The following day we heard another corpse was sighted somewhere in the bushes.

"By the time we got there, it appeared he had been taken away.

"We only saw blood and shoes at the scene," he said.

The VGN official however regretted that their operations are being hindered by shortage of equipment.

"We only use Dane guns and also use our personal motorcycles for patrol.

"If government would assist to properly equip us, I believe we can handle any security challenge here."

The Bokkos-B/Ladi road has been a deathtrap for long due to persistent robbery and suspected Fulani attacks.

The incidences subsided in 2014 when men of the Operation Safe Haven gunned down seven suspected robbers.

The attacks however resumed in 2015, for reasons the VGN links to youth restiveness.

JUTH, Plateau Government Disagree Over Electricity Bills

The Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH) and the Plateau State government have blamed each other for the current state of the temporary site of the hospital otherwise known as Old JUTH.

The two were contacted on the inability of the facility to pay electricity bills for months, leading to the Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDCO) disconnecting electricity supply therein.

According to the JUTH Public Relations Officer, Haruna Zubairu, the facility which was given to it by the Plateau government was vacated by it on completion of the JUTH permanent site.

Thus, maintenance of the facility including utility bills are not the hospital's responsibility, he said.

The Plateau State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Kamshak Kuden however said the facility was not taken over by the state government despite the movement of the hospital to its permanent site.

He said the hospital was allowed by the government to still use the structures for its postgraduate nursing programmes as well as psychiatric and outpatient healthcare services.

The building was disconnected from electricity supply about four weeks ago due to accumulated bills running into millions, it was learnt.

Lack of power supply in the building therefore obstructed medical services and studies for the training institutions operating within, it was also learnt.

The most affected of the institutions was however the State owned School of Nursing Vom which uses one of the structures as hostel accommodation.

Some of the students interviewed said the lack of power supply affected water supply to the hostels as the water pumps within the structure are motorized.

They also disclosed that late evening studies were halted by the blackout.

The Federal School of Medical Lab Science and the Schools of Post-Basic Nursing owned by JUTH also operating within the buildings mostly only run classes which are hardly affected by power supply.

Students of the School of Nursing Vom were however said to have protested against JEDCO on the evening of Friday, November 24, 2017 leading to the company reconnecting the building.

They were however said to have planned a protest against those concerned with the bills payments for Monday 27th November, 2017.

No official has however responded to the development.

Plateau Red Cross Elects New Exco

The Nigerian Red Cross Society, Plateau State branch is set to elect new officials to pilot its affairs for the next four years.

The polls which are expected to fill the twelve Governance Positions in the society follow the expiration of tenure of the last exco.

Delegates from the 15 Divisions of the body across the state are therefore gathered at the organization's head office at Bauchi Ring Road, Jos for the exercise.

Plateau: Police Battle Notorious Robbery Gang Along Bokkos-Ladi Road, Kill One

By Dorcas Binchak, Bokkos

Police authorities have confirmed the killing of a member of a notorious robbery gang along Barkin Ladi-Bokkos road, Plateau State.

The gang according to the authorities was engaged in a gun battle between 9pm and 10pm on Friday.

Men of the Police Force from the Barkin Ladi Division, acting on a tip off were said to have been drafted to the robbery scene near NTV, after many including a top NNPC staff were robbed.

The Plateau State Police Public Relations Officer, Matthias Terna told MKB that other members of the gang escaped during the duel but assured  they are being tracked.

The gang is believed to be responsible for series of robbery attacks along the road lately, thus making it one of the most dreaded roads to travel on by night.


About two weeks ago, Plateau citizens got wind of the President's planned visit to the State for the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies' graduation ceremony of Senior Executive Course (SEC) 39, scheduled for Saturday, 25th November, 2017. This information generated many reactions. Those responsible for infrastructural projects that were hitherto asleep became fire fighters overnight. The snail-paced Secretariat junction-Mararaban Jama'a road project assumed a cheetah-movement pace. Also, it was a subject of debate for political pundits in the State, in the conventional and social media platforms.

While the reactions continued, I reflected on the crude and deceitful form of politics practised in the Third World. The Third World is bedevilled with politics of deceit, 
greed, hypocrisy and insincerity.

Again, I recalled the memory of "The Government Inspector", a Russian play I read in secondary school. The Government Inspector is a satirical play by the Russian and Ukrainian dramatist and novelist, Nikolai Gogol. Published in 1836, the play is a comedy of errors, satirizing human greed, stupidity and the extensive political corruption of imperial Russia. In the play, the corrupt officials of a small Russian town headed by the Mayor reacted with fear to the news that an unknown Inspector will soon be arriving in their town to investigate them. Thus, they resorted to series of flurry activities to coverup their considerable misdeeds.

Expecting to receive Mr President on the Plateau in a day's time, a statement  was released from the Director of Press  and Public Affairs to the Governor, Mr Emmanuel Nanle read "It is however unfortunate that some pressing national and international exigencies of the Office of Mr President have necessitated a cancellation of the visit, and this is deeply regretted..."

From this saga, there are a number of takeaways.
Key amongst the robust discourse on the social media discourse was the issue of holding a town hall meeting with the President, where Plateau people would pour their concerns to Mr President pertaining the security hitches witnessed in the state. Lofty as this idea seems, I share a contrary view. To me, it shows how unprepared Plateau citizens are to finding a concrete solution to this notorious challenge.

So what happens if the President fails to visit Plateau till his tenure ends? Does it mean we would not explore avenues to ensure our voice is heard? A high-powered delegation comprising of the State Traditional Council, religious leaders and illustrious sons and daughters of the State should have since been sent to go present our case to the President in Abuja in the wake of the attacks, rather than aimlessly waiting for his  unpredictable visit.

The President being a herder has since been aware of the happenings in the state and the peculiar interest his kinsmen have in Plateau. Thus, Plateau natives who are mostly farmers should beat down their expectations on the President in terms of finding a solution that would benefit the farmers and be to the detriment of his kinsmen. I would rather suggest that we think out of the box and find a way of defending ourselves from external aggression as other states have done through legislation.

Another monumental gain of this drama is the fact that a morality test has been posed to the state government, whether or not the projects would continue in the same pace and momentum as they were in the period Plateau was expecting the President.

And for the average populace, the nostalgia, wish and prayer is that such a drama should be staged more often cos they are the better for it. At least,   abandoned projects would be speedily completed.

Malau Sylvanus
Journalist and Commentator reached via,


In our preparation to take over Nigeria in 2019, we need capable hands to lead our great party, PDP. And for continuity, we need to inject young people into the NWC of PDP. It's time for the youths to start taking over.

Hon Helen Adebakin Taiwo vying for the position PDP Deputy National Woman Leader is a young fulfilled entrepreneur with wealth of political experience. Still in her early 30s, she has built schools in three States of Nigeria.

We need you onboard this campaign train that will produce the youngest member of the NWC of PDP as our next Deputy National Woman Leader.

Won't you rather be part of history?
Won't you join us to write your name in gold?

To be part of the campaign train, contact the Campaign National Secretariat directly through the following numbers:
08036576123 (WhatsApp)

Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
DG, Hon Helen Adebakin Campaign Organization (HACO)

Nigerian Pastor Gives Cash Support, Others to Young Female Political Aspirant

A young Nigerian Pastor, Rev. Olorunmagba Emmanuel has announced a cash donation of N100,000 to a young female PDP Exco aspirant.

Rev. Emmanuel announced the donation in a social media post, Thursday where he disclosed that his wife has also promised to fund the production of banners to be used for campaigns.

He therefore asked the aspirant who is seeking to be the PDP's deputy women leader, Hon. Helen Taiwo Adebakin to avail her bank details for the donations.

Rev. Emmanuel, the President of the Total   Mission believes politics is "seeking for a platform to serve people through proper governance."

He has equally been vocal on the need for youth participation in politics.


Hon Helen Taiwo Adebakin in her early 30s is a young achiever whose passion for excellence has made her to greatly excel above her equals from a very young age.

She attended Oluwole Christ the King Schools, Ejigbo, Lagos State. And later proceeded to Effort Will Academy for her O'Level Certificate. Before obtaining her degree from University of Lagos and later proceeded to Ecole Privee Ecole to study French language.

This successful entrepreneur is the proprietress of the 10 years old Helextimi Int'l Group of Schools with over 200 employees. The school that exits on permanent sites in three states of Nigeria, namely Oyo State, Ogun State and Lagos State.

Her political experience include, Coordinator for Women for Alhaji Ibrahim Shekarau Presidential Campaign in 2011. A two time Member of PDP Congress in Osun State. Member Ward Congress conducted in Ogun State. She also served as a member in Lagos Federal Rep Bye Election. And had served PDP at various committee levels including the last Non-Elective Convention where she served in the Protocol and Security Committee.

With the political terrain in Nigeria, PDP needs to trail the blaze as a political party that fuses young brains into her National Working Committee.

If truly the #NotTooYoungToLead must be a reality in PDP, then there is no better time to integrate young minds into the core administrative set up of our great party than now.

On this note we present to you, the youngest aspirant for PDP National Working Committee (NWC) as our next Deputy National Woman Leader.

And we solicit the unalloyed supports of all PDP members to make this a reality. Come onboard the campaign train, there is enough room for all supporters.

Rev. Emmanuel Olorunmagba,
DG, Hon Helen Adebakin Campaign Organization (HACO).

Revolution signs as Plateau APC LG Primaries disfavour women

There are signs that women in Plateau State might not continue to watch men hold control over the political affairs of the state.

With the recent Local Government Chairmanship Primary elections of the All Progressives Party (APC) which favoured only men, some of the women have began speaking out.

One of the female Chairmanship aspirants who lost at the Primaries bid under the APC, Mrs. Edwina Mang described the loss of all female Chairmanship aspirants in the party as unfortunate.

She said each of the female candidates in the party's LG chairmanship bid "struggled hard, putting in extra and extraordinary effort."

She however regretted that "the male (counterparts) casted political ceiling proofed too strong to crack."

She said, "For me Bigmama (her nickname), coming as a woman, widow and from a wickedly marginalized community, many thought it was an impossible mission to contest the chair of the LGC, more so that the previous two female chairs were supported by sitting governors; Mrs. Dang by Governor Dariye and Mrs. Pio, by Governor Jang. With nor godfather, we made every effort to win, but the godfather and ethnic dominated politics of Riyom proved invincible.

"If it were integrity, character, capability, experience and vision, I would have come tops, but the heavy manipulation of the poverty of our people, the corrupt and mafia like political terrain made ethical and morally bound candidacy impossible."

According to Mang, the situation suggests "There is still a lot to be done for political gender equity."

She however charged the women who lost in the Primaries to "stay strong and remain committed to politics."

Mrs. Mang who aspired for the Chairmanship of Riyom LGA called the women to see politics as a "selfless service" to their people and not the "dirty scheming of those who have failed in other sectors and see public service as box of gold to be stolen from."

She however appreciated wife of the State Governor, Regina Lalong for her support, saying "this is the beginning of the struggle for the soul of the politics in Riyom."

She added, "We have learned our lessons and strengthened our resolve and experience.

"This is more so that Riyom, despite the fact that it was created 21 years, has no infrastructural and social development, the LGC Secretariat has no name, no flag even of the Federal Republic, is overgrown with grass and a comfort bed for snakes and its political fate is controlled by outsiders.

"This is what spurred our effort to step in to make things right. Our inability to get the nomination rather than discourage us, has only increased our determination to stay on till both gender and ethnic injustice is addressed."

Plateau: Firework in Barkin Ladi Over APC LGA Primaries

Some youths in Barking Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State have demanded for the cancellation of the APC Primary elections held in the locality last Saturday.

This according them is sequel to the obvious manipulation of the exercise by a group of influential persons in the party.

The polls the youths allege were more of a nomination than Democratic elections.

The youths who spoke under condition of anonymity believe such anomalies if allowed could ruin the future of the party.

According to one, "this impunity was one of the things that led to the failure of the PDP in the 2015 general elections. And if the APC is the party of justice as we know it to be, the right thing must be done."

Controversies started looming in the party after Barr. Ezekiel Mandyau who reportedly was never in the race until three weeks to the exercise was declared winner in the recently conducted Primary elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area, Plateau State.

A group of youths in the locality had two months ago raised alarm over an alleged plot by some stakeholders to impose candidates in the party.

The situation it was learnt became prominent when the top two candidates of the party – Hon. James Dung Gyang and Barr. Ezekiel Mandyau began moves to pick their nomination forms less than a month to the Primary elections.

According to sources, Barr. Mandyau became the party stakeholders’ favourite owing to a purported zoning arrangement in the party.

Hon. J.D. Gyang on the other hand was reportedly the popular candidate amongst majority of the electorates owing to his long standing relationship with them which he started building since 2014.

James according to a source was the lead sponsor of the party in the LGA before the 2015 elections where it became the ruling party in the country.

He was said to have been involved in several humanitarian works - issuing scholarships, donating fertilizer, grains and clothing to vulnerable groups in the local government.

Mandyau on his part, an ex employee of Jos University Teaching Hospital has been involved in human rights defense but without any known political intentions.

He was said to have not been known in the party until months after the announcement of plans earlier this year by the Plateau State Electoral Commission (PLASIEC) to hold the LG polls.

The attempt by the party stakeholders to introduce zoning according to reports was opposed by a cross section of party faithful in the LGA who appeared to be in support of Hon. Gyang.

Their argument was that the arrangement was not constitutional and not established right from the beginning of campaigns.

According to a top stakeholder in the party, the acclaimed people’s favourite, Hon. Gyang had consulted all relevant stakeholders in the party including the Plateau State Secretary to the State Government, Rufus Bature, one time Gubernatorial candidate, Arch. Pam Dung Gyang, former State Assembly Speaker, Isa Song and a top statesman, Jok Alamba among others who all assured him their support.

They however according to the stakeholder turned their backs three weeks to the primaries, demanding that he stepped down to allow the eventual party flag bearer’s district (Gashish) stand in the secondary polls.

The district is however the origin of the immediate past LGA Transition Chairman, Bitrus Doro, another reason Hon. Gyang’s supporters didn’t agree to the arrangement.
However, those who opposed the move including Hon. Gyang were allegedly victimized in a bid to pave the way for Barr. Mandyau, the zoning candidate’s victory.

Hon. Gyang himself, according to a Ward Party Chairman was denied his screening certificate on allegations of non-possession of academic requirements.

He was said to have provided the relevant documents to prove his innocence but the screening clearance certificate was not released until it was 24 hours to the polls.

The Ward Party Chairman said even after the release of the certificate, James Gyang’s bank accounts were frozen allegedly to prevent him from proceeding with campaigns.

The party source equally stated that on the day of the elections, all delegates were camped in restricted locations.

There he said they were given strict instructions to either vote the supposed elders’ candidate (Mandyau) or face the fate of a Party Ward Chairman who was suspended for opposing the decision of the elders.

Multiple other sources who wouldn’t want their names in print say some of the supposed elders of the party – SSG, Rufus Bature, Jok Alamba, Isa Chungwom Song, Elder Daniel Chung, the current LGC Chairman and one Captain Donny were in the hall where the elections were held allegedly to ensure strict compliance to the directive allegedly against constitutional provisions.

The elections were equally said to have been held against the party's constitution in an open ballot system where delegates' votes were monitored and dictated by the party elders.

It was further said that the delegates were assigned one person to write candidates’ names for them in their voting slips.

According to a party stakeholder, Elder Daniel Chung however, only those who could not read and write were assisted in the voting exercise.
The LGA Party Chairman, Hon. Gyang Mark equally said only those who were illiterate were assisted in line with the party’s constitutional provisions.

According to him, “There was nothing like imposition in the Primaries. Maybe they say so because Barkin Ladi respects zoning. Both APC and PDP zoned to Gashish.”

As at the time of filing this report however, the two contenders for the Chairmanship seat as well as the electoral committee officer that conducted the polls, Prof. Longmas Wapmuk were still being contacted for comments.

It was however learnt that Hon. Gyang had protested against the alleged irregularities in the conduct of the Primaries before the completion of the exercise last Saturday.

He was however summoned alongside his opponent, Barr. Mandyau by the LGA Chairman in his office for a closed door meeting shortly after he attempted protesting.

That move by the Chairman reportedly brought some calm in the venue of the primaries which ended in favour of Barr. Mandyau.

One of the delegates at the polls however said he had no much confidence in the winner of the polls as according to him, “Barkin Ladi was largely in support of Hon. James who was the candidate of the poor masses. Barr. Mandyau was the candidate of the elites but we had to do what they wanted because you can’t oppose an elder and you know they say what an elder sees while seated, a child might not see it even from a high mountain.”

However, whether the issue is going to be contested in court by the concerned parties if left unattended, only time will tell.

Hon. Mang bags another National Award

Correspondent's Report

The National Union of Berom Students (NUBES) Plateau State University PLASU  chapter has conferred an Excellence Award on the Former Commissioner of Finance in Plateau State Hon. Davou Mang as “KAK NEI BEROM”.

The“KAK NEI BEROM” Which is translated in English means a great supporter and Pillar of all NUBES award bestowed on Hon. Mang in recognition of his support to Berom Students and his selfless services in educational development of Berom Nation worldwide.

The award presentation took place During the 2017 Cultural Day of the NUBES of PLASU held at the School Auditorium.

President of NUBES PLASU Jugu Timothy while presenting the Award to Hon. Davou Mang, Represented by his Director General of Campaigns Hon. Sam Godongs said the award is in honour of the leadership role played by the former commissioner and his services rendered which has led to the Unity of Berom students under his fatherly guidance as the DALO of NUBES.

He said, "We as Berom Students are grateful to God and happy to have someone like Da Davou Mang for given us fatherly guidance and we advise all Berom stakeholders Nationally to emulate the role played by Mang towards building the capacity of Berom students and improving the quality of education in our Land, he doesn't sleep when NUBES has problem and he single handedly sponsor the NUBES Golden Jubilee which saw the launching of the History of NUBES in Nigeria".

Timothy prayed for God to gives Hon. Mang longlife to continue mentoring the Berom Youths for leadership Role.

Hon. Godongs who received the award on behalf of Mang appreciated the Berom Students for recognising his contributions over the years to the development of education in Berom Land.

He assured NUBES to continue given his support toward the development of education in the state and advise the students to focus on their studies in other to excelled in the future.

Our correspondent gather that the Former commissioner of finance who served during Senator Jonah Jang administration has been making fruitful consultations to Represent Barkin Ladi/Riyom Federal Constituency in the National Assembly come, 2019 based on the rotational agreement between the two Local governments to served for only four years each as been the tradition.


Right thinking people, I mean such that their conscience is intact will rather punish the FILCH.
The FILCH is a human being who seek to illegally take possession of something that belongs to another.
To the Body system the FILCH is a *#Disease* that can even lead to death.

Our government is in place to protect our lives and properties. But this one seem to be friendly with the killer of the same people who fought the past Government and brought it to power because they promised a better situation.

Plateau state is the only place we have and we deserve the place where God put us.
We know very well that they only want to take it from US and turn us into their slaves and wonderers in our own Land.

Well, we PLATEAU people are seing as God is also looking at what is going on!

If the Killers are not investigated and brought to book; if you can't dance with the Plateau Man and enact the law that forbids *#Open grazing,* If you can't correct the *#Information Virus that suggest Fulani as Indigenes, know that on the 29th May 2019 you will read the NEWS headlines and your title must have been *ex* and the Next guys will surely do it!

At this kind of time, Praise singers are not necessary, they are rather misleading.

Massive Exodus from politics to realism the sure way to make headway in 21st Century.

The FILCH deserves punishment not pampering!

*#God bless PLATEAU STATE...*


Imagine an NYSC orientation camp without Mammy. What a dull setting indeed! To say the least, it would be nothing short of an uninteresting and uneventful experience and exercise. Thus, bearing this in mind, the NYSC in its unique wisdom makes provision for a huge pool of traders and service renderers to convene in a particular domain within the orientation camp, during every orientation course. This arena is called Mammy market (the commercial hub of the orientation camp).
In the same way variety spices up life, so does Mammy breathes beauty and life to an NYSC orientation camp. Therefore, whoever you might be, which ever category you   may belong: religious, reserved or social, having an affair with Mammy remains inevitable so far you are part of the orientation course. Little wonder, the word Mammy resonates in the mind of every Corps member, past and present.
For fun seekers, Mammy provides an ample opportunity to unwind and chill out, having had a stressful day carrying out series of drills, lectures and other related programs   encapsulated in the NYSC scheme. The music, the drinks and the vast array of mouth-watering edibles provides a great deal of entertainment to the camp community (corps members, NYSC staff, traders and the Armed Forces).
As an agent of socialization, Mammy market helps in bringing together corps members on an informal ground, mostly, cutting across diverse religious and ethnic affiliations, as friendship is easily made while drinking on the same table with a colleague (funny but true). In the same vein, Mammy strengthens the ties between military instructors and corps members, as it creates an avenue for them to relate informally and cordially, aside the usual stern relationship at the parade ground and other official points of duty.
What about its economic relevance? Mammy market remains key, critical and the economic nerve center of the orientation camp. The beehive of activities: buying and selling, as well as rendering of essential services between the legion of businessmen and corps members remains key to the economic prosperity of the respective host communities, as most of the traders are natives of those communities.
The Mammy traders have also been development partners of the NYSC by helping to volunteer their chairs for corps members' use in orientation camps challenged with insufficient seats for lectures and other official activities, in a bid to augment the convenience need of corps members.
If it’s Mammy market, no pen can exhaustively put down the exhilarating tales inherent in it. As such, hats be doffed for the management of NYSC for the brilliant initiative of convening Mammy market(s) across all its orientation camps in the country.

Malau Sylvanus
Journalist & Commentator reached via:


Bishop Funmi Adesanya-Davies

It was with a rude shock and utter dismay we read  the  depressing  news on November  10th. 2017 of the "Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) blasting the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and leaders including General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, and about one thousand  (1000) other Christian elders and leaders for calling on the Nigerian government to exit all international Islamic organisations."  What religion on earth teaches on how to insult top national religious leaders!  The Muslim cleric who is a supposed religious leader and an academic,  Professor Ishaq Akintola, has definitely crossed the line. Is there no section of the Koran that says Christian and Muslim elders must be regarded or respected? The most foolish persons in life, are assumed to be intelligent, when they keep silent and one would have expected silence from the cleric, if he knew not what to say, how to say it, and when to say it.

The MURIC Director, in the same  breath was caught stating that he "is not a little amused by CAN’s latest demands, but that “CAN is hallucinating." adding that, "It is laughable, untenable, kindergarten and quixotic.” And that “This is reminiscent of the eponymous hero of Don Quixote de la mancha. CAN is manifesting symptoms of orubebemantis” in his words. All these in a row! Who speaks to who in this manner and to what end! See lexical  choices,  terms and items ... Why? 'amused',  'hallucinating', 'laughable', 'untenable', 'kindergarten',  'quixotic', 'eponymous' , 'symptoms', 'orubebemantis' etc. He would seriously need to be immediately cautioned and  reprimanded  for his hate speeches, fowl use of language and swear words all the time against Christians,  Retired  Christian Generals, and now against  elderly men of God and dignified leaders of the Christian faith. Could one speak like this of lead Imams? Or could this be the language of  Islamic religion at its best? Certainly not. “Who hath bewitched you?”, Mr. Cleric? What has come over you! Who did this to the MURIC! God have mercy! Silence they say is the best answer  to a fool, but one needs to reply to this for prosterity.

Again, the MURIC claimed, "CAN wants Northern states to issue certificates of occupancy (C of Os) to Churches in the North whereas South/East and South/South governments demolish mosques in their States, refuse to grant Muslims C of Os and infringe constantly on Allah-given fundamental human rights of Muslim minorities in their midst."  What a blatant lie by a blatant liar! Are we all strangers to what is going on in Nigeria? How could he cite again: “For instance, a tertiary institution in the South/East has demolished the only mosque on the campus and refused to allow the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) to operate.” When and where was this? Are these not what the Islamic States in Nigeria are always known for nationally  and internationally? Is this lying to strengthen Islam, when tens of thousands of Christians and Churches are being burnt down with several  internally displaced persons  (IDP) camps in ‘Islamic Nigerian States. "Why are you and your so called group bent on tearing this nation apart?

How, when and why did Nigeria deteriorate to this level? While insulting all Christian elders and leaders in the nation, is there any need for the Muslim Cleric to also simultaneously threaten all the members of the National Assembly, all in the name of serving as an Islamic  leader? Is that why caution must be thrown into the winds? We also read that the: “MURIC warns the National Assembly (NASS) to ignore CAN’s call for its intervention. An anti-Muslim National Assembly will shoot itself in the foot sooner than later."  He proclaimed!  Who is really who in this nation? So Nigeria must run a pro-Islam national assembly, if not the  Assembly must be castigated? Why impose your Islamic agenda on others, Mr. Fundamental Islam? The Almighty God does not impose Himself on people but allows us to freely make our  choices. ‘EXIT ISLAMIC BODIES’ in a secular country, the Christian elders peacefully demanded in line with the Nigerian constitution. What is wrong with this great contribution to national development? And why being so lawless in your choices? The same MURIC  and his group of recent tore down  Christian Generals in their publication titled, “Who is afraid of Retired Christian Generals”. You must be warned our dear MURIC  Prof. sir!

The Nigerian Government had embraced Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) over the years. The leaders and elders condemned this in strong terms, as well  as, the recent “government's decision to lead Nigeria into being member of Islamic Coalition Against Terrorism (ICAT) through executive fiat, Nigeria's participation in the International Islamic Sports Federation (IISF), Nigeria's membership of International Islamic Financial Institution (IIFI) of which our present Governor of the Central Bank is the chairman.” They asked, if all these do not violate the  Nigerian  constitution? Of course yes, this is unacceptable! Even, his eminence, Rev Ayokunle frowned at those who are accusing CAN of raising false alarm over the Islamization agenda and quoted copiously from a communique of ‘Islam in Africa Organisation’ (IAO) of 1989 called ‘Abuja Declaration'." What’s more!

Surprisingly, “MURIC states he accepts CAN’s demands with the proviso that: Nigeria should withdraw from all Western oriented international organizations like the UN and WHO”; “National Assembly should study Nigerian work-free days with a view to dropping the religious ones like Sunday and Saturday (Saturday is also used by the Seventh Day Adventists) and; "Nigeria should also drop all Christian landmarks like the cross as sign in hospitals, academic gowns in tertiary institutions, wigs and gowns used by lawyers and judges, etc.” Why being so childish and unreasonable? These are internationally designated  matters and not national issues. Why tread the path of sociopath!

Moreover, the Muslim  cleric asks: “Who says Nigeria is not Christianised? What system have we been forced to use since the advent of the colonial master to date? What is the religion of our colonial master whose system we have adopted hook, line and sinker? Why are Muslims being forced to write examinations during Jumat service on Fridays? Why are Muslims at the mercy of their employers every Friday? Is it not because Friday is not a work-free day like Sunday? Muslims have been tolerating all these for so long. Let us start working on Sundays and Fridays?" Are these reasonable questions from an academic?, a Cleric? Oh, no! What a shame! What a real shame! So shameful, oh, shamelessness!

Obviously, overtly and covertly, the MURIC has actually called for the division of Nigeria along religious  lines with all these statements, why not, and so be it. It is time to restructure Nigeria according to religious divides. 'Northeria' and 'Southeria' would be a great proposal. North for the Muslims and South for the Christians. Restructuring  model according to our six geopolitical zones with modifications, would need be put in place, as soon as possibly could. Why dodging RESTRUCTURING so you do not remain Christianised? All would definitely have to live in peace and in perfect peace some day. There is no need insulting ALL CHRISTIAN ELDERS AND LEADERSHIP IN THE NIGERIAN NATION. Not even for any just cause. What did they say, propose or do! Stick to the Nigerian constitution or leave it, this is their clarion call! Simple and short!

It is amazing, does the academic Don read news and news headlines at all? For example: “Journalists Back CAN on Nigeria’s Withdrawal from OIC on November 18, 2017.” The Nigerian Association of Christian Journalists, NACJ, has charged President Muhammadu Buhari to yield to the call of the Christian Association Of Nigeria, (CAN), for the removal of Nigeria from the membership of the Organization of Islamic Conference,( OIC). In a press release signed by its Secretary General, Charles Okhai, NACJ said there was no meaningful benefit of membership except for those with selfish agenda to Islamize the country. “We make bold to demand that the country should exit from all other Islamic Bodies henceforth. If we are not a member of any International Christian body why OIC and others. We are a secular state, we must remain as such. We are not against Islam, but we are furiously against any action that seems to disregard the fact that we are not all Muslims,” the statement said.

More so, the Association commended the leadership of CAN, led by its President Reverend Ayokunle, for taking the initiative to visit the President and demand for what is constitutionally the rights of Christians and also call on the National Assembly to use the legislative weapon to make right all that seem to divide us as a nation. The question is? Are all these Nigerian journalists also hallucinating and laughable professionals? Wake up Mr. MURIC, we will advise! Similarly, can't the MURIC see that the elders are calling, "for a Nigeria that does not lean towards any religion in any aspect of its life" as he rightly concluded?  We should rather say, "Enough of this hypocrisy” and no one would  have a taste of any ‘pudding’ as you said, as the Lord lives! Nigeria will certainly need to tackle the issue of withdrawal from International Islamic  organizations, settle  cases of lopsided appointments of Northern  Muslims in the nation, as well as end the massive killings of Christians  by Boko haram terrorists,  Muslim assailants, Fulani Headsmen, and abduction of Christian girls etc. We call for a settlement of our differences, as we restructure the Nigerian nation, and it is now.

God bless Nigeria!
God bless CAN!!
God bless NSCEA!!!

Bishop  Funmi Adesanya-Davies
For Nigerian Supreme Council for Ecclesiastical Affairs (NSCEA)

Plateau: Ex famous House Member, Diket Plang under fire over salary achievement comment

One time Plateau House of Assembly Committee Chairman on Information, Hon. Diket Plang has come under serious fire over an alleged progovernment post on his Facebook timeline.

In the post, Plang said "if payment of salaries and wages with lean resources is not an achievement, what is nonpayment of salary?"

While a few comments on the post were in support of the position, most commentators were somewhat unhappy with the ex most reported 7th Assembly member representing Pankshin North constituency, describing him as sycophant.

A renowned social media activist, Patrick Rwang said, "What a political misstatement..."

Another commentator, Gofwen Morgak said, "In a mediocre society, everything is considered an achievement. Do you hear people beating their chest because they paid their tax? No. Because it is their civic responsibility. Paying salaries is also the government's responsibility and it's not worthy of any applause."

Similarly, Satmak Johnson said, "Should we sing halleluya choruses for paying a worker his wages after working for u?? I think we should be guided... We cannot continually service liabilities with Liabilities.. We must drive our economy with Infrastructure... Besides not everyone works for Govt..."

Speaking differently, Samuel Solomon said, "in this narrative we must conclude that in a situation of insufficient resources, the decision to prioritize salaries is the best option because of its impact on the economy."

Likewise, Ishaku Golkus wrote, "Because Hon. Diket has blown off a sacrosanct truth that concerns Lalong, then wailers in the house blow hot their itching nostrils? Diket had been part of a government that ran the state civil service through gory moments of poor salary payments. If now, he attests to the benefits of prompt salary payments, then I expect commentators to reason beyond rhetorics!"

As at the time of filing this report however, efforts were still being mede to contact Hon. Plang to confirm if he was truly responsible for the post on his timeline and also respond to the comments.

Plateau: Another Village Chief Murdered in Bokkos

A community Chief in Bokkos LGA, Plateau State was yesterday murdered in his home, reports say.

According to multiple sources, the Chief, the Madakin Garam, Tarangol village, Mr. Amos Marit was trailed to his house in Fakkos village  in the late hours of the day by yet to be identified persons.

The Member representing Bokkos constituency, Sunday Muchen confirming the incident said, "a neighbour of the deceased called me this morning to report that the chief was murdered by unknown gunmen who came on motorcycle."

He was said to have received several threats prior to the attack.

Although it is not clear who was responsible, reports say Fulani residents near the community have since yesterday vacated the area.

This is about the fifth of such incidences in the local government in two years.

In 2016, a village chief was murdered around Kwatas village.

Shortly later in June, a Second Class Chief from Monguna district was murdered.

Two weeks after the incident, the Paramount ruler of Bokkos was killed.

Earlier this year 2017, a newly elected chief in Monguna was again murdered.

Authorities had since the murder of the Paramount ruler, Lazarus Agai promised to fish out the perpetrators but no report has been released yet. 

Plateau APC Chair, Letep Dabang Loses Mother While Conducting LG Primaries

Barely 24 hours after successfully conducting party Primaries in Plateau State for the forthcoming local government elections, State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Letep Dabang has announced the passing away of his biological mother.

The party Chairman's mother, Mrs (Kaka) Abigail Nalom Dabang Mwelbish died in the early hours of Saturday 18th November, 2017 in her sleep, a family statement says.

A family source said Hon. Dabang had left for the polls when his mother was discovered dead around 8am.

The source said Hon. Dabang was however not informed in order not tobdistract him from his assignment.

According to the family statement signed by Hon. Letep Dabang, the deceased was over one hundred and ten years old until her demise.

She is according to the statement survived by children, grand and great grand children amongst them is the Plateau State APC Chairman  Hon Letep  Dabang.

Burial the statement says has been fixed for 2nd December, 2017 where corpse will be conveyed from the Plateau Specialist Hospital for Jing in Pankshin LGA.

COCIN Declares Members Aliens Over Registration

The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) has declared members who haven't obtained their voter and national identity cards as aliens.

According to its President, Rev. Dr. Dachollom Datiri, not obtaining the documents is a disservice to one and their generations to come.

"It means you don't have a share in this country and you certainly cannot make any claims as long as you are not registered," he said.

Speaking at the ordination ceremony for over 40 Pastors of the Church's Jos and Foron Provinces held at COCIN Du, Jos South, Rev. Datiri demanded all COCIN members to register in order to have a say in the running of the country.

Gov. Lalong Awaits Labour Room Reality Show Winner, Miss Nanlong with a Big Package

The Plateau State Governor, Simon Lalong says the State is waiting to receive and celebrate the Labour Room Reality Show winner, Miss Nanlong Gulong as the True Brand of the Plateau Youth.

In a statement by his Director of Press and Public Affairs, Emmanuel Nanle, Lalong said this decision is in recognition of the sacrifice Miss Namlong has made to positively project Plateau State beyond Africa.

The full text of the press statement reads:



The Executive Governor of Plateau State Rt. Hon Simon Bako Lalong has received the cheering news of the emergence of Miss Nalong Promise Gulong as one of the four Winners of the "Labour Room" National Reality TV show with excitement and great commendation.

According to the Governor, the Victory of Miss Gulong from among 36 other carefully chosen contestants, in a 200 million African Viewer participatory voting Reality Show, is a reflection of the Plateau Brand which she represents.

Recounting the victory of Mr Efe Michael Ejegba, who won the Big Brother Nigeria Reality show in April 2017, the Governor said the vital connection in their separate victories, is their common orientation with the typical Plateau virtues of determination, selflessness, sound morals and indomitable commitment to excellence in private and public life. These virtues the Governor acknowledged as the enviable character traits that Miss Gulong deployed to win the 60 days Youth Reality Show, aimed at promoting the ideals of National integration and the development of pragmatic solutions to the myriad of socio-economic problems bedevilling Nigerians.

The Governor commended the National Rebirth Foundation for organizing the Reality Show and enjoined the Labour Room Governors to ensure that beyond the economic benefit of the shared N200,000,000:00 (Two Hundred Million Naira) Star Prize, the National ethical values of the show are sustained in building Peaceful Coexistence and National Cohesion amongst the Youth, in the wake of growing and inciting calls by elements of disunity for secession and disintegration.

The Governor assures Miss Nalong Gulong that having achieved this feat through the sacrifice she has made to positively project Plateau State beyond Africa, the State is waiting to receive and celebrate her as the True Brand of the Plateau Youth.

He also enjoins all youth to be consciously determined to take the lead in all spheres of their endeavours, while affirming that the State will continue to do the needful by ensuring all laudable initiatives that would enhance Youth Development in the State are supported.


Samuel, Emmanuel Nanle
Director, Press and Public Affairs
18th November, 2017

Plateau: Pastor Slumps, Dies Hours After Participating in COCIN Presidential Polls & General Council Meeting

A Pastor with the Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN), Rev. Yohanna Davou has died hours after participating in the 93rd General Council meeting of the church which ended, Friday.

Rev. Yohanna, the COCIN Regional Church Council (RCC) Chairman of Turu-Vwang slumped and died while ironing his clothes in the late hours of the day after returning from the meeting, a family source said.

The Pastor according to the family source had been having health challenges until his demise.

The source said he once collapsed in the bathroom but was resuscitated immediately.

Rev. Yohanna is believed to have died while preparing to attend the COCIN Provincial Church Council Jos and Foron ordination for 2017 at COCIN Church Du, Jos South LGA.

Celebrating Hon. TIMOTHY SIMON GOLU, NASS Member, Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Fed Constituency

Hon. Timothy Simon Golu was on this day, November 17, born in 1972. He is an indigene of Plateau State. He is a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing the Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal constituency of Plateau  State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). 

He attended Gonerit Memorial College Tuwan Kabwir where he obtained his Senior Secondary Certificate in 1991. He then proceeded for his University Education at University of Jos where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in international relations/strategic studies in 1996. 

He went ahead to get his Masters in international relations/strategic studies from the same institution in 2007. He before contesting for the NASS seat commenced his PhD programme, which is believed to be completed.

Prior to becoming a member of the House of Representative, he worked with Leadership Newspapers from 2006 to 2010. He was also once the Chief Whip to the Plateau State House of Assembly. In the 2015 elections, he contested for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives to represent Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam federal Constituency and won. 

It is worthy to note that he has as his legislative interests Foreign Affairs, constituency project development, youth/women empowerment. In line with this he targets to give quality representation, make good laws and promote unity.

Thus, Golu has sponsored well over 10 bills in the National Assembly and influenced several projects and policies both in his constituency and other parts of Nigeria.

It was perhaps in recognition of his pragmatic legislative qualities that despite being a first timer in 3015, he was assigned the Chairman, House Committee on Legislative Budget and Research, a highly exalted position that even old timers hardly get to attain.

Hon. Golu is respected for his high religious valued, human relations and activism. Today he turns 45, an age that many youths his type only commence impacting their worlds while he has made tremendous achievements. It is on this note that this platform celebrates him and wishes him a very happy birthday.


Plateau: Nigerian Pressure Group Lines Up 12 Bokkos Professors for Recognition

A Central Nigerian pressure group, Bokkos Frontier Forum will on Friday December 1, 2017 honour 12 Professors of Bokkos origin.

The event slated for 10am at the Chapel of the Plateau State University Bokkos is aimed at promoting hard work and patriotism among citizens, organizers say.

The event under the Chairmanship of Nigeria's Youth and Sports Minister, Solomon Dalung equally features a distinguished lecture tagged, "Imbibing godly traditional and national values: the hope of youths in a corrupt Nigeria," by Rev. Prof. Pandang Yamsat, a renowned Theologian and development activist.

The event which is first of its kind in the locality is expected to hold annually and participation is open to all.

Plateau: Female LG Chairmanship Hopeful, Edwina Mang Deploys Fresh Artillery Against Conflict in Riyom

A female Chairmanship hopeful for Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, Mrs. Edwina Mang says conflict has persisted in the locality due to non exploration of new ways to dealing with it.

Mrs. Mang believes violence is good in mitigating conflict but only when applied approximately.

In an interview, Mrs. Mang said a deeper study of the conflict situation in the locality with a view to understanding its nature and context is key to finding its solution.

She said, "There are communities that have succeeded in dealing with issues like ours.

"We need to understand what they did that we are doing wrongly.

"We can engage experts in conflict resolution and that should give us a way out of this problem," she stated.

The retired nurse and founder of the 22yrs old Women and Children in Support of Community Development Initiative in Nigeria (WOCCI-Nigeria), a foundation concerned with the rights and welfare of women and vulnerable children said she desires to explore different approaches to the conflict in the locality if elected.

According to her, several options - violent and nonviolent abound in dealing with conflict out of which one can be considered after another fails.

Plateau: Rival PDP Supporters Clash in Kanke, Destroy Cars, Others

Rival supporters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), on Friday clashed in Kanke LGA, destroying cars and other valuables, sources say.

The supporters who belonged to two Chairmanship aspirants, Mr. Raymond Deshi and Mr. Lengwe Wushangka allegedly engaged each other in gang fights just when Thursday's postponed primaries of the party were to commence.

A source at the venue of the primaries said the State electoral officials of the party had intervened in the crisis that led to the postponement of the elections yesterday.

The main issue which bordered on substitution of delegates lists was resolved by the party officials who brought a fresh list to be used for the exercise, the source said.

According to the source, the decision brought palpable apprehension among the rival supporters who began protesting.

The protests which grew hot with the inability of securities to contain the situation turned violent leading to various losses.

Member representing Pankshin/Kanke/Kanam Federal Constituency at the National Assembly, Hon. Timothy Golu was among those whose cars were burnt during the clashes, it was learnt.

The violence which further disrupted the primaries have stirred calls among commentators for the party to invoke its constitutional provisions which say a candidate whose supporters behave violent stands disqualified in any election.

Whether or not the state party would act in that regard however, only time will tell.

Hon. Solomon Bulus Maren Moves Motion on the Need to Investigate the Nature of the Contract and/or Concession Arrangement on the Second Niger Bridge and the Lagos - Ibadan Expressway

On Thursday the 16th of November, 2017, the Member Representing Mangu/Bokkos Federal Constituency in the National Assembly, Hon. Maren moved a motion on the Need to Investigate the Nature of the Contract and/or Concession Arrangement on the Second Niger Bridge and the Lagos - Ibadan Expressway.

Though an infrastructure related Motion, the Deputy Speaker asked for some background information from the Sponsor of the Motion and explanation from the House Chairman on Works.

Leading the debate,  Hon.  Maren stated that the projects should be put under concession to discourage economic wastage arising from re-awarding of such contracts.

According to him, the delay of the projects deny Nigerians the benefits of their use and wastes public funds.

Hon. Tobi Okechukwu (Chairman, House Committee on Works) stated that the House Committee on Works have never put their eyes off these projects nationwide and they are bent on ensuring completion of these projects. He stated that there is no framework for the completion of the Second Niger Bridge, it was based on piece-meal procurements.

Hon. Aliyu Madaki stated that he headed an Ad-Hoc Committee that dealth with this same issue in the 7th Assembly, the Report he stated could guide the outcome of the Motion.

Hon. Sherrif (Borno) stated that the projects mentioned in the Motion are critical, ones and their completion should not be trivialized.

After deliberations on the motion,  the House resolved to:

(i)​urge the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing to include funds in the 2018 budget for the completion of the projects; and

(ii)​mandate the Committee on Works to investigate the Nature of the Contracts and Concession arrangements and report back within four (4) weeks for further legislative action.

The motion was was put to a vote and passed.

- NASS Reports

Plateau Labour Room Governor, Nalong Promise Wins Contest, Gets N200,000,000 Prize

The Labour Room Governor, Plateau state, Miss Nalong P Gulong (Nana), has emerged winner of the reality show which came to a close yesterday.

Mr. Wade Alfred, Spokesperson,
Labour room cabinet, Plateau state broke the news in a social media broadcast shortly after the results were announced.

Mr. Wade who appreciated the "tireless efforts" of all who voted towards the success of the dream said, "This project would have been a total failure without the almighty God and you all."

He however did not reveal when the LR winner would return home.

He however stated that a company had been assigned to aide her manage the N200,000,000 prize for the contest towards enabling her deliver on her campaign promises.